Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 21st January 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Bani hiding behind the sofa all stressed and freaked out. Soham finally leaves the room and a crying Bani peeps from behind the sofa unaware that she missed her saviours. Bani steals away from the room. The doctor enters her room and tells a nurse to find her before she leaves the hospital. The three sets of family members are near the reception but don’t see each other. Parmeet leaves first after telling reception to send his reports home. Bani trips near him and he feels some movement but she hides before he can see her. She gets up and is shocked to see him. She stumbles into a room to hide from him where there is a patient who seems to be in critical state. She hides when the doctor and nurse come looking for her but they find her and take her

back gently, against her protests. The doctor sedates her and tells the nurse to take care of her as she can be self-destructive.

Ramon complains about India to someone on the phone and promises to return soon.Balbeer comes with the property paper on which he wants to get Soham’s sign. Parmeet walks by **this guy is always on the phone** and they hide the paper. Balbeer sees Rajji and wonders why Rajji looks upset and Ramon sarcastically says she is worried about who murdered Bani. This is overheard by Parmeet **chor ki daadi mein tinka**

At night, Parmeet approaches Rajji who is praying and asks what she is looking for in the dark. He says maybe he will also find what he is looking for and joins her in praying. They have a philosophical conversation and Raji says she has always believed in God but now if He came and said Bani is no more, she will still not believe. Instead she wants to find Bani and the person who tried to kill her. Parmeet wonders whether she has any suspects but Rajji says she will wait for Bani to tell her. Parmeet asks where she will find Bani. Rajji says she knows Parmeet does not give up easily and wonders how he gave up in Bani’s case and concludes that maybe he does not want her back. He reminds Rajji not to say that as Bani was his wife. Rajji corrects that to ‘is’. Parmeet asks Rajji whether she thinks only she is sad and not him, cant she see the tears in his eyes. Rajji says tears can be of happiness or sadness and his tears dried too fast unlike hers She promises to find Bani’s detractors. Parmeet gets uncomfortable with her blunt talk and walks away **Poor guy. He is so used to Parmeetji Parmeetji type of pleading talk that he does not know how to handle a blunt confident girl like Rajji**

Balbeer finds Soham alone and joins him. He broaches Rajji’s topic and promises to support Soham like always.

The trio is back in the hospital and learn that a patient has committed suicide. A nurse is conveniently dangling a locket that belonged to the dead patient **what a professional nurse** and Anuradhaji recognises it as Bani’s **Oh my! So now the reason for that locket that she gifted to Bani and Bani’s great attachment to it is clear. I would have expected a mangalsutra but our heroine is more attached to a gift given by the NGO lady** The nurse leaves the pendant with Anuji and walks away with someone *I tell you, this nurse should be dismissed** Rajji also recognises the locket and shouts that she wants to see the dead patient. The poor doctor gets fed up with her screaming and tells her to get a hold on herself as the body has gone for post-mortem. Soham says Rajji is the sister and so has a right to see the body **Whatever.. I don’t want to comment. Let’s just say everyone is upset and not listening properly** Soham hugs Rajji to calm her.

Finally the trio is allowed to go identify the body and in filmy style the blanket has to be removed slowly from the face so that we can have some suspense. As all of us wait with bated breath, the sheet is pulled down by a helper with the doctor also in attendance. Soham and Anuradhaji see the face and instead of telling Rajji, ask her to look as well. **Duh uh.. Don’t know why they couldn’t say it is not her but whatever ** Anyway , it is not Bani

Precap: No light in the hospital and everyone is stumbling around including Bani.

Update Credit to: BullsEye777

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