Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sarla looking angrily at Pragya. Pragya asks her to sit and says Doctor asked you to take rest. Rest is important for you to get well. You needs rest to be fine. I will bring warm water for you. I told Abhi to pick me up after his work is done else he would have stay back. Sarla says, you don’t know how to lie. She says, a mother understands everything. She asks, what happened that night. What did Bulbul say when Purab eloped from his marriage. She asks her to tell the truth. She says, I have BP problem and now have a heart problem too. You are making me tensed as you are not telling me anything. Pragya says, I am telling you the truth.

Sarla says, you are not saying the truth. Whatever Abhi said might be Dadi’s words. She might asked him to say that. I wants to know from you. Pragya says, Beeji is right. You makes an issue and do not believe on my words. She says, I know you are a mother and understands everything. I am also your daughter. Don’t want to see you tensed. Abhi is angry as his sister marriage didn’t happen. Few arguments happen between a husband and wife. Why you are asking me same questions. Don’t you trust me. She says, what do you think that I can’t bridge the differences between the two families. She assures her that everything will be fine and says I have faith on myself. Sarla looks on.

Pragya assures her that there is nothing wrong between Abhi and her. She promises her and asks her not to get tensed about her married life. She says, I can’t see tears in your eyes but wants strength for me. Sarla says, I can’t see my Pragya broken. You are my strong Pragya. I know that my daughter will take care of everything. Please forgive me. I won’t be tensed. She hugs Pragya.

Bulbul cries thinking about her mum’s words. Purab brings something for her and asks her to eat it. Bulbul refuses to eat it. Purab asks, what happened to you? How you are reacting. I really wants to know what happened. Bulbul asks, when did your mum got angry with you last time? Purab says, I was very small. Bulbul says, I remember. She tells about her mum. She says, her mum don’t want to see or hear her. I am feeling alone. She said maa said that she don’t want to see my face. Purab asks her not to think much as everything will be fine with time.

Bulbul says, I can’t leave my mum. We have to stop this now. She says, we have to end our relation right here. Purab asks, what are you talking? Bulbul says, I don’t want this relation. You left Aaliya and met me in Mandir. Now you have to agree to my sayings. I can’t see my maa’s hatred. We have to be separated. I can’t live without my mom and asks him not to meet her again. She asks him to promise. Purab is speechless. He says I can do anything for you. I won’t let you separated from your mom. From today our ways are different.

They go separate ways. Bulbul looks at him and thanks him. They part ways emotionally.

Sarla talks on phone. Beeji asks Pragya to make Sarla understand. She says, your maa troubles me a lot. Sarla says, I don’t trouble you. Beeji says, you don’t eat medicines on time. Bulbul comes home and hugs Sarla. She asks, how are you? I heard Dadi saying about it. I was worried about you. She asks her to have medicines and asks Purvi to give her prescription. Sarla asks Purvi to ask Bulbul to leave. Bulbul asks her not to get angry. Sarla pushes her angrily and asks why did you come here.

Pragya looks on shocked. Sarla says, my head lowered down with shame. You didn’t think about Abhi and Pragya’s relation. You took advantage of my love. This medicine is poison for me. Pragya asks, what are you saying? Bulbul cries. She says, you are dead for me. Pragya asks, what are you saying. She is my sister. Sarla talks about her values. Bulbul cries. Sarla says, I am ashamed of you. I have only one daughter and you are dead for me. Get out of my house. She throws her out. Pragya asks Sarla to calm down. Sarla says, I didn’t die.

Mitali asks Raj to sign on the papers. Raj asks, what is it? He refuses to sign on it. Mitali says, my friend needs your help. He says, I can’t name someone’s property on other’s name. They argue. Raj leaves. Mitali wakes up and thinks it was just a dream. She thinks I won’t let go of this chance. I can’t let my children’s future spoil because of your values.

Bulbul is about to go. Praga stops her and says I will tell the truth to Maa. Bulbul says, don’t say anything. What will happen to you. Pragya says, you sacrificed for me. Bulbul asks her not to risked her marriage. She says, I am not married. I need to go. Pragya says, I will explain to maa. You won’t go anywhere. I can’t see my sister sad and broken. I can’t let anything wrong with you. I am still alive.

Pragya asks Bulbul where you will go. Bulbul says, I will learn to live without you all. Pragya says, I will talk to maa. Abhi comes. Pragya turns and is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I blame myself for continuing to read these updates expected a different direction and continuously being disappointed. Is there anyway we can really get our voices heard to the zeetv network about the direction of this show. It is too silly, and I read here expecting to see the strong , feisty sister duo who know the difference of right and wrong….instead is lies lies lies coming from the both of them to protect another bunch of liars. This show has taken a foolish turn from its start. The last show which made an abrupt move Ek Muttie Asman was cancelled soon after, I do not want the same faith to go to this show. , but the way things going….not expecting anything from them again.

  2. Fed up ! ! ” again a bulshit episode . .uff wat to do , cheating the viewers. .<:-P

  3. Hw a strng wmn PRAGYA can b like this? Why should she bear al sorrows when she is right. .. . . . And is ther any hero 4 this kkb ? Wil kkb fans cal tat brainless Abhi hero? ? ‘ ‘OMG

  4. mokka podurathula entha seriala adhichuka entha show valaum mudhiyathu”MOKKA FOR EVER”
    My “RangRasiya” is NOMORE it’s gone

    1. yur too tamil!!! i liked it before…

  5. pragya needs a new hero like suresh.abhi jaisa ek insan ek rock star kaise bangaya. He is an idiot . I think mother gives strength to their dauters to face problems and to live .but in kkb sarla destroys her dauter’s life. Her tension creates more problem.why BULBUL does not understand truth.actually PURAB is not reason for this.but bulbul always ignors purab

  6. We viewers are still not seeing what we expect from the writers of this show and I believe they are doing the same thing they did with Pavitra Rishta, at least that soap was not messed at the start but Kumkum Bagya is stupid right from the start and it’s annoying to watch their supposedly Hero Abhi acting like an adolescence instead of an adult who should know right from wrong. No man in his right mind will do what Abhi is doing without thinking that he is ruining several lives. I am tired of watching Pragya and Bulbul stupidly lying to their Mum and stupidly sacrificing their lives for Abhi and his sister whose ego is not allowing them to reason with anybody even their grandmother. Nobody will watch this show anymore.

  7. Show should be renamed to lies and corruption

  8. They are spoiling it big time, no need to wait for anything since it takes forever to happen. Abhi dissapoint the most with his useless temper that does not make any sense, expect others to see his pain while he does not see the pain of anyone. He is more of a villain than a hero.

  9. Please please make the series more interesting and Pragya to have more character and take Abhi’s stupid tantrums and Tanu/Aaliya’s b*t*hiness. Either Pragya and Abhi get back together or let Pragya be successful on her own terms…..,

  10. Here we go again with bulbul , sacrificing again and the same old story.
    last few weeks it was with Pragya/abhi, now it is with bulbul/Purab. And their mom, Sarala says she understands her kids.

  11. What the hell is happening in this serial????
    Anyway i’ll miss Rangrasiya ♥♥

  12. Such a disappointing story line…….. I am actually fed up!

  13. That fatso sarla is some thing! stupid

  14. rubbish. Nothing moves fwd. I use to watch this serial..now dn to reading it.. May be next.stop reading too.
    Good serials like rangrasiya r going off air..and the bad ones continue.. What’s happening????

  15. I have disconnected from watching this rubbish.

    Respect to king Jala___joda Akbah

  16. Stupid draggy boring irritating utter rubbish!!!!

  17. Everyone keeps referring to Pragya marriage, exactly what marriage are the talking about? Dumb bulbul tells Pragya not to risk her marriage, she is as dumb as her sister neglecting the fact that the marriage was just a plot nothing more. Purab should call a doctor to be by Sarla’s side and tell here the truth since she gets ill because of any/everything.Don’t understand why an educated teacher would be portrayed as someone with no self esteem not respect for herself. It’s no wonder she is like the thread on Abhi’s guitar, he pulls her in all direction until his fingers are tired. Now that Bulbul has parted from Purab he should just let her be miserable until she comes to her senses.

  18. Another messed up episode. The show keeps creating misunderstanding after misunderstanding. So fed up with it.

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