Tum Saath Ho Jab 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mariam scolds Najma for going to someone’s house stealthily. What if the chits flew away? They were mere moments not life. You brought embarrassment in return! What if he tells this to everyone then your Dadajaan will be hurt. Najma talks about her Abbu’s memories. Mariam tells her that memories are not life. In reality, you have made a mistake. Why don’t you understand? I cannot fight with everyone, inside and outside, for you. I am forgiving you for the last time thinking it to be your last mistake. If you go to his house again or talk to him even then I will send you to your grandmother’s house. Najma cannot stay without her Ammi and hugs her promising not to talk to Imran ever again. mariam has forgiven her. they turn to go and find Altaf standing there. He wants to talk to her regarding something.

Mariam starts walking with Najma. He follows her and tries to explain Imran’s stance. Don’t take him wrong. You know nothing about him. mariam is not even interested. I had heard a lot and have seen everything with my own eyes. They start walking ahead while Altaf tells them that Imran is not a killer. He is a dead man from his heart, walking dead man. Can someone live if his wife, whom he loved more than his life, ran away with his friend? Mariam stops in her tracks. Altaf wipes his tears and goes closer. My nephew is not a murderer. His happiness has been killed. He has been killed. Fate snatched everything from him and left him with nothing except insults. Najma calls out for Ammi but Mariam is rooted to her place.

Altaf shares about how much Imran used to love his wife Zeenat. His best friend cheated him. She had left him in dark. He dint kill his daughter but Zeenat was the reason behind it. they all had gone to Nainital. They were really happy together but Imran dint know that his cheater friend is already there. The same incident is shown. Imran’s friend had signalled Zeenat to come just when Imran had gone to bring ice creams for his wife and daughter. He had gone to bring it unaware about what was conspiring. Zeenat had excused herself for two minutes when Imran had gone to get the ice cream. She left that innocent girl alone and went away with her lover. Mehak fell in the lake while trying to get a ball out. Imran could have borne the loss of his wife but he couldn’t handle losing his daughter. Mehak went in deep waters by the time Imran could do anything. He had gone in the water to save his daughter even though he dint know how to swim. How could he save his daughter when his own life was in danger? Two men had pulled him out of the lake. He saw his daughter drowning before his own eyes helplessly. People saved him but he lost Mehak. Mariam and Najma have tears in their eyes. Altaf says, he used to love Mehak a lot. He broke down after his daughter’s death. Mariam asks about Zeenat and is told that she blamed Imran for their daughter’s loss. Imran lived with the burden of losing his daughter. One day Zeenat left him and everyone blamed him for everything. Everyone used to taunt him only. He is switching places every now and then to run away from those memories only. Today he had taken out Mehak’s photo after a long time. He had got it framed. By mistake Najma broke that only and Imran couldn’t control himself. He felt that he couldn’t save his daughter once again. If you still think that he is not a good man after knowing this then you are free to hate him. May Allah bless you with happiness! Saying so, he walks away from there while Mariam is feeling bad about what happened.

Imran continues to drink while Mariam’s, Salman Baig’s and everyone’s words haunt him. He is really disturbed and breaks a bottle angrily. He takes some deep breaths to calm himself. He looks at the broken pieces on the floor and imagines how his daughter used to smile, especially at his poems. He collects those pieces and recalls how Mehak had drowned in the lake. He holds them near him.

Mariam and Najma sit blankly in their room. Mariam is still thinking about what Altaf had told her. Najma says we all were so wrong about him. mariam feels bad for saying so much to him without even thinking. Najma wants to apologize to Imran but Mariam tells her not to. It takes time to forget memories and we have actually hurt him all over again. we should leave him on his own. I too want to apologize to him but this is not the right time. Najma wonders why people are deprived of their happiness. Allah took my Abbu and his (Imran’s) daughter. Mariam reasons that Allah only gives that much pain to people which they can bear. Allah will surely fill happiness in Imran’s life. Najma feels better and lies down to sleep.

Jamaal’s Ammi asks for tea from Bilkish. She complains about less milk in the tea. Jamaal comes running home and asks his Amma to save him. his friend Makhmal Lakhnavi is after him. I had given him my shayaris and he said them in some program. He was beaten for that and he is after me now. Jamaal looks for a place to hide. Finally Bilkish goes to open the door. Makhmal asks for Jamaal. He looks around for him in the house but Amma replies that he has ran away from the backdoor. Makhmal leaves after giving them a warning. Bilkish closes the door and Jamaal tries to come out of his hiding place but is stuck. Bilkish and his Amma try to help him get out of it.

Najma has fallen asleep. Mariam goes to keep her box in the cupboard she notices Imran sitting all alone in his dark room. She thinks about his loss and his hurt and feels sad. I know what it is to lose your loved ones. May Allah give him happiness once again!

Bilkish and Jamaal’s Amma continue to try get him out of the big drum. Bilkish comes back with saw but he is scared of getting hurt so she drops it.

Next morning, Imran is up early. Altaf tries to get talking him by talking random stuff. Imran takes Mehak’s photo and picks up his helmet. Next time keep the doors closed, especially from this side (pointing towards Mariam’s house).

Najma comes out on her balcony just then and notices Imran going somewhere. She recalls her mother’s words about giving some time to Imran. Downstairs, Imran gets a call from someone and agrees to come over. His bag falls off from the handle. He drives off unaware of it while Najma tries to call out to him to make him notice it but he drives away. najma goes downstairs and picks up the bag. A woman observes all this from her terrace. She even checks what is inside the bag (mehak’s photo). She thinks about Altaf’s words as she looks at it.

Precap: Imran asks for Najma. She has something that belongs to me. Younis tells him that Najma wont pick up anything that is fallen on the road. Imran has been told by some lady that Najma has my bag. Younis calls out for Najma. She is indeed holding his bag. Mariam questions Najma. Till when will you embarrass me like this? Najma innocently replies that she had only gone to get Imran’s daughter Mehak’s photo framed. I had broken it to I had decided to rectify my mistake. Imran and Mariam are speechless.

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