Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 19th August 2013 Written Update

Rana mansion:
The show starts with Shivani crying and her daaju consoling her.. She says she’s .. of her parents today. The maid brings water for her and Balwant asks her how Shivani used to call him during her childhood. She says Shivani called him dad. Balwants laughs and tells Shivani from this very day he becomes his mom and dad also. Raghu is at the door hearing their conversation, and he thinks of Abhimanyu saying after the wedding Shivani will be signing all her property in his name. Balwant continues to pacify Shivani while Raghu thinks it is not the time for him, to tell Balwant about Abhimanyu, he leaves.
At the night fall Abhmanyu is assuring one his associates on the phone that he’s very confident that a resort will be built in the vacant

plot. he tells him that he’s going to talk about it with Shivani the very next morning itself. Suddenly he sees Shivani in the mirror. She switches on the light and begins to ask Abhimanyu why he’s not asleep yet? So asks Shivani to Abhimanyu… She asks him if he reallly loves her or not? Balwants hears her and says what is this to Shivani? Shivani asks what can he do for her? Abhimanyu has no answer… She says she wants to eat pastries from KK shop this relieves Abhimanyu and Balwant laughs he calls Raghu and tells him to make the arrangements as they are in their way.

In the pastry shop:
In the pasrty shop Shivani arrives with Balwant and Abhimanyu. Balwant asks her what does she wants she orders for blueberries cake and both Shivani and Abhimanyu sit to eat. Raghu still thinking how Abhimanyu is faking and was talking about the property. Shivani tells Abhimanyu he had not proposed to her yet? Balwants signals Abhimanyu and the latter goes on his knee and proposes to her. She says he’ll think if she wants to marry her. Raghu tries to talk to Balwant but in vain as shivani makes Balwant eats cake.

In Rana mansion:
Jaz is very worried and can’t sleep and Manu tells him not to worry as Shivani is used to be stubborn thet’s why Balwant took her out. Jaz says he’s only thinking about his debt and Advani will seize everything he needs to sell his farmhouse.. Mantra is not ready for it and tells him to talk with Shivani…

At Raghu house:
The next morning Raghu is already prepared to leave when he sees his mom who offers him the devotional offering(Prasad) and she asks him his to be in laws asked what does he want in dowry… His sister in law suggest him to ask for a scooter while his little sister tells him to ask for some jewelleries which she can used in her wedding. He says he does no want anything. His mom agrees with his point of view and Raghu asks her what if someone is getting married for money only only?
His mom tells him that this person will illtreat his wife and will never keep her happy. He leaves thinking what his mom said and decides to talk to Shivani.

At Rana Mansion:
the preparation of the sangeet is going on full swing. Jaz tells Shivani he’s happy for her that she’ll stay in their house after marriage also as she’s the only one who understands him. Balwant does not like him at all and shivani saysit is nothing like that..jaz tells her he needs money and Shivani says she’ll talk with Balwant. He leaves and Shivani phone rings, her friends snatch it from her and kiddingly say that Abhimanyu can’t wait finally they give it back to her. she answers and abhimanyu tells her to meet him at some place. She asks her friends to keep practicing the dance steps and she’s coming back after some while. Panna tai asks her where’s she going? she says Abhimanyu calls her…
she takes the car and Raghu entering on his bike sees her. He asks Panna tai where’s Shivani going she says Abhimanyu called her. He decides to follow her.
Balwant and the others are worried for shivani and Balwant calls Ragu who says he’s following Shivani car. Balwant feels reliefs as well as the others. He says he knows that others also are here to take care of Shivani, he’s not alone.

In the garden:
Shivani arrives at the given place but can’t see Abhimanyu she tries to call him when a waiter offers her a bouquet with a card on which an another address is written she goes to this address an another servant offers her an another bouquet with an another card.

In the open:
She decides to go to this given address and Raghu follows her overthere. He tries to talk to her about Abhimanyu. shivani is in no mood to hear but tells him to leave. Raghu receives a call from Sumitra and Shivani tells him he must take care of Sumitra his fiancee as Abhimanyu is taking care of her. Sumitra is happy and tells him, Shivani also has agreed to it now. Raghu disconnects the phone and tries again to talk with Shivani, at the same time Abhimanyu arrives on board of a helicopter. shivani feels extremely happy.

Abhimanyu tells Shivani that he wishes to have a seven stars hotel. Shivani says that all she’ll talk with her daaju.
Raghu thinks to himself abhimanyu will never succeed in his plan till he’s ahere.


Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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