Balika Vadhu 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daddu asking Subhadra to have almonds early morning. Subhadra eats it and laughs. Hardik and Gulli comes there. Subhadra looks at them smilingly. Daddu says, you are looking like a senior manager. Hardik says, I hope I can perform well. Subhadra says you will. Hardik says, I will have breakfast and leave. Ira asks about Anandi. She tells that Anandi is not well. Subhadra thinks Babaji said if Anandi stops eating Kolarist Basam then she will be restless. Hardik asks Subhadra to make him eat curd and sugar for his first day at work. Subhadra says, ok.

Gehna thinks Dadisaa asking Niranjan to stay in the room outside their haveli until he gets well. She thinks time has changed. At one time Niranjan was asked not to enter the haveli and now everyone is taking take of him. Nandu asks Gehna about Niranjan. Gehna says he belongs to the same village. She tells that she learnt music from him. Nandu says, can I learn music with him. Gehna says, we will see in your holidays. Concentrate on your study now.

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Anandi is restless. Shiv is sitting at her bedside. He gets a call. He tells that Anandi is unwell and can’t come to office for few days. Anandi says, how will you do so many things. Shiv asks her to think about herself only. Doctor comes to check Anandi. Daddu tells that Anandi seems to be ill. Shiv says, I thought to call the doctor. Doctor checks her and says she has to bear these symptoms for now. She gives her injection and asks her to rest. Ira tells Anandi that everything will be fine.

Meenu says, we can’t figure out who is responsible for her condition. Ira says, whoever did this should be punished. Shiv gets angry and thinks about Subhadra. He goes to Subhadra and yells at her for acting infront of everyone. Subhadra asks, what happened. Hardik comes and hears them. Shiv says, you gave drugs to Anandi in the name of Prasad, if anything happens to Anandi then you will see my other side. I won’t forgive you. Hardik is disgusted to hear that. Shiv turns and sees him. He tells him that nobody knows about it. Don’t tell anyone. He says, Daddu can’t bear it.

Subhadra tells Hardik, did you understand why I stopped you to marry Gulli. Anandi blamed me saying I gives her drugs. I loved her so much and she insulted me. Hardik shows the jewellery given by Subhadra to Gulli. Subhadra says, she will get another one. Hardik asks, another artificial one. He tells her that it was artificial. He says, I got it checked. Subhadra says, Gulli is with Anandi and blaming me. She wants to keep you far from me. Hardik asks her to shut up and says it is enough. He says, what matters is real love. You are playing tricks and risked her life. He says, you would have played the same game with mom and dad. Subhadra cries. Hardik says, you have broken your image in my eyes. He throws the necklace and leaves. Subhadra cries.

Gehna and Dadisaa come to Niranjan. Niranjan says I am fine now and thanks Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks him to have food. Gehna gives him food. Niranjan tells her that he felt bad about Basant saa. Dadisaa says, it is God’s will. She asks him what happened to you. Niranjan tells his story. Ganga comes and gives him medicines. Niranjan eats it.

Gulli consoles Hardik. Hardik says, Dadi’s reality is infront of me. She is responsible for my mom and Dad’s fights. He tells about his mom and dad. He says, Dadi played a very big game and betrayed us. I wants to unite my mom and dad. He asks her to support him. She says, I will support you always.

Anandi tells Shiv that you shall not talk to Buaji like that. Shiv says, she will not say to anyone. Hardik says, we have decided to return to US for forever. Anandi is shocked.

Teacher asks about rotation. Dadisaa explains it practically.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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