Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 27th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
Parmeet is super angry in front of gagan, about bani and her voicing in front of him. they together think that they have to concoct up a plan for her to be thrown out of the house. gagan too agrees with parmeet.

at the dining table, parmeet wonders about his food, and asks for the servant. but instead bani comes and serves it to him, the type of fodd that he likes. She asks him to eat, as he hasnt eaten anything since morn. He gets and throws the plate on the floor, shattering it to pieces. parmeet says that he wont even take water from her, food is a distant reality. bani is tensed, but unfazzled. She gets to picking the pieces of the plate resignbedly. Bani comes again to him, saying that he can take water himself,

to calm down, while she lays out the next plate. as she leaves, gagan and randip enjoy the entire drama. parmeet is super furious.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s residence
Kuki comes to rajji, who’s tensed, and says that she knows that rajji too must be boggled hearing this. kuki says that she wants to talk to her. rajji says that she wants to be alone. kuki gives her the sacrf that she wanted to give to soham, and he kept it preserved with him. she asks rajji to tell him about that night. rajji says that the truth that soham got to know today, wont be able to be digested by him and she doesnt want o hurt him more by telling this to him. she takes the scarf from kuki and keeps it in the almirah. she says that just like the scarf, he has hidden lots from her. Rajji says that at the right time, she would tell everything and hear his side too.

All are tensed for soham’s return, when soham walks in inebriated. He comes to angad and asks if he really knew that their dad adopted him. angad is surprised and looks at the family. soham gets his answer that he knew that soham wasnt his real brother, whereas he thought of him as everything, when he isnt even related to them. angad tries to explain that relations arent only by blood. He says that buaji may be true, but the bigger truth is that, he doesnt have kids with simran, as they already had one, in soham’s form. He says that he doesnt even remember when he had forgotten the adoption thing, as his relation to him is of the heart. soham is tensed still. He then turns to buaji asking her why didnt she tell him, that the woman who he helped all his life, who he saw being tormented and insulted, who kept waiting for her own family, was her mother after all. He asks her the reason for it. buaji says that she did only what rano wanted, as she didnt want anyone to know this. Buaji says that doesnt change the fact that he is their own, that he is Soham Mann, and that he is their family, and their family is due to him. She caresses him and hugs him, while teary eyed. Angad says that he may hev not been born here, but he is their own by destiny, and is the child of this family, and not even god can change that. They are surprised to hear balbir’s voice calling out to soham and he walking inside the house. As he enters with his head hung low, all eye him angrily. He apologises to everyone that what happened shouldnt have, as he was going to hurt his own son, and he deeply repents that. he says that he got so lost to find his son, that he couldnt identify him, when he saw him. Balbir comes to soham, with teary eyes, saying that he is guilty of soham, and he can give him any punishment that he wants, and apologising with folded hands, and begs him to take balbir and his family as soham’s own family now, and come along home with him, as he is soham bhullar. Soham is shocked while all others are surprised to hear this. Soham jerks off his hand, saying that his house isnt wher the bhullar family lives, but his house is where the mann family lives. he says that his house isnt where he has come from, but where he has come to. balbir is surprised to see such ferocity. Angad and his family are overjoyed to hear soham’s stance. soham says that bhe wont go anywhere leaving his family, as he never was and would never be connecetd to balbir and his family. Balbir is shocked. Soham turns around. balbir tries to talk to soham, but buaji interferes.

buaji says that time is very powerful and its done justice today, as it has brought him to the same place, where rano was standing. She says that he had left rano, and today his own son is leaving him. she says that he never came back to take rano, in the same way, soham would never come back to him. buaji says that he should understand that this is the same pain, that rano suffered for 20 years and died too. She says that it was god’s good will, that soham always looked after rano, as if bonded by a strange connection. she says that rano got her son’s love atleast, if not her husband. She points it out ironically that rano was given the final rites by soham, even if unintentionally. Balbir is shocked. Buaji says that she shouldnt say this, bujt she cant resist it, that Rano’s soul must be resting in peace today to see this. Buaji says that since soham has made this descision, they wont say anything and he can leave. balbir asks soham not to be influenced by buaji, and begs for him to come along. balbir tries to talk but soham silences him. Soham asks him to leave, and when he doesnt trying to still convince soham, he throws him out of the house, with a push. Soham shuts the door behind him. Buaji comes to him and caresses him saying that he took the right descision, and asks him not to think and forget about what happened, and says that bad times cant trouble a united family, and leaves asap, when it even comes. She asks him to console his family as they are very tensed too. soham goes over to angad and simran and hugs them. All are overwehlmingly happy, even though teary eyed. The screen freezes on Rajji’s content face.

Precap: Balbir asks rajji in the gurudwara that only she can help him now in convincing soham to come to Bhullar mansion, his true home, as he knows that noone else can do this. he says that he cant distance himself from his son anymore, after having known him. He says that he couldnt give rano the right that she deserved, but he wants to give the deserving rights to soham, her and their unborn baby. as he begs down on his knees, rajji is boggled and tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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