Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 21st January 2014 Written Update

Highlights – Whole Episode was based on how Shiela’s Brother and Bhabhi provoke and instigate Shiela against Avantika, Aditya and Pankhuri and all others and how Shiela forces Aditya to understand her situation and make Rubel M.D. of Deewan Empire replacing Aditya.

In whole episode, Shiela is the worst irritating character(s) as well as her Brother and sister-in-law.

Epiosde starts with Pankhuri in Shiela’s room and she tells Shanky to go in party and take care of other things while she will call organisers who made this problem. Shiela says that no. I dont want to hear or see anything or any excuses , just go from here and she pushes and forces Pankhuri to go out and closes the doors.
Pankhuri is heart broken.
Shiela is broken and starts crying heavyly as always. Her brother and sister in law are smirking while watching all this and after some time, they console her . They instigate and Provoke Shiela against Avantika , Aditya and Pankhuri that Avantika had her own house but she lived here just so that she can dominate over Sheila and why dont PaYa live in their own house? why they live in Deewan house? Shiela is just very upset and starts crying.
Shiela says that she will go and tell whole truth to Avantika about her PaYa .

Govardhan mama asks Aditya to meet him and he gives him a gift sent my Pankhuri’s Daadaji . Aditya reads that letter where Dadaaji says that my friend Mr.Purushottam deewan will be very happy today . He bless him with good luck. Aditya feels good and confident.

Here Preeti and Sameer comes to the party while Harish-Avantika greets them. Sameer asks Preeti to smile and she smiles. Preeti is looking gorgeous.
Avantika tells Sameer to scold Preeti if ever she do any mistakes! . Preeti and Sameer smiles. They asks for Aditya and Pankhuri.
Here Pankhuri is upset and crying while Shanky asks her to stop and tell her that everything is okay , just concentrate on Party.
Aditya asks Pankhuri to meet Preti maasi and she says she will come there.
Adi asks Pankhuri that what happened and she tells him everything.
Adi is upset on that Sheila mami accused them for this condition.
He goes to talk to her.
Rubel asks Pankhuri that where is his mother? Pankhuri is speechless. Rubel says she must be busy in doing make up etc things. He leaves from there.

Shiela’s bother provoke her more that if Pankhuri told others everything than why still no one came to talk to her? Sheila becomes more angry as if she has NO Brain at all.

Avantika takes Pankhuri to some guests and she introduce her as Mrs.Aditya Deewan there. Adi already met all of them.
[Why I feel that All other Ladies and dresses were Far Good than compared to Pankhuri’s dress? I mean all others all looking just fabulous but Pankhuri’s dress is just not good.]

Pankhuri is still worried.
Adi goes inside Shiela’s room. Sheila’s brother tell him that sheila is outside as she is very anxious.
Adi asks them to go in party and he goes to talk to Sheila mami.
Adi asks Sheila mami what has happened?
Shiela says that nothing happened Adi and its not your fault. Its just my fault and because Rubel is my son thats why he is bearing all this .
I never said anything from the day I entered Diwan Mansion, Avantika always dominted me and I was always recessive . I was living here smiling, crying, weeping, enjoying and doing things but never made myself over Avantika. I was always below Avantika. BUT I dont want all this will happen to my Rubel as well.

Aditya says that He LOVES Rubel alot as he is my brother. Sheila says okay…but still things will not change and My rubel will not get that respect what You get Adi.
Tell me, If its wrong to see my son’s photo on front page of News Paper? Like When you became M.D , All were taking care of you and your small-small things as well. Whats wrong in imagining my Son Rubel in all these conditions? Whats wrong in imagining Rubel on front page of News Paper.
Aditya says nothing is wrong , but I can assure you that I will not do anything wrong to my brother.
Shiela is just adament and she just dont understands it.

PRECAP – Sheila asks Aditya whether he can give that thing to her Rubel , if you Love him so much. Aditya sys yes mami, I can . Shiela says than give Rubel , your Chair , your post of Managing Director ,make him M.D. of Deewan Empire. Aditya is shocked and wondering.

Update Credit to: Dev

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