Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 22nd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi telling Sheela that he understands her fears and asks her to tell what he can do to remove her fears. Sheela thinks about Padma and brother’s manipulating words. Sheela asks Adi, can you do what I ask for? Adi says, I can do anything for my brother. Sheela asks Adi to give his chair to Rubel, let him become MD of Deewan Group as he is a legal heir. Sheela asks, what are you thinking? Adi says, whatever is mine is my brothers. Adi promises to make Rubel, MD of Deewan Company and promises to make him MD in one week. He says, his photos will be published in the papers. Sheela asks, but if you change your mind. Adi says, no. only my brother will sit on Nanu’s chair. He says, I will keep our conversation secret as Rubel will not understand it. Adi gives a box to Sheela and asks her to give it to Rubel after he becomes MD. Adi says, I am not sad about the chair but I am sad that my mami is doubtful about my intention. He promises to give the rights to Rubel and says I have faith that you will come to the party. Sheela is still shedding tears. Adi comes to the party.

Pankhudi and Rubel looks at him. Rubel asks, where are you? Minister saheb is waiting for you. Adi says, you attended him naa, so I don’t have any tension. Rubel says, you are the face of the company and you need to manage. Adi says, I can’t manage everything. Pankhudi is looking surprisingly at Adi. Adi says, I am same as it is. Pankhudi asks, what she said? Adi says, I fulfilled my promise. Pankhudi and Adi looks at Sheela coming to the party. Rubel compliments Sheela on her hairstyle and make up. Mr. Khanna asks Adi to tell about the future plans of the company. Adi brings them to Rubel and asks him to explain. Adi leaves.

Sameer and Preeti are going home. Sameer asks Preeti about her check up. Preeti tells him about her decision to join office tomorrow. Sameer says, you had a surgery recently. Preeti says, I gets upset seeing your mother’s face. Sameer gives her permission to join the work. Pankhudi asks Adi to sleep. Adi says, I am very tired. Adi makes Pankhudi sleep. Rubel is packing his clothes. Payal asks, where are you going. Rubel tells her about his new project. Payal insists to come. Rubel refuses. Payal insists. Rubel tells her that it is not a good place. Payal stares him. Rubel asks her to help him in packing. Payal says, I love you too silently.

Adi comes to Harish at his shooting place. Adi says I need to tell you something. Padma tells her husband that she is surprised and is thinking why Adi agreed to leave the MD position. Mangal says, but nothing will happen. He asks her to burn the invitation cards. She says, I have an idea. Harish says, Sheela doesn’t want to change. Adi says, her fears are not wrong either. Harish says, I won’t keep quiet. I will talk to Anuj. He says, do you have an idea that we were proud when you was on stage. Adi says, even Rubel has that right. Harish says, I won’t keep quiet. I won’t allow you to sacrifice. Adi says, to keep our family united, I have to keep mami’s fears at bay. He tells about Nanu’s dream. Harish says, you have really grown up and hugs him. Adi asks Harish not to tell anything to Avantika. He asks Harish to trained him as a actor. Harish agrees.

Preeti tells Nirmala that she is going to office. Nirmala says, you have an appointment with the doctor. When you have decided? Preeti says yes. Nirmala says, you are still not well. And you sister will blame us if anything happens to you. Sameer is sandwiched between the ladies.

Everyone are having breakfast. Avantika asks for Adi. Pankhudi says, he left for some work. Rubel says, we will wait for him. Adi comes. Rubel asks him to join them at the table. Adi asks Pankhudi to get the breakfast in their room. Avantika says, this is our rule to have breakfast together. Adi says, I am busy, can’t waste any minute. Anuj tells Avantika to let be him. Pankhudi brings breakfast for Adi. She says, shall I bring laptop for you. She start the laptop. Adi thanks her. He looks at Nanu’s photo with him.

Shanky gives Adi’s office bag to Adi. Adi asks Rubel to keep it in the car. Rubel agrees. Avantika stops Rubel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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