Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st January 2014 Written Episode, Desh Ki Beti Nandini 21st January 2014 Written Update

Rajveer tells his mom that he will go to inauguration of statue.GD leaves their room with a smile.Nandini tells him that she is not happy with his decision.If he wants to go to Concert he should go.Rajveer tells her he will go to Concert some other time and his mom shouldn’t go with empty hands.Nandini’s self talk …He is ready to do anything for his mom and his mom only does what she wants.If only he knew about his mom

Nandini goes to Dadisa’s room…After seeing her dusting Nandini asks her she could’ve asked servants to help her.Dadisa tells her those books belongs to Rajveer’s grandfather and she likes to do it herself.Dadisa tells her How her husband loved books and how once he gave her a bookmark.Nandini says that this

generation needs to learn from their generation.

At Inauguration …someone asks GD about Rajveer and she says he will there.Abhay thinks Rajveer should be there by then.Gd tells him to relax that situation doesn’t match Rajveer’s status but to keep him away from Nandini and Music they arranged inauguration.A lady asks GD about Women’s wing president.GD announces soon Akansha is going to come back then she will announce her as women’s wing president.Abhay asks her what if Akansha is not ready to take that position.Gd tells him she will take care of those things.Rajveer starts to inauguration.

Rajveer’s car reaches venue…people run to receive him.Nandini gets down of his car.Everyone give her perplexed look.She walks there thinking about what happened.
Flashback…Nandini stops Rajveer’s car.he tells her she could get hurt by doing so.Nandini asks him if he is happy by not going to concert.Rajveer tells her he has to do it for his mom.She tells him no to go.He says he gave promise to his mom and its his duty.Nandini says if he is doing it to fulfill his duty then she will do it for him.GD is doing it for his father and she will do it for him.He thinks and refuses.Nandini convinces him to go to concert.He agrees.when he is about to go to Nandini advices him to wear the outfit which they finalized.he hugs her and after a moment they separate and feel awkward.

At Inauguration…Nandini goes on to stage and says that she came there coz Rajveer is busy.Reporters asks her what is more important to him than to give tribute to a Martyr and they say that he disappointed them.Nandini tells them that she came there coz he couldn’t make it.she is not a leader and don’t know how to give speeches.she says ‘Dum nikhle iss Desh ke qatirr bass itna armaan hai ek baar iss rah pe marna sau janamon ki samaan hai’ Shaheed Prajeet Singh ji told these lines.He saved fifteen women from terrorists.She says she salutes him and wishes every mother should raise their son like him.People ask her to inaugurate.after inauguration GD takes Nandini to a side making some excuse.

GD drags Nandini to a side asks her about Rajveer.Nandini tells her that he is at concert.Before Nandini could further explain her GD tells her to stop.says she had enough and now she is not going to tolerate her.Nandini says she did what she has to.They Argue.Rjaveer calls Nandini and thanks her again and again.Nandini feels Happy.GD keeps staring at Nandini.

Episode Ends

Precap: There is some Quarrel between Party members and GD blames Nandini.

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