Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meenakshi crying. Meenakshi’s mum comes and Babasa asks her to take Meenakshi. Meenakshi says she won’t go, only her dead body will go from here, this is my house, I will not do anything, I will stay in Chaturi’s room, don’t kick me out please. Meenakshi goes to commit suicide again. Her mum asks her to come down. Sandhya thinks hot to save her and shouts Meenakshi. His mum asks Babasa to stop Meenakshi. Sandhya asks Babasa to forgive Meenakshi, come with me, stop her please. Meenakshi says she is going. Sooraj says stop, I will talk to Babasa. Meenakshi says make Babasa say it swearing on Bhabho. Her mum asks Babasa to stop Meenakshi and requests him. Meenakshi says no one cares if I die. She stands on her stool and is about to jump. She moves her one foot ahead. Babasa and Vikram are quiet. Everyone ask her to stop.

Sandhya says stop Meenakshi, don’t be mad. Sandhya asks Babasa to stop Meenakshi. Babasa says she is acting again. Meenakshi says she is not acting, she can’t live without Vikram. She sees Misri crying and stops. Sandhya asks her to come down for Misri’s sake. Babasa takes Misri. Meenakshi comes down. Her mum is relieved. Everyone do the aarti puja together. Sandhya looks at Meenakshi and they pray. Sandhya gets some glimpses of seeing RK gone outside and thinks how did he come back, did he really go out. She gets a doubt that she should check RK’s hand as she has held it for long.

She says if RK went out, then why did he come back, maybe he did some work or met someone. The aarti is over. Sandhya says she has to go on duty. Meenakshi asks her not to go else Babasa will kick her out. Sooraj says no, I m here,let her go, we have to go to Raanvan burning also. Sandhya says fine, I will meet you there and leaves. Sandhya comes to Zakir and tells him her doubt of RK going out and coming back to fool them, he might have really done something. Zakir says explain me, how did this happen. He says if he ran away, why will he get back here, as he touches his freedom and then came back to get hanged. She says yes, I don’t know, but I m sure he went. He says then it means he is planning some big thing.

Zakir says when I came to senses, he was here, it means he got just 10 mins out. Zakir looks at RK and she says she does not understand where did he go in 10mins. He says lets go out and find out. She says lets go and find. Zakir goes to see RK once. RK is lying. Zakir looks around. He sees his shoes and checks it. He sees the road tar on its back. They become sure that RK went out and came back to fool them. Zakir and Sandhya go out. Zakir says Sandhya, your doubt was right, he went out. She says it means that place has it.

They come in the market place and see the road work doing on. She says its this place and it has two shops, he can’t go far from here. She sees the PCO. She says maybe he called someone. Rathi family comes in the Mela. Sandhya and Zakir ask the PCO man if they have seen RK and asks for phone record. The man shows them. They check it. Sandhya says think and say, did any man came who was stranger for here, who was weird. The man says yes, and thinks about RK. He says his face was covered. Zakir says we will know whom he called and calls Lohya to find out the details.

Everyone come in the Dusshehra Mela. Babasa shows Misri the Raavan and misses Prema. Meenakshi sees Prema there and is shocked. She tells everyone that Prema lied to them, she is here in this Mela. Zakir says one number is off, we will get the details by fax. They don’t see Prema and scold Meenakshi. Meenakshi says she has really seen Prema, she is saying the truth. Zakir gets the fax and tells the details to Sandhya. She is shocked and checks it as its on Arvind Kothari’s name. Zakir asks what happened, do you know him, its his number. She says he is my dad. He says what. She says he is not in this world, RK did this to trap my dad in this, he has challenged me, my dad died in a bomb blast. Zakir says RK is playing big game.

Disha keeps the bomb doll in the Mela and leaves. The Rathi family sit near the doll.

Update Credit to: Amena

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