Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi saying he is more stubborn than her, is she listening to him, does she not want to come with him, dance on his beats, live life with him. He plays the drums nonstop. Aai teri yaad mujhe………………….. he thinks about Pankhudi. Pyaar ka dard hai………………..plays……………….He thinks Pankhudi used to dance when he played the drums. He plays nonstop but Pankhudi does not get up. Rubel comes and stops Adi. Adi cries and shares his pain. Rubel tries to make him smile and changes the topic. Adi and Rubel argue. Adi gets upset seeing Pankhudi and goes to her. Rubel pacifies Adi. Sangeeta comes back to the Diwaan Mansion. Shanky asks Anshul to stay in servant quarter and he will say when there is work. Anshul bumps into Sangeet and they smile. She starts acting and scolds him. They starts arguing and Nani sees them. She asks them not to fight. Anshul asks him to go.

Ayesha walks in Diwaan Mansion and covers her face when Anirudh/Anshul turns to see her. She walks inside the house. Adi tells Rubel that he will come to office. Rubel asks him to stay with Pankhudi. Adi says everyone loves Pankhudi here, Sheela Mami kept the fast too. Sangeeta comes back. She says you can be here, but later I have to be here. She hides and thinks she can’t bear them more, she has to do something. Avantika tells Ayesha that some people kidnapped Pankhudi for two years, they want some info from her, they are looking for her, and came Mumbai. Ayesha says it means they can harm me too. Avantika says yes, wear Burga inside the house too.

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Ayesha says she got Taweez for Pakhudi, as last time it worked for Adi too. She says she will tie it to Pankhudi’s arm and she will get fine. Avantika thanks Ayesha and asks her to take care. Bau ji meets Ayesha and says our love will protect Pankhudi. He says I m stunned to see your love, and strength. Ayesha says don’t make me emotional, I did not meet Pankhudi. He says fine, meet her, then we will talk. Ayesha comes to meet Pankhudi and sees Adi holding her hand. She knocks the door. She asks can she come in. Adi says you don’t need permission to meet us.

Ayesha says she came to meet Pankhudi, she wants to talk to her. Adi asks her to sit and leaves. Ayesha talks to Pankhudi and says sorry for loving your Adi. Adi comes back and she says she has to go, as Nilofer is waiting for her. He says fine. She cries and sees Pankhudi. Sangeeta tells Anshul that we have to alert. He says yes, its tough to take Pankhudi. Anshul talks to the guard. Rubel tells Ayesha that he will drop her, we need to be more careful, they can be near us also. He says he gave his keys to the new driver and calls him. He turns and Ayesha’s face is covered.

Rubel asks him the keys. He says he will drive. Rubel says no, its ok, give me the keys. Rubel says come Ayesha. Ayesha notices the same bracelet on Anshul’s hand which she saw on the hand of the car man on the road. Ayesha thinks how can a driver have such costly bracelet. She leaves with Rubel. Adi talks to Sangeeta and says he will go in 10mins. Harish comes and sees him talking to Pankhudi. He asks why do you stick to her. Adi says she is my wife. Harish says let her breath, lets go and have some food. Adi says no.

Harish asks Pankhudi will she have something, no, so even I won’t. Adi reminds her. Harish says don’t work hard, what will you get talking. Adi says Dr. Rustam told me to keep things around active and happy, and talk to remind her. Harish says its not working, come. They talk about Pankhudi. Adi tells how Pankhudi slapped him when he filled her hairline with sindoor. Adi says if I recreate that situation, maybe she will respond. Ayesha tells Rubel that she doubts on the new driver. She has seen the same bracelet on someone’s hand, I mean he had the car himself. Rubel says maybe he was someone else. Ayesha says yes, but I don’t feel this man is right.

Sawant comes to meet Avantika and asks about Pankhudi. Avantika asks for the sketches. Anshush looks on. Avantika and everyone see the sketches. Sangeeta gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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