Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
rajji sees that it isnt bani, and she breaks down into crying. she is relieved that it isnt bani. Anu and soham try to compose her, and are distraught to see her in such a condition. rajji again keeps saying that bani is alive. she dozes off into unconsciousness. soham and anu get tensed and tend to her. Meanwhile, bani too is unconscious, when the nurses say that she had tried to escape last night, and was given a sedative injection and hasnt regained conscious yet. On the sofa, rajji regains conscious and soham asks if she’s okay. Rajji complies. she looks at soham and asks why’s he looking at her. He says that he cant see her in this condition and asks her to give up now, as they didnt find bani anywhere, and have tried everywhere and asks her to accept that bani isnt with them. Rajji asks him not to talk like this, as he has always believed her. Soham says that they have searcehd everywhwre. Soham says that thousands wear lockets like this. rajji reinforces that bani is alive. Soham says that people believe in god, but he isnt seen. rajji says that god still is, and similarly bani is there, and they have to find, just like she had found the locket. soham says that he always knew bani is dead. rajji is shocked that he was lying to her all alobne. soham says that he didnt mean it like that. rajji says that even if the entire world considered her a mad person, but she thought that he believed her, but she was wrong. soham tries in vain to convince her. rajji says that her own people have left her in lurch, as those who called her mad, were on face, and he kept thinking the same, but never said it. rajji says that she isnt mad, and that bani is very much alive.

soham says that she wont go, in this condition. Anu sees them fighting, wherein rajji pushes soham away, to leave her alone. She continuously gets angry. anu intervenes saying that she needs to compose herself. rajji asks anu to tell soham to leave. Anu signals him and he resignedly leaves. rajji collapses into anu’s arms who tries to console her. Rajji tells the same thing to anu, who believes her and asks her to believe if her heart says that bani is alive. She is scared for bani. anu asks her to believe in god, that he would get bani to themk soon. she gives the same locket to rajji.

In the wee hours of the night, Bani gains consciousness finally, and looks around, as she is wired to various monitors and medical gadgets. she looks around for the locket, and remembers it having fallen down, while tussling with the nurse. she decides to go look for it, and breaks off all connections of the monitors. bani steps out, oblivious that anu and rajji too are headed her way, while the electrician tries to mend a technical fault. With no light in the hospital, everyone is stumbling around including Bani, trying to search for her locket. anu and rajji along with bani, approach each other from opposite sides, each not knowing about the other’s presence. They finally come face to face in the pitch black darkness, and then cross each other. rajji is disturbed by a sudden intuition, as bani struggoles through her way to find the locket. Anu asks rajji why she stopped. rajji says that she feels that bani is somewhere around. anu asks her not to torture herself and asks her to relax. She takes her ahead. In her weak state, bani finds it difficult to compose herself. Rajji tells anu that she doesnt feel like leaving the hospital, and prays to the lord, to help her meet her sister. Anu is concerned for rajji. bani prays to the lord, that she finds her locket. The glass of the locket begi8ns to reflect, causing a gleam of light that makes her turn to rajji’s side. As the lights go on, bani is superjoyed to see rajji and anu. But she is unable to speak, while rajji and anu walk outside the hospital. Bani is distraught as she tries to controol herself and stop them too. Bani is unable to scream, but finally she lets out a huge scream calling out Rajji’s name. But seeing no response, she breaks down.

Scene 2:
Location: Parmeet’s residence
balbir is pacing around nervously, while reyman watches. soham comes home tensed. they look at him eagerly. Both are happy to see that he is tensed. they pretend to care for rajji and ask where is she. He doesnt respond and begins to go to his room. Balbir stops him and asks why’s he crying and whats happened. He asks him again and again. Soham is frustrated and agitated. balbir catches him in a weak spot, saying that he would take everything on his shoulders and take away all his pain. He sees that its having its effect. soham gives in.

In his room, soham prays to the lord, asking waht wrong did he commit, as he only wanted good for the wife and child, and hence lied to rajji for her well being. he asks for a path to be shown. balbir and reyman come to him, pretending to be concerned. they pray to the lord to have mercy on their family. he says that the lord may or may not, but his dad would always be by his side. She too says that balbir is always tensed for him and wants to help him. balbir says that he cant help rajjik, but can help him in taking care of rajji and his child. balbir gives soham the property papers, saying that he had put this responsibility of the papers on him, and hence he wants soham to be free from this laod, and hence name this property in balbir’s name. While soham is too tensed to react, he takes soham’s hand and places a pen in it, for him to sign. Soham looks at him tensedly.

Scene 3:
Location: The hospital
As bani lies dejected, rajji screams out bani’s name too, and goes onto run to her. rajji and bani hug eah other tightly, as rajji runs into her arms. Anu is happy to see them. Rajji is overwhelmed to find bani, who’s equally happy, but before they can express their feelings, bani collpases and goes unconscious in rajji’s arms. rajji is shocked and calls out to the doctor. Anu too sees them and begins to shout out for the doctor. finally a nurse appears, and they together tend to getting Bani medical help. rajji tries to wake up bani, amidst crying. The screen freezes on bani’s face.

Precap: Bani screams out in her fit, saying that she is very scared as that person would kill her, and she is very scared. she goes onto rant the same thing. Anu and rajji repeatedly ask Bani who is trying to kill bani. bani finally wakes up screaming that its parmeet. anu and rajji are shocked, while bani sits scared.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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