Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 24th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone looking at Ayesha. Ambika works to her and says this is not my Pankhudi. She says don’t you identify your mum and cries. She says she can’t be my Pankhudi. She says my Pankhudi would identify me in darkness. She asks her to say does she not know them. Diwakar consoles her. Ambika says what happened to her, she forgot her name too. Adi says calm down, we have to give some time to Ayesha, if you trust me, everything will be fine. Bau ji says she did not identify me also, I m your grandpa. Adi asks Ayesha to say something. Ayesha says Salaam. Everyone is shocked.

Bau ji smiles and says Salaam. He says Adi, she needs rest, take her inside. He says Ayesha is a very beautiful name like you. Harish says Adi you stay here, I will leave her to the room. Sheela says I told you Pankhudi changed a lot. Bau ji says we are proud of you Adi, you have brought her back when we lost hope, your trust and confidence have done this. Bau ji blesses him. Adi says don’t give me all the credit, Lord has done this. He hugs Bau ji.

Payal comes to the hospital and says I want to abort this child, I don’t want this child. The doctor asks her to decide a date and fill the abortion form. Ayesha talks to Pankhudi’s pic and says I did not make your mum cry, I was quiet, if I don’t end this, don’t know what will happen. She says I m hurting people. Harish says if you are doing good by wrong, its right. She says no, I don’t have any right to hurt anyone. Harish says you did not see she cried seeing you. Ayesha says end this drama uncle. He says fine, I will do something. She asks what.

He says we have to kill Pankhudi infront of Adi. She says he will become Devdas again. He says I know, but I can’t ruin your life, let Adi break but I m sure nothing wrong will happen with him. He says I feel so helpless. Sheela talks to Payal. She starts questioning her. Payal asks are you ok. Sheela says don’t be angry, you have to take care from today. Payal asks why. Sheela smiles and says lets be quiet, take care. She leaves and thinks if you don’t tell me, I know I m becoming a grandma. Payal says don’t know what happened to her, I will talk to Rubel in evening when he comes home, I have the abortion date tomorrow.

Ayesha talks to Arif. Adi comes to her. He smiles seeing her. He says spend some time with your family, they will be happy. Ayesha says everyone are crying. He says understood, fine. Adi asks what were you talking to Arif. She asks why and looks at him with anger. He leaves. Nafisa waits for Rubel outside the house. She sees him coming and tries to look beautiful. Rubel sees her and she turns. He walks inside. She says he is going, I think I have to talk to him. She says excuse me and goes to talk to him. Rubel stops and she says how is Ayesha, I wanted to ask this, mum wants to know.

Rubel says she is fine, feel free to come home to meet her. She says nice car. He says thankyou, tell me if you want to go out, you can use my car. She says no, I like going out, but I will tell you. He says fine, driver will take you. She says driver? He asks why, any problem. She says my mum does not like me to go with any unknown man. He says fine, don’t worry, I will drop you, I hope your mum won’t mind. She says yes, fine, thanks. He says let me know. She says ok. He leaves. She gets happy and smiles.

She says Ayesha is proud of herself, now I will show I m not less than you. Ayesha looks for chocolates and says not a single one. She talks to Shanky. Payal sleeps as Rubel comes late. He sees her sleeping. He covers her with blanket and says I m sure it was shopping related thing she wanted to discuss, I will leave my card, she will use this. He keeps his card and leaves.

Bau ji tells Adi that they will go back tomorrow. Adi asks them to stay for few days as it may help her in getting her memory back. Bau ji says we should not put mental pressure on her. Mama says Adi is right, he is taking care of her so well, it needs strength to do this, we don’t have it. Ambika starts crying. Adi consoles her. Ayesha brings food for her and says I heard you did not eat anything since morning. Ayesha says I agree if you are saying you are my mum, I will get two mums, come on, eat food by my hand. Ambika gets happy and eats food.

Ayesha leaves. Adi says she will not forget her goodness ever. Its morning, Payal wakes up and looks for Rubel. She comes to know he left and sees the car at her desk. She says this is my value, he does not have time for me, what time will he give to my child. She cries.

Ayesha talks to Harish and complains about Adi. She says I can’t act to be Pankhudi. Adi hears her and is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Is Bauji a muslim like ayesha???

  2. No, he’s not an muslim… He just had to say dis bcuz Ayesha (aka Pakhundi) is a muslim and not a hindu…

  3. i like ayesha…she is like me… chatterbox.. 😛

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