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JB and Pratap select a dress and some matching jewellery. US remarks to DB that two selections have been made. One has been selected by JB and Pratap while the other has been chosen by you (DB). He turns to VB. I know you have a very good knowledge about clothes and jewellery. You suggest me which combination does you like more? VB is hesitant but JB tells her to go ahead. VB feels that the choices have been made for two different girls. JB interrupts her that they all have chosen it for Phool only as she is getting married to Pratap. Pratap affirms it. US sides with VB. You (JB) dint choose it for Phool. You chose it thinking that they will look good on Ajabdeh. DB is not happy. US stops JB from giving any explanation. He dismisses his entire staff from there.

US has understood that JB and Pratap are all about Ajabdeh. Honestly tell me if you don’t want Pratap to marry Ajabdeh. She tries to decline but he doesn’t want to hide her feelings anymore. You are not good at it so don’t try it. Since I have come here I have been feeling that you are actually sending your son on some war, instead of him getting married. What has happened to you? When I was diverting from the right path then you corrected me and now that I think that you were right, you are diverting from your own path? DB is taken aback. US tells JB that for the first time she has chosen politics over her dharma. He doesn’t even let Pratap say anything. You think I am hard hearted that I cannot understand your feelings and will expect sacrifices from you every now and then on the name of rajdharma? Think, can you get a better wife than Ajabdeh? Pratap goes quiet / emotional. DB tells him not to sway away in emotions. US counters it. Do you think that Pratap needs an army to save him? No, he, who gets Ajabdeh as his wife wont be touched / affected by anything in his life. Here I am unable to think about his future properly and there, Ajabdeh is actually worried about it. She has made a shatabdi panchang for Pratap along with the priests of the entire Rajputana. This hasn’t been made for his rule but for the wish of his long life. This gift from her has yet again proved that she will not just pray for Pratap’s long life but she keeps praying for his safety every second. She thinks about him more than we think about our son. Do you need any more proof? Anyone can make us strong with outside forces but a life partner like Ajabdeh can make Pratap strong from inside. Everyone is happy except DB.

VB can feel that he had made up his mind long time back. He agrees that he had. I wanted to test my decision once again before asking Mamrak ji. This is why I went to Bijolia. What I witnessed there, removed all my doubts. Flashbacks of past incidents at Bijolia are shown (Pratap Ajabdeh caring for each other, centipede incident). Pratap and Ajabdeh have accepted each other as husband and wife long ago. Pratap and JB get emotional. He simply bows his head down when his dad asks him if he is wrong. DB recalls JB’s words about Pratap and Ajabdeh’s marriage and how DB will be kind of disowned from this kingdom. US tells DB and JB that he will go to Bijolia to ask for Ajabdeh’s hand from Rao Mamrak ji. I want you to make preps for the same. DB nods whereas JB hugs him out of happiness. She thanks him with all her heart. You removed the tension from my heart / mind. Pratap leaves from there shyly when his father asks him if he is happy with this decision. VB leaves to get sweets. DB’s planning has failed miserably.

US’s words keep echoing in Pratap’s head. VB feeds him laddoo to mark the auspiciousness of the alliance.

JB and US discuss about the alliance and how Pratap felt shy hearing about it. VB too affirms it when she tells him about the laddoo incident. His face was all red. VB feeds laddoo to JB and vice versa. VB notices DB’s pale face. She asks her about it. DB lies about it. VB makes her taste one as well. She turns to feed it to US but he stops her. he instead takes it in his palm. VB feels sad. US tells JB that he has to do preps as he has to leave for Bijolia. She nods and he leaves from there. JB notices VB’s sad face whereas DB brings a mirror to show the sadness on VB’s face to her. DB too goes from there. JB asks VB to make her eat the laddoo. They both share a sweet moment.

Chakrapani is pacing in the room as he waits for his friend. Pratap comes there just then. He does not want to answer his questions so turns to leave but Chakrapani has noticed him by then. Pratap feigns a lot many tasks that he has to do asap. Chakrapani tells him to keep doing it. Ajabdeh will marry someone else. She hasn’t said yes yet! Pratap warns him with a hand gesture and angry looks which shocks Chakrapani. Pratap cools down and apologizes to his friend. Though he agrees with him that Ajabdeh has taken too much time for everything. If she declines to marry me then I will have to show her my strength.

Ajabdeh is having hiccups. Hansa Bai calls for a dassi to bring some water. Ajabdeh gulps it down but the hiccups continue. Hansa Bai feels that someone is thinking about her with pure heart as this is happening for the third time. Ajabdeh diverts it to the embroidery work that they have been doing. Her mother wonders if Pratap is thinking about her. ajabdeh leaves from there on the pretext of getting some other colour thread.

Chakrapani tells Pratap that his idea is bad. You are not able to talk to her openly how will you showcase your strength? Pratap recalls their past meetings. He wonders aloud if Chakrapani is his friend or Ajabdeh’s? I know you have a solution for my problem. Go ahead. Chakrapani mocks his ideas and Pratap folds his hand to get the idea out from his mouth. Chakrapani suggests him to do something likewise for Ajabdeh like she got him the shatabdi panchang. It should be something that touches her heart.

JB has arranged all the stuff that is to be sent to Bijolia. US comes to tell about what he found for Mamrak ji (horses). He is impressed with her preps. He also tells her that he realised his mistake when he was in Bijolia. JB praises him that he has the skill to correct his mistakes as well. They share a sweet moment. JB tells him about his one mistake that she dint find right. Why are you punishing VB for what fate has done? I cannot see the pain, sadness in her eyes whenever you turn your face away from her. US replies that he is bearing the brunt of that mistake. I am unable to look into your eye because of the same reason. She tells him sadly that she has learnt to share his love with other Rani’s already. Give VB her rights. It will relieve you of your burden. He looks at her in wonder. This means you have forgiven me? she nods and they hug. Their moment is broken by the sudden noise of a thaal that has slipped from VB’s hands. She apologizes to them and leaves from there.

VB remembers the hug shared by JB-US when Pratap comes to ask her about the preps for Bijolia. He too wants to add something to the stuff that will be sent. He wants her opinion about what he should take for Ajabdeh. She suggests him to seek his Choti Ma’s help.

DB writes a letter to her sister Uma Devi about how she had made JB agree for Pratap-Phool’s alliance but this time Rana ji has changed his mind. That samant girl has done some magic on both Rana ji and Pratap. You must do something asap. Wind blows away her letter. It lands in Pratap’s feet and she eyes him worriedly. He gives it back to her without even reading it. she is amazed if he doesn’t want to know what’s in the letter and who is it addressed to. It is against his values to read someone else’s messages. DB smiles relieved. What help do you want? He stammers but finally asks her about some idea for a gift. She replies that he can give her any ornament. She will like it. he knows that Ajabdeh likes simple things. She feels that there is only one person in this palace who likes simplicity. She will know it best. Pratap understands that his Rani Ma can help him. She sends the letter as soon as Pratap leaves from there.

Pratap goes to meet his mom. He tries to hide it but she herself talks about how he too should give a gift to Ajabdeh. He gets happy. She tells him that the gift should be simple and that it should express his feelings for her. He has been thinking of the same thing. It isn’t possible to hide anything from you. She wants him to think about what he should gift. The gift should reflect your emotions. You have to give it to AJabdeh. It should be something that appeals to her sensitivity. You will get the answer from your heart.

Uma Devi reads DB’s letter. She is in for a shock. Phool comes there. Uma Devi tells her about the recent happenings at Chittor. Phool is shocked as well. Uma Devi assures her that she wont give up this easily. Phool recalls her past moments with Pratap and is in tears. She cannot hear what her grandmother is saying as her mind is far away. Uma Devi shakes her to bring her back into reality. Phool leaves from there muttering nothing happened. Uma Devi is pained to see her thus. I promise you I will make them cry whoever is the reason behind your tears.

US and family are all set to leave for Bijolia. Chittor’s people have come to bless Pratap. He thanks them for their love and best wishes. The men mount their horses while the women sit in their palki to leave for Bijolia. Pratap looks at the rose petal on his arm and gets thinking. He picks up a rose from the tray and remembers his friend-turned-foe Akbar; his Meera Ma and the purple rose whose fragrance had mesmerised him (Akbar had shown it to him) – he had specially bought it for Meera Ma. Mughals feels that this is the best way (simple and beautiful) to show your love and respect to someone. Flashback ends. How ironic! Mughals are planting roses in our land and yet they are killing people of this land to win over some states. His dad asks him if they should leave and he nods.

Akbar tells the leader of the rebellion group that his army has won over all the other rebellion people. You should abide by our rules if you want to stay alive. The guy agrees to do whatever he wants him to. Akbar repeats his conditions for him – you will come with your whole lot of people and help us in going back from here. I want all the nearby states under Mughals rule. The leader affirms to do everything that he wants from them. He pleads to him to let them live which pleases Akbar.

US reaches Bijolia palace with his whole family. Pratap recalls his moments with Ajabdeh. He asks JB if she sent a message here about their arrival. This place looks so alive. Chakrapani teases his friend, telling him to control his heart.

Mamrak ji and Hansa Bai come to greet them all. US is curious about the environment at Bijolia palace. Mamrak ji replies that their hearts are joined which is why he came here today with his family. we would have surely missed you otherwise. They are welcomed inside.

Pratap asks Chakrapani if he doesn’t want to know what he has brought for Ajabdeh. But then he declines. I should first give it to the person for whom I have brought it. he goes inside.

US and JB are in for a shock to meet Marwar’s samant and his son. They have come to ask for Ajabdeh’s hand for marriage. Uma Devi is also present there. She smiles evilly at DB.

Precap: Pratap gives the rose to Ajabdeh. I want to fill your life with a similar fragrance (happiness) by marrying you. She tells him about her alliance with that Marwar samant’s son which leaves him heartbroken.

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