Doli Armaanon Ki 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sushma’s residence
urmi requests sushma’s husband to show her the job openings in the newspaper, and he gives in to her request after much grumbling. sushma too starts fuming irritatedly. urmi leaves, kissing shaurya bye. Sushma’s husband remembers that its sushma’s birthday tomorrow. she is least excited, while hge is super excited about the same. shaurya is all ears too amusedly. they both leave for the kitchen for breakfast. shaurya thinks that he would get cake to eat tomorrow.

Scene 2:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
gaurav comes in excitedly and all are thrilled that gaurav got his job back, as he gives all of them sweets. Saroj goes to give the sweets to the Lord. Gaurav also talks about the promotion and the salary hike, at the same job back. Devi asks how did that happen. gaurav tells them about how samrat went and how he apologised and got him his job back. devi and granny are tensed. saroj and annu are happy. Devi asks gaurav not to blackmail him. Anu asks him why does he favour samrat so much, and starts to reprimand devi for his double standards. gaurav too professes that he did right. Devi resignedly says that this is wrong. saroj taunts him to be favouring them so much, instead of his own family. devi asks saroj to be quiet. asha changes the mood. Saroj hopes that urmi shall get the job soon too. gaurav smiles.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Urmi is searching around for jobs going from one corner to another. Her slipper tears and she is forced to sit down by the side of the road. While urmi waits on the road, and sits by the side, samrat throws in a coin shamelessly aside her, adding that if she continues like this, she would definitely gathr enough by begging that she can sustain herself and her son. She asks if he has left all his work that he has nothing useful to do, except for following her. He says that Jhansi is a small town, and he knows every beggar. He sadistically says that he shall help her, and gathers a crowd, while she is shocked, and asks what drama is she going through, telling them that this lady needs help and alms in any form, cash or kind, giving her the status of a beggar. as he leaves, he smiles back at urmi’s plight evilly. they people start asking her, while she denies all of their alms. Urmi gets a call from gaurav, as samrat gets inside his car. As urmi picks the call, gaurav overhears people extending their help to urmi, and gets tensed. samrat drives off. urmi relates what happened to her, and what samrat did. gaurav is irriatated. urmi asks wehy did he call. He tells about his job and how he got it back. urmi says that she is relieved, and then adds that she is out for some work, and shall talk later. gaurav asks her to take care too. He thinks that he has to give an extra dose to samrat now.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi distraughtedly calls from her mobile to the landline, and as aditi picks up, she asks for something to be sent to her for eating, as she is very hungry. As samrat enters, aditi cancels the call. shashi is tensed. Samrat is shocked to see gaurav, coming along with devi and saroj. In his usual tone of ego, he asks gaurav that he would have come himself if gaurav had called him, to get the work that he had asked. samrat continues to indirectly taunt and sadistically hint at them coming even after urmi has left and broken off all ties. gaurav lashes back saying that urmi is right, that he is totally uncultured and unmannered. samrat asks gaurav to stop now, and asks him to get the paper now. gaurav asks about shashi. samrat asks why does he need her. Gaurav says that she should be called rightaway, as something historic is happening today and if shashi isnt a witness to it, it wont happen. samrat asks whats this drama now. gaurav asks her to be called first. samrat asks aditi to get her. devi asks gaurav to comply to samrat’s request. But gaurav says new drama is about to happen. shashi comes out complaining of severe hunger, while gaurav gets to teasing her that she can eat later, and first be a witness to an epic episode today. shashi is baffled but sits nevertheless. gaurav asks aditi to get a big plate and water. rudra asks whats he going to do. Gaurav says that he is planning a noble work done by samrat. Samrat asks whats the matter. gaurav says that he would get samrat to wash the feet of his elders, his parents and his in laws, and relivee himself somehow of his sins. samrat lahes out saying that he wont do anything like that. gaurav asks him if he wants him to go to the police first. Devi lashes at his own son saying how can he torture samrat like this. samrat also asks devi to make gaurav understand. Shashi asks how can he get samrat to do all this. gaurav says that if samrat doesnt comply, then either he would be hanged, or sent to jail. He asks shashi to sit quietly as she too would get never received attention and prestige from her son. Shashi understands and says that samrat should get it done asap. Samrat turns frantic and devi too joins in. Gaurav shuts them down with the lure of jail yet again. gaurav asks samrat to begin with saroj’s feet first. Mukti complies. samrat, with much difficulty bends down, while saroj is herself tensed, but plays along nevertheless. samrat takes off saroj’s slippers and places her feet in the thali, and starts to wash them, as devi asks saroj to stop samrat from doing so. gaurav comes and gives samrat a napkin to wipe them too, while samrat lashes at devi to be quiet, and not make his job more dofficult. Gaurav asks him to get to shashi’s feet next. Shashi gets very happy. gaurav asks mukti to take the plate there. samrat eyes his mother with frustration, as shashi seems to be enjoying it. All are tensed but stand mute. Samrat is about to begin with shashi’s feet, when his lawyer calls up. Samrat gets to know from the lawyer, that the day he hit a person on the road, noone was killed, and that in the FIR, there’s no accidental case filed and is shocked. He asks the lawyer if he is suire, and the lawyer assures him of this news, and that his brother in law is making a fool out of him, and asks him to be mentally free. gaurav is tensed as to who is samrat talking to, as samrat gets up in a rage to confront him. The screen freezes on his angry face.

Precap: gaurav overhears asha’s mothert instigating asha to start to manipulate things acoording to her will, having sired the heir to this family, and now that gaurav salary has come with a hike and promotion. He is furious. Meanwhile, the detective that samrat had once hired to find out urmi’s whereabouts, calls samrat to tell him, that he came to get his son admitted to a school, and found urmi getting shaurya admitted there too. he identifies the name of the school as Little Flower primary School. samrat gets into a rage hearing this.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Samrat should go bankrupt. Hope Urmi wins the lotto. She can become rich fast.
    Gaurav shouldn’t have lied, but it was awesome that he was bossing Samrat around.
    I wonder what Samrat will do now.
    I wanted him to wash everyone’s feet. It would have been amusing.

    1. True but I had a feeling that he was messing with samrat. Pity it couldn’t ve been any longer. Hate u writers

  2. Oh my, I knew that Gaurav was lying about that man dying. I hope Guarav has a plan to keep Samrat in check since he must have known it was possible that Samrat would have found out. .

  3. Dhanna Sarjoo

    Stupid add writers, ,, WHYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
    Whyyyyy noww?????????
    What all will he do with Urmi now again???
    Hope these stupid writters don’t write that track where samrat will kidnap Shrauya… that will be more hell for urmi.
    But on the other hand, kidnapping shrauya and take him to his house. And shaurya should make samrat life hellll

  4. Dhanna Sarjoo

    I mean stupid ass…..

  5. I hope this Devi and his mother go on a long vacation because these ppl only know to suck by Samrat!!!!

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