Savitri 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 19th August 2013 Written Update

Vidhu is getting irked of Veer’s closeness to Savitri while Veer says of a new idea to savitri

Veer says that he shall peel potato and asks savitri to rest. Savitri says her pain is much reduced to which vidhu says its all Veer’s efficiency. Saviti is happy and describes how being a good sainik and cook,veer also has good knowledge of medicines.Veer says as a sainik he must know everything about medicines. Savitri just then remembers about senapati fiascio and says she has put people on work. She asks what shall she do if she even after investigation doesn’t get information about her suspicious neighbor. Veer says how a person after stealing butter leaves behind traces of butter at ground and efficiently cleans the ground to hide it.So just like that she must look things. If ground is super clean then it means a trouble. Savitri nods..Just then Vidhu woke shouting on how food is not made and adds that he shall do now… savitri asks if potato sabzi is being made. Vidhu passes a irked comment on how savi is behind rajbhog. Savitri says how he is rude and there on speaks only to veer. She asks him whats his favourite sabzi and he replies as Khattar ki sabzi. She says she shall make it and bring for them the next day. Veer and Vidhu gaves each other a funny smile and Veer encourages her to bring it.

Nakshatra gets to know about Senapati and Chandal Singh’s truth but hides it from Damyanti

Nakshatra at forest is worried as how even after trying in 5 neighbor countries she couldn’t find any info abt senapati and family.She is worried as how she shall return with no info disappointing damyanti.Just then she sees Senapati all covered by a blanket and rushing towards somewhere. Naki is doubtful and hence follows him. Senapati goes straight to chandal singh and naki following him reaches there. Chandal singh shouts at bhondu on how his foolishness made princess doubt at him. He says how none should come to know that he is not senapati but instead a wood cutter bhondu and also that they are together in conspiracy. Naki hears all this and is shocked.
She rushes to damyanti and damyanti on seeing naki asks if she get to knoe something. Naki says how even after searching all neighboring countries she could find no leads. Damyanti is worried and asks if naki came across any other information. Naki stopd for a moment and then says that she got no information about same. Naki further adds she is tired and damu asks her to go and rest. Naki moves away with an evil smile.

Chandal singh asks sugandha to find look alike of Veer too just like she found senapati’ lookalike

Chandal singh at sugu kota is trying to convince sugandha. He says how none is dear to him like her. Sugandha says its ok and that she is happy about his return to her. CS says nothing is there withim him and priyamvadha to which sugu makes Chandu give a promise that he shall never go to priyamvadha leaving her. Chandu promises and asks sugu for help. He says he has called veer to come and meet him at sugu’s place next evening. Sugu asks what for to which chandu says how he wants sugu to listen and see veer bringing another look alike of veer just like she brought bhondu as look alike of senapati. Sugu is worried of chandu’s foolishness and says howits not easy. She says she met bhondu by instance in a village through which she passed by but then how could she find look alike of veer. Chandu says he believes in sugu’s capability and finalls she nodes to meet veer saying that how she could meet the most discussed guy – Veer

Vishkanya enters Damyanti’s room at darkness of night ;Damyanti identifies it but misses vishi again

Vishkanya enters damyanti’s room at ni8 and moves to her bed giving angry glare to sleeping damyanti. Just then she slips at damu’s chappal and is about to fall making her one bangle(khada) falls off her hand. Damu hears the sound and wokes up. Vishi runs from there and damu takes the bangle rushing behind. She calls sainiks and says about stranger entering her room. She orders sainik to go and search whole mahal. Next morning sainik comes and informs that they couldn’t find the women bearing pair bangle of the one damyanti got. They further adds to have found other bangle at mahal entrance. Damu is disappointed and asks them to leave. Just then pradhan mantri enters asking if there is any problem. Damu explains everything pradhanmatri and he too is worried. Vishkanys overhears everything and is feared how she escaped this time and about gulika getting to know about the matter.

Vidhu discussing Veer’s closeness to savitri

At ni8 veer and vidhu are at their beds starring at sky. Vidhu turns to veer and says that he do know what veer was thinking about. Veer asks making a serious face what was that. Vidhu says its savitri whom he is thinking about and that he is noticing veer’s softcorner to savitri these days. He adds veer is having that disease of which’s medicine even vaidya doesn’t have. Veer pretends angry and says that he shall slap him.

Veer sees message giving signs at sky and gets suspicious

Just then he sees arrows at sky giving message signals. Veer is alertened and gets up. Vidhu says its just arrow practice and that this was happening since 2-3 days, to which veer says its not but instead messenger arrows.Vidhu asks why veer is taking unwanted headaches to which veer says he is a sainik and its his duty to protect the country. He moves to forest with vidhu. He reaches the place and hides behind tree hearing foot steps only to see senapati approaching.

Damyanti discloses the truth to Rajguru regarding how she saw senapati’s head at forest. Rajguru asks her why didn’t she said all these to king to which damyanti says she herself was not clear. Rajguru says he shall put his ayyars on work to which damyanti says she wants Veer to do it and asks rajguru to appoint Veer on work himself so that veer can’t say disagree ..Veer hears all this from behind.

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