Uttaran 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Akash sits resignedly, remembering his confrontation with vishnu and the misunderstanding created. Meethi comes and sots by his side, asking if he’sthinking of vishnu. akash says that he cant understand that they both know, that he didnt hit vishnu and when they left and then came back, vishnu wasnt there and there was someone who had hit him and then taken him away from there. Akash wonders how the pics reached Mukta and why and who is doing this. meethi names yuvaan surprising him, saying that she isnt sure, but thinks like that. meethi says that maybe she isnt right, but all evidences claim towards him. Akash and meethi find the nurses discussing about meethi’s media bytes. akash rebukes them and says that meethi is his wife, and he wont have anyone insulting her, as he is extremely proud of her. meethi tries to shut him down, but he doesnt. He asks them to think again before saying something like that about anyone. Meethi eyes him overwhelmingly. The doctor comes and asks him to calm down. Akash asks him to explain this to the staff, and he shoos them away. Meethi tells akash that she doesnt care what people say, as he is with her. He takes meethi and is on his way out, when he gets a call, from the News channels, regarding Meethi’s stay at Maharani’s brothel. The reporter again taunts, but akash rebukes her asking her to consider would it have happened, had her own family suffered this. He reprimands her that they are doing this for getting publicity out of this. Meethi stands tensed, but akash composes her. She says that she is okay, and that these questions are unavoidable, and asks to be dropped home. He asks her to come to the office. She says that he would lose his temper, if someone in the office says anything, and hence its better that she is home. she leaves, while he is tensed.

Granny vents out her frustration, at being in the hospital, for vishnu. She gets a call, and wondering about thakur, she finally picks up the call. Granny tells that thakur isnt available right now. The same reporter who akash denied permission to talk about, talks to granny and asks the same question. Granny us very happy at the prospect of being on national television, and gives her personal number. After that, granny concocts up an evil plan, of tarnishing meethi’s reputation.

Later, granny goes onto give an interview, very excitedly, pretending to be a seasoned personality on Tv. she pretends to be extremely sympathetic towards meethi, and intentionally mentioning her as the servant’s daughter, and how they are open minded about meethi’s stay at the brothel. damini is super angry and turns off the camera. she asks the reproters that if they cant be sympathetic, atleast they shouldnt mock anyone’s pain, and asks the reproter to place herself in meethi’s position. She shooes them away citing that she would inform the police. granny reprimands her for being so rude to them, as she was being nice only. damini asks how can she be so shameless, so as to mock meethi’s pain and agony. Granny tries to clarify that she was doing this for meethi’s sake only. damini reprimands her for being shameless. granny says that she isnt shameless, but her daughter, who has spent two nights in the brothel. damini asks her to shut up. Granny asks her to calm down, and forgive her as she made a mistake. damini begins to leave, but she asks her to answer one question. Granny says that mukta hugged her friend, and she slapped him, and her own granddaughter spent two nights in the brothel with goons, what would be her reaction now, as she wouldnt have been sent back untouched. damini is shocked at such a callous statement. Granny leaves, while damini is stunned.

Scene 2:
Location: Meethi’s residence
kajri is working around, when her husband comes around asking if she is trying to forget her past by busying herself, and if she needs his help. kajri asks how much help would she ask for, as she has a place to stay and she had been saved. He notices the stitch marks on her neck. kajri says that she is a burden on the family, but he denies. kajri hides up the wound. He says that the wound wont heal by hiding, surprising kajri. meethi passes by and overhears them having ths conversation. kajri says that her wounds are nothing in comparison to the wounds inflicted on meethi’s soul. He tells kajri that akash’s company is the exact thing that would heal meethi’s wounds. kajri is shocked at what she is suggesting. Meethi comes and affirms his statement that he is right. Kajri is surprised. she asks kajri to forget and move on. he signals meethi about the wound on her neck. kajri hides it. meethi sees the wound and asks how did thid happen. kajri says that she had tried to kill herself in the scare of maharani, and that it would heal soon. He says that the mark would stay. Meethi says that even the mark wont stay. They are surprised.

Scene 3:
Location: Plastic surgeon
Meethi takes kajri to the plastic surgeon. She identifies her as meethi chatterjee, and asks if she is the same one, who is in the newspapers. Meethi grows tensed, while meethi is surprised, when she asks her to hug her. Meethi is overwhelmed, while the doctor compliments on her bravery and her husband’s company with her, and that she saved so many lives today. Meethi says that she is emoboldened hearing her words. She seats them down. Meethi tells about kajri’s wound makr, and asks if plastic surgery can erase it, and the doctor tells her that it definitely can be, as even faces are changed always. meethi is happy. The doctor gives her the file of successful surgeries, explaing the cases. As she flips through the pages, she finds Yuvaan’s pic, and is shocked to find his face there. She asks about him from the doctor. The doctor says that identities cant be revealed. She takes kajri for a close up of the wound. meethi is boggled and tensed to see yuvaan’s pic there. He asks if she knows him. meethi says that its mukta’s boss. She remembers her first meeting with yuvaan and after that. meethi wonders why she always is surprised to find out about yuvaan, and wonders why does it always seem that he is trying to hide something. she wonders how to find it out. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Meethi comes to meet rathore and shows him yuvaan’s pic. he says that he has met her once. She says that they all have met him, but they dont know about him. rathore eyes her questioningly. meethi tells him about the plastic surgery. rathore is shocked. Meethi says that people change their face only when they need to hide something or else he isnt yuvaan at all. rathore is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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