Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Meenakshi to apologize to everyone and say it that she won’t try to harm herself again. Meenakshi says fine, I m ready, but Vikram is bringing a Sautan for me, he is insulting my marriage, tell me what can I do. She says Babasa to make the decision, as Bhabho is not here. Babasa asks Mohit to call Prema. Vikram says don’t involve her. Mohit goes to call Prema. Prema comes with him. Babasa tells his decision that he has seen many dramas happening in the house because of Meenakshi, it can’t be bear now. He scolds Vikram for bringing a Sautan, tell me whats in your heart. Vikram says he can’t live with Meenakshi now and Prema deserves to be my life partner. He says so I decided that I will marry Prema. Everyone is shocked.

Meenakshi scolds Prema. Vikram gets angry and says enough. Babasa says stop it Meenakshi, I just saw all the time, I kept quiet, no I won’t be quiet. Sooraj asks him to calm down. Babasa says I m with Vikram. Meenakshi and Sandhya are shocked. Babasa scolds Sandhya and says I have decided I m with my son. Sandhya says I m with Meenakshi.Babasa says elder’s wish will work in this house, this is my house and its my decision. Meenakshi cries. Sandhya says she won’t let any injustice happen with Meenakshi. Meenakshi breaks down and says why did Bhabhi go out today, else she would have stopped this injustice, how can Babasa say this, he is like my father. He has shown his true colors today, what shall I do now.

Babasa says what are you saying. He says since you came in this house, I always supported you, but you both are not happy now, I m helpless. Meenakshi says why is he doing this. Babasa says marriage is kept by heart, its not by force. He says you should understand when you don’t love Vikram, the relation which can’t keep both people happy, why to keep it, its good to break it, you always hurt him, you are talking about love, tell me what you did till now, did you stay honestly, see Sandhya and others. He says whatever people think, my decision is final.

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Babasa says Meenakshi did so many frauds in this house, she even swapped babies and made Bhabho go to jail, fine lets forget everything, but today if Vikram is not happy, then what, she burnt the shop for her motive, even the house and other shops would have burnt. She counts all mistakes and says Vikram has right to marry someone else, if he can get peace from Prema. He says he will support Vikram. Sandhya defends Meenakshi and says if young ones make mistakes, elders should forgive them. Babasa argues and says he took this decision to keep the family in peace.

Babasa stands with Vikram and Prema. Sandhya stands with Meenakshi. Babasa asks with whom will he stand, with your dad or wife. Sooraj says he learnt walking holding his finger, and he got values from them, so he will support the right one, the true one, he stands with Meenakshi. Mohit, chaturi and Laxman also stand with Meenakshi. Msiri comes home and sees them. She goes to Babasa and holds his finger. Meenakshi cries.

Misri plays with the doll. Meenakshi hugs Vikram’s clothes and says she will not leave him, she can’t live without him. She calls Bhabho and can’t connect. She prays to make everything fine and send Bhabho home fast. Vikram talks to Babasa and asks what will Bhabho think. Babasa says I don’t know, but I think you are right so I supported you. Prema talks to them and says she did want to become the reason of breaking this family. Mohit, Sandhya and Sooraj talk how can Babasa make this decision. He says Babasa was very angry. Sooraj says they have to do something, Babasa has punished Meenakshi for all her mistakes.

He says I don’t want this to happen. Vikram comes to Meenakshi and drags her out of the room. Meenakshi tells Babasa that she can’t leave her room, where will she stay. Babasa asks her to go. Sooraj, Sandhya and Mohit hear this and come. Sooraj asks where will she go. Babasa says she will stay in Chaturi’s room. Sandhya stops Vikram and says Meenakshi will sleep in my room. She asks Meenakshi to come with her. Sooraj says yes, Meenakshi has full right on this house. Babasa says fine, keep her anywhere, but she won’t stay with Vikram now. He says no one will force her on my son. He leaves. Sandhya gets worried. Vikram takes Misri with him. Meenakshi cries.,

RK sees Sandhya and comes out of the room. Sandhya inspects him room and is shocked seeing soap pieces in the corner.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stupid Sandhya and Suraj, they think they are being noble. Just backward thinking idiots.

  2. Jeyam Ramachandran

    Meenakshi has to be penalized for her grave mistakes. I could not understand why Sandya and others support her. Meenakshi has done so many mistakes to which she could not be forgiven for even if she is pardoned she would not take it seriously and feel for what she has done. She had committed so many havoc and-she can never be rectified.

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