Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 22nd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Mahadev playing damru and Vishnu blowing a conch signify auspiciousness is about to begin. Then Mahadev goes into meditation and Mohini starts dancing around him, with their energies combined, Vishnu and Mahadev join together and the whole world gets to see their Harihara’ avatar. Everyone bows down before them, and finally Indra realized his mistake as he earlier had doubts. A baby boy is born with their energies and with his first cry, auspiciousness flows throughout the world. Hearing the voice of baby crying, Mahishi gets shocked as he realizes that Gods have played their trick, and her end is near.
Parvati is happy and she says to Mahadev that finally good will over evil, and that auspiciousness is born on this earth,

but Mahadev insisted that this would not have been possible if you and Goddess Laxmi would not have supported us, and till eternity everyone will remember of your support. At Ksheersagar, Laxmi is happy to see the birth of Harihar son, but is worried of who will take care of him. Brahma answers to her queries by saying, this child posses the qualities and capabilities of both Mahadev and Vishnu, and this boy will have to find his way on his own. 

There on a river bank, Mahadev and Mohini are standing ready to send this boy to his destination. At Ksheersagar, Narad decides to tell this news to Mahishi and he goes to her, but after seeing her situation Narad pulls her legs by saying that with the boy’s first cry you are worried… what will happen next. This statement infuriates Mahishi. Narad goes back to Ksheersagar to tell of what had happen to this Brahmadev tells him that Mahaishi has 2 choices, either she accepts her defeat or she will have to face worse. Narad thinks that Mahishi will go by 2nd choice. At Kailash, Ganesha tells Nandi that shubhta is born.
There Mahishi sends bigger waves to kill the child, but Mahadev come to rescue to the child and saves him, which angers Mahishi. Mahadev ties a bell to the child’s neck and tell him that one day you will soon
be aware for what reason you have been born.
On another river bank, a devotee named Rajshekhar is praying to Shivlingam begging for a child, as he has been childless for a long time. Mohini realizes that Rajshekhar’s both dream will come true, he will be blessed with achild and will meet Mahadev. Suddenly Rajshekhar hears a baby crying, he picks him up, and is doubting as who has left this boy. Then Mahadev comes in a priest avatar and tells rajshekhar to accept this boy as a blessing
from Mahadev. Rajshekhar happiness knew no bounds and asks the priest to suggest a name for this boy. Mahadev names him, Manikanthan’, and he disappears. 
At Kailash, Mahadev tells both Nandi and Ganesh about the future of Manikanthan that he will intelligent and famous. Nandi and Ganesha along with Gann-Pret discuss those beautiful child memories of Ganesha,
Ashoksundari with Mahadev, but when Kartikeya name comes everyone is sad, but Mahadev explains them at this point Kartikeya has to distinguish between certain aspects and gain control over himself, and when the right time will come I myself will bring Kartikeya back to Kailash.

Precap:- Mainkanthan grows, face-off between Mahishi and Manikanthan

Update Credit to: Kalyani_shiva

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