Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 19th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Adi remembering Pankhudi, Kaira comes with the breakfast for him. She tells him that we needed to talk and asks for the reason for sending Pankhudi out of the house. Adi keeps mum and about to go. Adi says he will apologize to Pankhudi. Kaira stops him.
Ambika says babuji will not agree with the idea of adoption. Kailash speaks about giving the child a good upbringing and values but Govardhan talks about the blood. Adi says he is feeling helpless and don’t understand who is right or wrong. Adi says whatever he did was for Pankhudi and her well being. He says today when you good that photo copies to my room. I was shocked. Kaira shows him the original will of nanu and Adi wonders why the fake will is read on that day. Adi tells Kaira that someone changed Nanu’s will. Kaira says may be chota nana and his family have done this. Adi says but why they have done this. Kaira says she is confused as him. Kaira remembers Latika slipping from the stairs. She asks Adi why you sent Pankhudi from here. He tells he thought why Chote nanu and his family did this and why they gave 50 percent to Pankhudi. It was bothering him. They can even take 100 percent.

Kapil tells his mom that why you didn’t named 100 percent on our name. Chachiji says so that no one can gets suspicious about them. He asks Revathi, why you behave as if someone is scaring you. Chachiji says Rubel can help them.Adi says he thought it would be safe for her to go as he is very protective about her. Adi says if he would have tell her, then she would not have left. Adi asks for Kaira’s help and says we shall meet the lawyer tommorow. Kapil tells Manorama that she was right and they can use Rubel.
She says she will go to kitchen.

Vedika cries infront of Pankhudi’s mom and says she thought to adopt a child. Avantika comes to Pankhudi and says you didn’t sleep entire night. She asks her to grow up. She tells Pankhudi that whatever Adi did, she dont have any explanation. She is angry at him. She tells her to go to sleep and have some rest. Pankhudi looks lost.

Adi meets the lawyer, lawyer says nanu called him two days before his dead and told him that he wants to change his will. Adi says there is some mess. Lawyer says I can’t help you as Deewan saheb signed on the new will. Kailash and Vedika are sitting for dinner. Govardhan says when everyone are against then why you want to adopt a child. Pankhudi’s mom says values and upbringing can change a child. Babuji agrees that they can give their values to the child. Babuji asks Ambika to give sweets to everyone.

Adi tells Kaira that he is determined to know the truth. Kaira tells Adi to call Pankhudi, Adi says he will not talk to her as she will understand his lie. Chachiji asks Anuradha that she is sensing something after Pankhudi left. She threatens Anuradha and Revathi and asks Revathi not to mingle with anyone here. She shouts at her.

Dadaji calls Pankhudi, Pankhudi tells him that she is fine. Avantika calls Adi and says how can you be so insensitive. She says I thought you will come to take her, she waited for you whole night. She says i didn’t call you to asks you to take Pankhudi from here. She wants Adi to realise his mistake. She tells Adi that she don’t want Pankhudi to go with a heartless person and she is there to take care of her. Pankhudi tells Avantika not to get angry on Adi. Avantika asks her not to get upset because of Adi. And if you get upset then it means you are disrespecting her. Avantika cries and says her sorry for whatever Adi did to her. Pankhudi says I am sure everything will be good.

Adi tells Kaira that you got this will from Revathi’s bag and she might know the truth. They comes to Revathi to know about the truth.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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