Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha climbing a castle , she climbs at the top n calls out sourabh standing down n asks him to message the location n time to her cousins , sourabh asks nisha to come down n says if anybody sees her she will be in trouble nisha says she can handle evry person in family except her grandfather, sourabh freaks out nisha asks him to calm down since her grandfather wont come as he is in Ajmer.
Dolly n kirti are shopping while they meet their respectivr mothers while shopping they get nisha message to reach the castle they handover the bags to them n leave for the palace,umesh is busy with his clients at jewellery store when he receives nishas message he leaves for the location too,suku goes to receive his sis jwala from school he gets nishas message to pick everyone n come to the location he goes to pick his cousins, when suku picks up everyone umesh hands over jwala kachori as shes hungry, jwala scared of grandfather(dadji) says brother we all shd be home by now wat will singham(dadji) say if he get to know all abt this.
Dadaji is with a jeweller , he asks him to make 4 locates for his 4 grand daughters, first of mahalaxmi for his elder granddaughter dolly who knows only to shop n spend money n this locate may help her while dolly is dreaming abt her new debit card which she will receive 3 days later after her marriage, second one for kirti of mata parvati so that she gets a good life partner while kirti says to cousins that she wishes that he dollys marriage she finds some good guys, the third locate of mata saraswati for jwala so that she always remains good in her studies while jwala says to cousins that she lost her 1st rank just by 1 mark n her friends say that she can get it if she flirts with her teacher n asks kirti to teach her flirting, the fourth locate to nisha of durga mata bcoz every time she puts him in trouble n is of 20 but very childish, i want to give her this locate so that she uses her brains a bit n use her energy in right direction,. The cousins reach nishas location n love it, nisha says all the arrangements are for dolly , dolly says she loved them kirti says nisha shd have informed her abt it so she could dress up, nisha says not to worry she new this will happen so she already brought them clothes n asks to go change n come,umeash says nisha this decoation must have cost a lot she says not really bcoz all this she has gathered from store room, n it only cost of food n she ised the joint account debit for the costing,jwala says nisha all this is cool but wat if dadji gets to know abt this nisha says chill. In nishas house rukmavati is asked to play the cousins recordings of songs so that people in house think the cousins are in room,n if anyone asks why is this noise tell them they are practising for dollys sangeet,dadi saya let them do wat they want since dadji is not in home today instead of al roti we will cook something chatpatta while a phone rings saying dadaji is coming back home his ajmers trip is cancelled,the cousins are chilling out when sourabh gets disappointed buy sukus comment , suku says him sorry to change the mood kirti tells sukus funny incident abt varma uncles daughter where suku was caught flirting with varmas daughter but all the firing n hitting went in sourabhs part by mistake n his bums turned blue bcoz of varma uncles thrashing, nisha gets a call from her father that have fun as dadaji is out of town, kirti begins to tease her n sourabh ,nisha asks her to shutup, kirti gets angry n walks away with jwala, nisha stops kirti n says its dollys party we will fight later n anyways snacks will be wasted if u two leave, jwala says its her first party n she dosent want to leave, kirti agrees to return for jwala, umesh says this is everydays drama, dolly says i want to cry alone on my wedding so plz u people don’t fight,the cousins n sourabh celebrate n dance,around bonfire jwala sitting alone nisha asks to join the dance, jwala says she finds it embarrassing nisha says there is no one here on whom jwala has not or who hasn’t changed her dipers when she was small, nisha says these are the only people with whom u can be urself n i wish we all are always together, jwala says how is that possible bcoz dolly is getting married n one by one we all will be parted, sourabh comes to nisha n gives her a challenge to jum of down on a cart filled with grass , nisha n sourabh jump followed by umesh n suku.
Nisha says that this is the last party we are having together n the first farewell party, dolly says for the first time the pparty thrown for me is not liked by me, dolly says she is missing bunty a lot.
Suku goes to bring food but the delivery person asks for money n suku says he will give it later the person mishra denise to give food without money n says he will inform police if suku dosent give money , suku gets angry a hold his collar, all rush to suku to stop him,umesh tries to calm the delivery person mishra, nisha says he is asking money why aren’t u giving him, suku says he has no money as he spend it all in college to get liked papers as he dosent want to fail again, umesh says have u lost it, suku says dadaji always bullys us n makes his own decision if i fail once again i will have to join shop like all u losers, nisha gets angry n slaps suku, umesh gets a message that dadji is returning home from laxmi chichi(aunty) n wat to do now says umesh.

Nisha gives her bikes key to mishra while dadaji see her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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