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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone trying to convince Mihika to trust Mihir. Raman comes there and hears them talking. He says Ishita, Amma and Appa………… we have to cancel the engagement. Everyone is happily shocked. Mihika asks what, did Mihir’s engagement break, did he break. Raman says no, Mihir is dying to get engaged, I m asking to cancel your and Vibhu’s engagement, as Ishita has not booked the hall. She says I did, Raman says the hotel people are saying you did not book. He says Mihir and Mihika’s engagement will be in same hall, same place and same day. Ishita says how can this happen. Raman says Amma I m like your son.

Ishita says we can’t prepone. Raman says we will keep Mihika’s engagement at 5pm and then Mihir’s at 7pm. Vandu says no, we will manage, first Mihir and then Mihika. Raman says no, Ishita won’t be able to concentrate well. I don’t you to feel that you could not concentrate on Mihika’s engagement because of Mihir’s. Everyone discuss what to do. Ishita says Raman is creating confusion, this is not possible, we have mahurat which is important for us, so this can’t happen. Raman says relax, I have solved mahurat problem. She says you are not a pandit. He says yes, I m not, but I have a pandit. He calls the pandit and says I will bring him, don’t worry when I m here.

Raman asks the pandit to sit. He asks Vandu to bring water for pandit ji. He asks the pandit to say. The pandit says 5pm is the right mahurat for the engagement. Raman says problem solved, will you come. The pandit says you did not book me, but I will come if you say. Raman says you all can be relaxed, come Appa, lets drop him outside. Raman says see Appa, no problem at all, I will call pandit ji one hour before, as you have many rituals. He says Vibhu, you are a lucky man, but I m annoyed with Amma, you do every work perfect, how can you forget this. Amma asks what. Raman says you did not invite Mihika’s mum.

He says I m sure she will be annoyed if we tell her late, I will apologize to him, where is the phone. Ishita sits on the phone. Raman says I have her number. He talks to Soumya and says I called to csay congrats, as its Mihika’s engagement. Soumya is shocked. Raman says yes, its today, Amma and everyone were busy, so they forgot to call you, you come soon. She asks who is the guy. He says he is Tamilian mango, obedient. She says why did you not tell me before, she is my daughter.

Raman says Mihika net him on internet and everyone agreed, don’t take tension to come here, you have flight at 3pm, come to airport on time, don’t forget to carry a nice saree, I will come to take you. He gives the phone to Ishita. Soumya asks did Mihika do anything. Ishita says calm down, listen to me, we will explain you later. Raman takes the phone and says she is right to be annoyed, even Mihika is irresponsible, I apologized, I will go myself to take her, tell me if you need any help. Ishita says no. He asks Ishita to come soon to do rituals in Mihir’s engagement. He says congrats to all and says I will see these happy faces in evening, bye. He leaves.

Mihika panics and says if my Amma comes, she will kill me. Vibhu says I won’t come in evening and won’t do engagement, and Malini…….. Mihika says end this Ishita. Ishita calms them down.

Ishita asks Mihika to take some risk if she wants to get her love. She asks Amma to talk to Soumya. She says it will happen as I thought, I will answer Raman. Everyone laugh at Bhalla house knowing what Raman did. Ishita comes home and everyone become quiet. They talk about Mihir. Raman stops Ishita and asks Mrs. Bhalla to explain the rituals to Ishita. He thinks the school in which you study, its trustee still comes to take my blessings. Ishita looks at him. He smiles. Yeh Hai mohabbatein…………..plays………………..

She gives him an angry look and his smile fades. Its evening, Raman welcomes everyone at the venue. He hugs Tandon. Tandon says its great arrangements and decorations, I m happy. Raman says its my brother’s marriage, how can I leave any stone unturned. He sees Ishita wearing the necklace he gifted her and looking elegant in a silk saree. She hugs Trisha and they compliment each other. Raman asks what are you doing, wearing a gaudy necklace, what will people say. She says I thought the guests are punjabi and their taste will be like Raman.

She leaves. He says tamil film is getting dubbed in Punjabi, something fishy, be alert. Trisha greets the Bhallas. Mrs. Bhalla blesses her. She asks where is Mihir. Simmi says he will come, give him some time. Trisha laughs. Simmi says Romi is making Mihir groomed. The Iyers come with Mihika. Mihika also looks pretty. Mrs. Bhalla says you are looking good, but why are you upset, don’t you like Vibhu. Amma says a girl is shy at engagement time.

Vandu asks Mihika to have patience and smile. Mihika says I m scared, its 10 mins now, I can’t get engaged to this joker. Vibhu looks on. Vandu says wait, everything will be fine. Mihir comes with Romi. Tandon hugs him. Mihir looks at Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla says lets do roka now. Raman says first Mihika and Vibhu’s engagement will be done, they have 5pm mahurat. Ishita says no, its about Mihir, ask the pandit. The pandit says you know about Grahs, I kept Mihir’s engagement at 5pm.

Mr. Bhalla says lets do as the pandit says, we all are ready. Tandon says yes. Raman asks Ishita whats this. Ishita says its called Roka, thanks, I m learning this from you. She says you look Ravan Kumar in anger. She says you are miser, just 500rs to pandit, I gave 1500 to him and all the stars changed, what will people say if I stand beside you, naughty, I will go.

Mihir and Trisha sit to get engaged. The pandit asks Ishita to do Trisha’s roka. Mrs. Bhalla covers her head with saree pallu. Ishita does the aarti and roka rituals.Ishita does their tilak. Mihika looks at Mihir tensed. Mihika starts crying. Ishita gives them the rings. The pandit asks the couple to exchange rings. Mihika says I can’t see this Akka. Vandu says he has to say, just wait. Mihir holds Trisha’s hand and everyone get tensed.

Raman confronts Mihir and asks him to tell looking in his eyes. Mihir says I want to tell the truth. Raman slaps him and says is this your truth. Mihika cries while Ishita looks on worried.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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