Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the kids talking. Chitti comes and the door and asks Akshara to open the door. The door gets locked and does not open. Naksh says Aryan pressed something. Muskaan asks Aryan what did he type. Aryan says I don’t remember. Akshara tries to open the door. Muskaan tries to get the password. The door opens. Naksh tells his friends not to touch his house’s things. Yash says tell Aryan, I did not do anything, Akshara asks them to finish their project. Shaurya, Vishwamber and Omi come home. The women come to them. Rajshri says Shaurya you sat on the sofa but don’t move as the needle fell. The needle hurts Shaurya. Everyone laughs.

The kids make the project good. Akshara says its very good. Naksh says Aryan did not do any work. Akshara says write names. Aryan argues and says we will write in alphabetical order. Naksh says so it means Aryan will come fast. Naksh says I did much work and this is my house, so my name will be first. They fight and break the project shocking the elders. Akshara says enough, don’t fight now. She scolds them for being together and ruining the project. Rukmani and other ladies come and hear Akshara scolding the kids.

Rukmani says we will not come here again, we did not know Akshara will have so much problem to keep them one day. She asks what did she do that she was scolding them. Akshara says you are not understanding. Rukmani says Naksh might have done so, and they blamed Yash. The other ladies see the project ruined. Devyaani says the kids fought and broke it. Akshara says I was scolding them as they were fighting and ruined the project. The ladies apologize to Akshara and says we would have done the same. Rukmani is quiet. Naksh and the kids say sorry to each other.

Rukmani says we will do their project. Akshara says we will not help, they will make it. The kids go to make again. Akshara asks them to go home, as she will drop everyone home. The kids say they won’t fight now. Varsha and Shaurya say everyone that they want to change Ananya’s school and want to send her to international school which will be more good for her. She can learn extra curricular activities and nurture her talent. Varsha explains them. Kaki says its good Varsha knows so much. Rajshri says Ananya will miss Naksh and Yash. Varsha says I did not tell this to Ananya.

Naitik and Naman have a talk in office. Naitik asks him to be careful next time, as manager was contacting him. Naman says he wants to hire someone as his help. She says Karishma can work with me. Naitik says no, she is not from this field, its not time to teach her now.

Naman tells about Akshara. Naitik says you know when Akshara joined this company and she worked very well, don’t compete them. Naman leaves annoyed. Shaurya and Varsha talk about Ananya. He says what mum said is right, we can’t take her childhood like this. Varsha says no, and tells him that Ananya needs new friends and have to improve. Ananya comes to them and tells about her friends. Akshara and Naitik go to drop the kids. She says it would be good if they did the project good. He says maybe they learnt something. She says yes. Naitik gets head ache again.

He asks her to spend some time with him and go on long drive. She holds her hand and its very warm. He kisses her and she says I m driving. He jokes. She says sit right. He smiles. Naitik tells her about Naman who wants to hire Karishma. She says Naman might have felt bad, I will see Karishma and think. Its morning, Varsha praises the new school. Rajshri asks did any parent talk. Varsha says yes, I met Rishi’s mum. She says it will be a test and Ananya will be admitted based on it. Rajshri asks her to see Ananya’s happiness.

Varsha says I wish Naksh and Yash also get in this school. Devyaani and Akshara talk about Malaria. Varsha calls Akshara and tells her about changing Ananya’s school. Akshara asks why. Varshqa says I m thinking to put Ananya in international school. Akshara says but Naksh is fine in old school and thanks her for sharing. Akshara talks to Shaurya and he praises her. She laughs and thanks her. She says she has some work, she wants Karishma to get a work, can she keep her as trainee.

He asks about Naman. She says you know, but you don’t tell anyone, Naman did not tell us, but we feel they have something in them. Shaurya says he will help her. Akshara tells Naitik that she spoke to Shaurya. Naman and Karishma talk. He tells her that Naitik did not hire her. He asks her to do any job. Shaurya calls her and asks her to join. She tells Naman that she got the job in Shaurya’s hotel. Naman says I m so relieved, what does Naitik think, if he does not help, nothing can happen.

Naitik and Akshara talk. He looks unwell. She asks him to take rest for sometime. Devyaani comes and asks Naitik is he not fine. He says no. She asks him to be careful as viral is going on. Bhabhimaa comes and tells Devyaani that Naman went without breakfast.

Naitik tells everyone that he got Malaria, but he has to go Mumbai, else Akshara has to go, as he has committed them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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