Nadaan Parindey 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Meher coming to Bebe. She asks Bebe shall I help you. Bebe says no, I will make it. Meher shows her that her focus is not in work. Meher says your heart is lost, you were thinking about Sameer right. Bebe says I stopped worrying about him. They hear someone call Sameer and get happy. Bebe goes to see and she sees a woman hugging her son Sameer. She cries. Bebe says when I meet him, I will hug him so tight that his bones crack. Ashish comes to Sameer and asks about Avtar. Sameer says I did not know its so hard to become responsible. He says Purab said this is my last chance.

Purab sees Meher and smiles. He says don’t sweep. She says its my house. He says lets go for lunch. She asks where, Bebe’s Dhaba. He says no, I have some work and going to city, you have to buy Bebe’s medicines, so come. Meher talks about Bebe and that she is missing Sameer a lot. She says Bebe wants to meet Sameer once. He says I know, but this is not right, he won’t get leave, don’t be his enemy. Meher asks why, don’t you want us to meet him, I will not talk to you. Purab gets Sameer’s call. Sameer says Avtar has dismissed me from here. Purab is shocked.

Sameer says he asked me to polish shoes and I did whole day, still he could not see his face in it. He says he said you don’t know anything. Purab thinks. Meher asks what happened. Purab says its Sameer on phone, he got fired, he is crying, shall I call him back. She says what, so soon. He says he is doing mistakes, if he sees you there, he will make more mistakes, I will talks to his seniors. He says try to understand, you need to be away for sometime to get him back. She says yes, I m blind in Bebe’s concern. She asks him to help Sameer. She says I will talk to him. He says fine, don’t talk, just hear.

Purab talks on speaker. Meher smiles hearing him. Purab says don’t worry, I will talk, no one will fire you. Sameer says I will become responsible and come back. He asks is Bebe and Meher fine. Purab says yes, don’t worry. Sameer asks will you come to meet me. Purab says yes. Meher holds Purab’s hand and thanks him. Purab gets happy and looks at her. He says what is there to thank, tell me, you cry in pain and happiness, whats this, I don’t like this. She says Sameer’s voice changed, I felt a difference, he sounded responsible.

He says its beginning, he will change so much that you will not identify him. She smiles. He asks shall we go for lunch now. She says yes. Purab says I m doing this to spend time with her. Nimmi talks to Mangal and says we got insulted, Meher sees only Bebe. Mangal scolds her and leaves. Channi comes and scolds Nimmi for speaking against her. Channi says did you not know nits Ranveer’s second marriage. Nimmi says yes, but I did not know he did not get divorce. Balli hears them.

Channi says Purab likes Meher and wants to marry her. Nimmi laughs and says its great, make them married. Channi says no way, he is a diamond, and she is a characterless girl. She says don’t tell this again. Nimmi says whats bad in this. Channi says this won’t happen. Balli comes again. Nimmi scolds her and asks him to leave. Balli asks for food. Nimmi s happy and thinks it’s a good news, Purab can marry Meher, and Purab will find an army man for Minty. Channi leaves.

Purab and Meher go to the city. Purab says my relation with Bebe is different. Meher says yes. She talks about Sameer. He gets a call and stops the jeep. The army official ask him to come to the headquarter now to talk about Sartaj. He says fine. He thinks my program gone bad, Sameer is also there in that base, I can’t leave her here and its risky to take her there. Meher asks shall we go ahead. He says yes and goes there. Avtar says I m giving a last chance on Purab’s saying. Sameer gets happy. Avtar says you are in kitchen duty. Sameer asks will I get gun then. Avtar scolds him. Sameer runs. Avtar says nothing can happen of him.

Purab asks Meher to sit in the jeep. She asks why. He says I don’t have your entry’s permission. Purab talks to Avtar. Avtar says don’t expect much, I m surprised how is he your brother, he does not have your qualities. Purab says he is my cousin, his mum was worried, so I brought him here. Balli talks to Minty and Mangal. He asks them riddles. They miss Meher. Nimmi says think about Meher. She says I m also missing her, as I did her upbringing.

She praises Meher and everyone is shocked. She laughs and asks Balli and Minty to go and study. She says I could not sleep thinking about Meher. She says talk to Bebe about Meher’s marriage. She says Purab will marry her. He says are they fools to study. She says use your mind, I m saying this because I know. She says talk to Bebe about Purab, she will not say no. She says she wants Meher in her house, she will talk to her brother. She says if marriage happens, whats bad. Mangal says Meher can’t get a better guy than Purab. She says don’t worry about Channi, I will make her agree, go and talk to Bebe now.

Mangal says her mind works faster than computer, she is right this time. Meher waits near the jeep. Sameer comes there doing work and sees Purab. He calls Purab. Purab is shocked to see Sameer and Meher at either sides. He thinks if Meher sees Sameer then…….The utensils fall and Meher turns to see.

Malik scolds his men to find about Sameer, as they have to free Sartaj. Sameer aims with a gun somewhere. Avtar comes and sees him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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