Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ayesha’s mother asks her to pretend and TC of herself. Her sisters also feel bad. Harish says you can come whenever you want. She takes leave of her mother and goes with Harish and Avantika. Adi is making arrangements for her traditional welcome. He makes all wait for her and Harish Ayesha and Avantika come .They welcome Pankudi in a grand way . Avantika says all love you Ayesha. As she comes in and Adi stops her and make her kick the rice Kalash and do Arthi she removes the flowers put on her head. Ayesha thinks why kick food and they copied from film serial and calls them copycat. Shanky tells Punkudi he will get her food Ayesha says she is not Pankudi and she did not tell him what she wants to eat.Adi wants to take her to his room Harish says she will stay in Masi’s room but Adi takes her to their rook and closes the room. He tries to come close but Ayesha slaps him and he looks stunned and she shouts at him. Ayesha says she is Ayesha and scolds him goes saying she will go to her room and she comes down and Harish wants to take her to Naniji’s room and when Sheela tries to say something Ayesha scolds her left right and centre.
Payal feels nauseous and Sheela scolds her for eating junk but Payal is pregnant and Sheela does not realize.

Adi decides not to call her Pankudi and then rings up DDg and tells him about Pankudi coming back.DDg is very happy and tearful and wants to talk to her. Adi tells she lost her memory but not worry and she will get it back and DDg tells Goverdhan babu and her parents that she is back

Ayesha complains to Harish and says why he allowed Adi to take her to his room and says she should be called Ayesha and she will beat Adi and she says Harish should quickly plan and settle everything. Harish tells her that she is his daughter and he will look after her during her stay here. She takes Pankudi picture and asks her to help her in setting her husband the mad Adi right.

At Shimla all happy and distribute sweets
Adi asks her what you are talking to your own picture and says he wants to talk something and asks her permission to come in the room. He tells her since you forgot that you are Pankudi I will not treat you as her but Ayesha. He also asks why she always fights with all and he wants to take a picture of her and she poses talking all the time. Then she stops him saying how many pictures you will take and then she selects the pictures and deletes most of them and she asks him she is an average photographer and improve himself he says he will take every day. She asks him to go and says sorry for slapping him.

All in Shimla discuss about Pankudi and how they got her and thank God
Ayesha does not like food given to her as it is very bland and wants to go to her sister for some. She sees talks to Nanaji’s picture tells she likes him and will talk about her troubles to him every day and tells him if chipku touches her today she slapped next time she will put pepper spray on him. She wants to go out and then stops as she goes

PRECAP Police come to Dewaan Mansion along with that Khalid

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