Veera 24th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 24th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts at election office. Officer comes and declares the result that ratan has won the election. Veera and ranveer hugs ratan parjai ji. everbody gives slogan of ratan sampuran singh, Zindabad!!!
Ratan parjai gives thanks to everybody and promise to villagers that she will fulfill all the dreams of pind. Baldev gets jealous. Ratan parjai says, we believe in unity and tomorrow i will organise an assembly in which we will disuss our village development programs. Veera says, what about your dreams, you lost this election. baldev shows aggression and destroy his office. Bansari ji says to herself, ratan, you did wrong with my putar. Ratan parjai gets surprised with this election. Ranveer says, you can do it. Ratan parjai says, how will i do it, i dont know, what will i say tomorrow? Veera says, we will move with you everytime and you have experience and by it, you can explain everything to everyone. Gunjan see all this and goes into her room and see her clothes. Ranveer came and ask about her clothes. Gunjan says, i bought this turbon clothes for you but you didnt stand in this election. Ranveer says, there is no difference between me and biji.
In morning everybody welcomes ratan parjai ji. Balwant tayaji gives his turbon to ratan parjai. Villagers taunt to bansari ji. Bansari scolded that woman on the name of ratan parjai. woman says, there is no need of shameful. A man throws a stone on ratan parjai then ranveer catches him and then that man says, i cant see you as sarpanch. Ratan parjai says, what is the difference between man and woman, she can share your work in farms and cook your food then whywill she cant run pind. Look at veera example. Baldev says, now i get the idea, how will i become sarpanch. Assembly gets over. Ratan parjai ji sees that ranveer and gunjan and veera is not there.

Precap:- Baldev induced people for ratan parjai.

Update Credit to: tushar

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