Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rubel seeing Pankhudi fine. He gets Ayesha’s call. Anshul makes him smell chloroform and Rubel faints. They hurry up to kidnap Pankhudi. Adi and Ayesha come with Sawant. Adi asks what happened to security. Sawant says someone used chloroform on them. He asks Adi and Ayesha to be careful. He says Ayesha sit in jeep. Ayesha says I will do with Adi by hiding my face. They shut the power to run away. Adi sees them and stops them. Sawant catches the goons. Adi sees its Anshul. He slaps him and says Ayesha he is the same driver. The other one catches Ayesha with a knife. Adi says leave the girl and shouts Ayesha.

Sawant keeps the gun down. Adi says you can run, but leave the girl. They go out. Adi asks what do you want. Sawant gives the car keys to save Ayesha. They push Ayesha and run. Ayesha says where is Pankhudi. Adi runs to see Pankhudi and she is in her room. Adi and Ayesha see Rubel on the floor. They lift him up. Adi says Ayesha check where is everyone, why did they not get up by the sounds, and where is the nurse. He wakes up Sangeeta and asks who came here. Sangeeta says two men came to take Pankhudi and they pushed me here. She asks is the patient fine.

She says I think we should take her to hospital. Adi says fine, I will call ambulance and makes a call. Rubel wakes up. Adi asks who was it. Rubel asks about Pankhudi. The police try to find them. They hide in the jungle. Sahil says we have to leave bike here, they have seen your face, we have to hide tonight. Anshul says I will call Sangeeta and get to know their plan. Sahil says no, they will doubt on us, I will see how long will they save Pankhudi from us. Sangeeta is tensed. Adi tells Rubel that everyone is sleeping by chloroform effect. Rubel says we should consult family doctor, Ayesha told me yesterday that she doubts the driver. Adi says I m sure police will catch them.

Sangeeta for a leave to rest. She leaves. Ayesha comes to Adi. They take Pankhudi to hospital. The doctor checks Pankhudi. She says she has to be here till Dr Rustam comes. Sangeeta calls Sahil and says the backup plan worked, they have taken Pankhudi to hospital, Adi will call Dr Rustam back, I have to be careful. Sahil says don’t worry, the problem is they have seen Anshul’s face, the plan will still be same, we have to take Pankhudi, that’s it.

Its morning, everyone get up and gather to talk about Pankhudi and the people who are trying to harm her. Harish comes and says Pankhudi is fine, Adi is with her. He says police is requesting only one member can be there, they have increased the security, that the criminals can harm us too. Avantika says I think they are master minds. Ambika says we should thank Ayesha, she is doing so much for my daughter. Anuj says yes, what does they want from Pankhudi and us.

Dr. Rustam comes back leaving his trip. Someone sees him and takes his phone. Avantika talks to commissioner. She asks why can’t we come to hospital, fine, as you say. She talks to Nani and is angry. Nani says what will we do going there, Adi and Rubel are already there. Nani asks Avantika to pray for Pankhudi as Ambika kept a puja for her. Bau ji comes and says Ambika did the puja arrangements, and asks Avantika to come, he is sure the prayers will be answered. They smile.

Ayesha asks Adi to take care of Pankhudi and leaves. He gets Dr. Rustam’s message to meet the doctor Jain with all reports. Sangeeta hears him. Adi says why is Dr Rustam’s call not connecting, how to leave Pankhudi alone. Adi goes out and calls Rubel. He says come here, Dr Rustam is asking me to meet a doctor. Rubel says fine, I will reach in 10mins, you leave, I will handle. Adi tells Sangeeta that he has to leave. Sangeeta is glad as he leaves. She says who will save Pankhudi now.

Sahil and Anshul come dressed as doctors. Sahil says we stole Dr Rustam’s phone and now we will steal your Pankhudi too, sorry Aditya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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