Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Ayesha to be ready as he will come to her for her work. She gives the bridal dress to Rubel and prays for the girl. Ambika tells Mama that she is tensed to see the three girls. The matchmaker says don’t worry, if we don’t like her, we will see more. Mama says lets go. Ambika prays that Adi gets a good girl. Payal apologizes to Rubel and says don’t do this, don’t embarrass me, its not my mistake, Sheela made me do this. Rubel says ofcourse, its always not your mistake. He asys we should not interfere in each other’s life and not fight. He leaves.

Ambika does not like the first one. She says she is good but not for Adi. They go to see the next one. Avantika talks to Adi on the breakfast table. Adi frames Harish. Harish says yes, mum and son are just perfect. They say yes. Avantika says she is going to office. She comes to see Nafisa and Nani together. Rubel sees Nafisa. Nani asks why are you seeing like this, its Nafisa, she was waiting for Ayesha outside. Ayesha and Payal come. Nani asks Ayesha why did she ask Nafisa to wait outside, she is your sister. Sheela says you know everything and you are still saying this.

Sheela argues and Anuj asks her to stop it. Rubel says let it be dad, they won’t understand. Nani asks Ayesha to take Nafisa to her room and don’t ask her to wait outside. Adi says Nafisa can come here anytime. Adi says he is going to see a good place for boutique. Ambika does not like the second one and comes to see the third one Poonam. The matchmaker says she is not so good. They go home. Nafisa says she can’t do this, it will be wrong. Ayesha says yes, but if one lie can make other’s lives good, then its not wrong. She says I m responsible for this. Nafisa says fine, I understood, but it was my mistake, I will do this to help you. Ayesha hugs her thanking and says she misses them.

Nafisa asks her to settle, then she will take her to Lucknow. Ayesha thinks she has to go to Lucknow for once and all. Diwakar talks to Ambika. She says Avantika took the right decision. Diwakar says how can we spoil someone’s daughter’s life. Ambika says Avantika is Adi’s son, and Ayesha used Pankhudi’s face and I don’t want to argue. She goes to ashram. Adi talks to Avantika about the boutique and she asks about work project. Ayesha thinks to make excuse and not go with Adi. She thinks to act like she got hurt. She falls and gets hurt. Nafisa and Adi rush to her.

Adi says I will leave you to my room. Ayesha says no, I will go with Nafisa, you go tto office. Adi says its not important meeting, come. Avantika looks on. Adi and Nafisa bring Ayesha to her room. Adi says I will get painkiller. Nafisa says I will bring. Ambika is walking on the road thinking about Adi. A car comes to her in high speed and the girl applies the brakes after the horn. Ambika falls. Avantika asks Adi to go. Adi says he can’t leave Ayesha alone. Avantika says I will stay with her. Adi says fine and asks Ayesha to take care. He leaves.

Avantika asks is it aching, she could have used her brains, as she did not had to go with Adi. The girl takes Ambika in her car and says her name is Poonam. Avantika says when I feel I can like you, you compel me to dislike you. She leaves. Ayesha asks Pankhudi did Avantika talk to her like this. Poonam brings Ambika to her home and takes care of her. Ambika opens her eyes and gets up. The girl says she fell on the road and she helped her. Ambika says it was not your mistake, I fell as I was lost in thoughts. I slipped and fell. Poonam says you should be careful walking on road. Ambika asks where am I. Poonam says my home, take rest, I m a qualified homeopath doctor, so don’t worry.

Ambika says I saw her, she is Poonam. Ambika says she does not like medicines. Poonam makes her have it. Ambika thinks about Pankhudi who used to tell the same line. She asks her name. She says Poonam. Ambika asks were you going to ashram. Poonam says yes, I was going to see an ill girl. She asks Ambika whom to inform in her family. She gives her phone and asks her to make a call. Ambika likes her and smiles.

Nani massages Ayesha’s foot and asks her how will she take care of the family if she is so irresponsible. Nafisa asks Ayesha to take care and leaves. Nani asks Ayesha what is she hiding. The girl who can cancel her London plan, why will she not go to club with Adi for his happiness, whats the problem, tell me. Ayesha lies and does not tell her anything. Nani leaves. Ayesha says sorry Nani, I can’t share this with you. She cries.

Ambika calls Avantika and says she liked a girl and she feels she can take Pankhudi’s place. Avantika says this is good news and shares with Ayesha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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