Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
prabha and Vishnu are sitting on road, prabha says I am afraid of ashish, vishnu says its a big mistake to hide truth.
aashi and vishesh comes to some office and finds vacancy but it is open for girls only, they come to some other place, its an NGO for women who don’t have any other place to go, vishesh says do you think that they will give me job? you know I got out of jail two week before for eve teasing a girl, od you think that they will me job? aashi says we will try, vishesh says I wont go inside, aashi goes inside NGO.
sahil, bantu and kannu stops some guy, sahil says I know everything about you, guy ask what? they confuses guy, guy says what you know about me? shail says we know about vishesh, guy says what? how do you know that I bailed out vishesh, sahil says this means we were right, sahil ask why did you bail vishesh out, tell us? guy starts his bike to go from there, guy runs from there, sahil says we could have stopped him, sahil says there is some secret, he doesn’t seem to be vishesh’s friend but why did he bail vishesh out? there is something fishy, we will find soon.

scene 2
aashi talks to NGO manager and manager assures her that job will be given but they wont be able to pay much money, aashi says don’t worry my friend will do job here but I want to tell you something before you give job, vishesh was arrested for eve-teasing a girl, manager is shocked and says you know that and you came here to find job for him here where women lives.
sahil ask kannu to think what connection this guy has with vishesh, sahil says I am not understanding anything, bantu comes and shows him a house of that guy, he says I stalked that guy and found his house, sahil says very good, look at his house, its so big seem like house of don.
aashi says to manager that I told you that he was arrested for eve teasing but I didn’t say there was his fault in it, manager says I am sorry, I don’t think I can give him job, aashi says 1st listen to me, I think this place is not for women to love but this place is second chance for women who is being thrown my world, it gives them second chance and when women can get second chance then why not man? vishesh should also get second chance, thank you for listening to me, vishesh listens all this hiding behind pillar, he goes out, aashi starts leaving but manager stops her and says you friend can join from tomorrow, ashi says thanks, manger says no thanks to you for opening my eyes.
aashi comes to vishesh, he says I told you I wont get job here, aashi says listen to me first, I told you I don’t get disappointed, you have got the job, salary is less but work is good, vishesh says you managed to convince them? aashi says hiding truth messes up things, by telling truth you can save your time, truth is that universal remote control from which you can make everyone happy so you should not hide truth from anyone otherwise things will worsen only, vishesh thinks I have hidden one truth from you aashi.

Scene 3
sahil, kannu and bantu comes to guy’s house who bailed out vishesh, sahil says now we have to find truth.
Vishnu and prabha comes to lawyer and says I have some problem but I will give you money in sometime, you don’t stop case work, lawyer says you understand its my job and I earn form it only, I have to give money to my partner too, prabha says try to understand our problem, Vishnu stops her and comes out of lawyer’s office, prabha says we told him truth but what will we say to ashish and mansi, Vishnu says we will tell them truth, prabha says what if he shouts on you, I wont like it, Vishnu says we will bear it and will say sorry to them, prabha says you always took care of me but I couldn’t do anything for you, I am sorry, Vishnu says what are you saying, you were always there with me in my difficult time, I didn’t fall because you held me everytime, you have done a lot for me that I cant even thank you, we middle class people have more responsibilities then m oney, that is problem.
aashi is eating sweets on street, vishesh tries to tell her truth but aashi is calling sahil, sahil doesn’t pick her call, aashi finds vishesh tensed and says don’t worry, sahil will come back to me, you know friendship have some rules, you should trust your firend and we don’t hide anything from each other, its rule of friendship, you and me are also friends, vishesh says friends? she says yes I know we met someday back only but we can be friends, she extends her hand for friendship, vishesh looks at her, he shakes hand with her becoming her friend.

Scene 4
sahil, kannu and bantu are going guy’s house hiding behind tree, someone comes from behind, sahil is shocked to see a lady, she says you came here stalking Raghu(guy), sahil says she knows everything about us, sahil says she seems to be assistant of don.
aashi and vishesh comes back home, aashi gets papa’s miscall, she calls her dad, she says I am sorry for gift, dad says gift was fine, dad says some Rajiv will come to your house, give him money, I will send you after some days, he ends calls, aashi says ok, Rajiv comes to take money, he says I am sent by your dad, aashi ask him to sit, Rajiv says we need n=money as we have to make wall on side of aashi’s tower, there is house of jerk old man, we are fighting with him to make wall, vishesh recalls how Vishnu was fighting for his house, ashi ask what fight? Rajiv says that old man thinks that aashi tower’s property is his so he is fighting with us, our projects are being stopped by him but we will teach him lesson, just give me money, ashi is about to give money when vishesh stops her, he ask her to not give money to Sunil’s pa, aashi ask why? he says you don’t know the truth behind aashi’s towers, if you know the truth then you wont give money to him, aashi ask Rajiv to come some other time, he leaves, aashi ask him to tell clearly, vishesh says your mom and dad are illegally fighting for a piece of land and that land is of none other than Vishnu and prabha, aashi is shocked, vishesh says this was the reason that I left your father’s job because gupta gave me responsibility to make wall on Vishnu uncle’s property. aashi is all the more shocked.

PRECAP- sahil says I want to tell you something aashi about this great man vishesh, I have proofs against him ,aashi says stops it sahil, vishesh says no, I will tell everything today, he says when I reached girl’s house, I lost my senses and then I… aashi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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