Ek Nayi Pehchan 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Sharda takes her first step out of the house and Gurur Brahma chant plays. Sharda goes out a little and then turns to look at Sakshi who shows thumbs up to her. sharda strengthens her resolve and leaves. Sakshi apologizes to her in her mind for sending her alone like this but it is important. I know you are very strong and I don’t want to weaken you by accompanying you. Sharda boards a taxi for Bandra.

Sakshi gives clothes to the laundry man who asks for Sharda. Sakshi tells him she has gone out. She calculates the amount in a second and pays him. He praises her for calculating so fast. She assures him that Sharda ma would also start doing it quickly very soon. She gives him more clothes for laundry and takes the one that he has brought and sends them off with a servant

to keep in everyone’s room.

Dadi asks for Sharda. Sakshi fumbles…she has gone for kirtan. Dadi is surprised. She has never gone earlier. How can she go like this when there is so much to do at home? I am so hungry now who will cook daliya for me. sakshi offers to make it which leaves Dadi surprised. Cook daliya only, no noodles ok.

The taxi driver tells Sharda they have reached Bandra. Where do you want to go now – east or west? Sharda answers she too doesn’t know that. She calls Sakshi but she isn’t picking. The driver asks her to hurry up. She shows him the address which Sakshi had written for her. he too doesn’t know it precisely but get down here and ask someone. She nods.

Sakshi is looking for daliya in the cupboard. Oats are the same thing which I can make in 2 minutes. She gets happy and starts cooking.

Sharda is asking people for the way to her coaching centre. A few aren’t able to help while one person guides her towards it. She thanks him.

Dadi doesn’t like the daliya made by Sakshi. She couldn’t make a bowl of daliya for her MIL before going out! Latika is confused. Mom is not at home? Sakshi lies. Ma has gone for a kirtan. Latika asks her what’s so special today when she never goes to attend one. Sakshi is thinking. She was called for so I insisted that she should go. I thought that not many people are at home in the afternoon and there’s not much to do so I thought. Latika calls it being irresponsible. I should stay at home to handle Diya. Sakshi offers to do it and does high-five with Diya. Latika leaves for office. Dadi asks for her daliya. Diya whispers in Sakshi’s ears that daliya is in the fridge. Nani makes it every morning and keeps it as Dadi likes cold daliya. Dadi goes her to get it. Sakshi kisses Diya for her help and so does Diya.

Sakshi gets daliya from the fridge. I am sure you will handle your studies the same way you handle this house. She runs off to give daliya to Dadi.

Sharda reaches her coaching centre. Some students mistake her for a new teacher and greet her nicely. She asks for the classroom and they direct her.

Suresh is going to home for lunch and asks Karan to join him but he politely declines. I have to study some files. He dint have breakfast as well. Karan says I told mom so she will send my lunch here only. Suresh appreciates his dedication. I hope this seriousness will continue. Hope you don’t leave with your friends as soon as I head home. Karan promises he wont do any such thing. Suresh is happy. he leaves for home while Karan starts studying the files.

The same students come in the class and announce about the new teacher. Sharda makes an entry just then. As soon as she enters, everyone gets up to greet her. she tells them she isn’t the teacher. The real teacher comes and asks Sharda who she is. Peon tells her about the new admission. Sharda is asked to join the students. Everyone starts laughing as Sharda heads towards her seat. They joke that they too will get their grand mom admitted tomorrow. the teacher asks Sharda to sit as she has to start the class. Sharda is troubled and she goes out from there. She comes out and waits for a taxi or auto to take her home. She notices a girl sitting on the bench doing embroidery on sarees. She goes to her and sits on the bench. She appreciates her work. The girl’s hands are paining so Sharda offers to do it for her. Will you sell all the pieces you have here with you? The girl nods. She asks her what she’s doing here. Sharda tells her she studies in the coaching centre here. The girl asks for her class. Sharda tells her she is in the first class only. She sweetly asks her how many times she has failed till now. sharda says I joined today only. The girl wants to know if she doesn’t have a class today. I understand, you ran off from the class right. Sharda agrees. I tried on my DIL’s insistence but couldn’t do it so left from the room. I dint write anything. My DIL will be upset with me. the girl offers to do her work for her as Sharda has done embroidery for her. I go to aanganwadi school every day. They both do each other’s work.

Sharda comes back home. Diya runs off to hug her and gets chocolates. Sakshi sends Diya off to finish her homework as well. Sakshi is proud of her MIL. How do you handle the home so well? Doing everyone for everything as per their wish and the rest of the work. I got tired in a single day. Thank you that you are back. What if something would have gone wrong! Sharda is sure she will learn everything soon. Sakshi trusts her belief. What did you learn today? how was your day? You did a big thing today. Dadi hears this and asks her what it is.

Dadi asks for Prasad from the kirtan. Sharda lies she ate it. Dadi is taken aback. You couldn’t bring Prasad for your MIL and kept a kirtan at home tomorrow as well. Sharda denies. dadi asks why she got so many stuff from the grocery store. Sharda has called all that as tomorrow is Latika and Pratik’s marriage anniversary. The only thing left is to tell him. sakshi talks happily about the dinner they have arranged for them. dadi muttering that they should do that then. Sharda is upset that she had to lie. Sakshi hugs her. dadi tells them to fight a little at times as they are DIL-MIL not friends. They both smile. Dadi asks Sharda to call Pratik. Sakshi wants to know about her day but Dadu insists Sharda to call pratik.

Sharda invites Pratik for the dinner. He asks for Latika. She tells him she was about to call him but her dad called her for some important work so she had to leave. Pratik nods and agrees to come. She wonders if Pratik felt bad. Latika should have called him herself. I will have to talk to Latika and make her understand that she should atleast spend this special day with him.

Latika and Suresh are talking about business. Sharda tells her about the dinner invitation. I think you too should call him once. You always keep yourself busy with work which is good but you should take some time out for your husband too especially tomorrow. I think you should spend your day with him. She agrees to call him. suresh resumes talking to Latika while Sharda asks Latika to call right away. suresh replies we are in the midst of an important discussion. We are trying to rectify the loss caused by you. You still want to say something? Sharda is hurt / sad and shakes her head.

Precap: Karan tells Sakshi she wouldn’t interfere in his life from today onwards. She reminds him she is his wife. He reminds her that she forgot to send him lunch. She apologizes. But it wouldn’t be such that you haven’t had your lunch. Why create a scene now? He tells her she wont be able to understand him ever. She asks him the same question. Have you ever tried doing that? Before blaming me ask this question to yourself once.

Update Credit to: pooja

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