Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the wedding rituals of Adi and Pankhudi. Panditji asks Diwakar to do the ritual of applying turmeric on Pankhudi’s hands. Diwakar does the ritual. Nirmala and Sadanand sits sad. Panditji asks to do the kanyadaan and recites the mantras. Rubel tells Payal 2 that Adi and Pankhudi are looking good. Payal 2 asks about Adi’s shoes, Rubel says he has Adi’s shoes. Avantika smiles. Anuj tells Sheela that he needs to talk to Avantika. Avantika and Harish come and Anuj says he did wrong and he is extremely sorry for that. He says I heard that you will leave the house with Harish. Sheela says why you want to go. Avantika says she wants to go to her home. Sheela says she is feeling bad that she is going from this house. Harish asks her not to be upset as they will come. Anuj says what about Dad’s dream to see us all together. Avantika says Dad’s wished to see me at my home. She says Adi and Pankhudi will stay here.

They goes to attend the wedding. Panditji asks to do the gatbandhan and then asks them to stand for the pheras/rounds. He says you will take the 7 pheras and 7 vows. Chachaji says he has wish that his family couple will read the vows for their children so that they remembers it. Panditji agrees. Chachaji and Chachiji tells the first vow. Anuj and Sheela reads the second vow. While Adi and Pankhudi are talking the pheras. Rubel looks at Payal 1. Diwakar and Ambika reads the third vow. Kapil and Anuradha reads the fourth vow. Sameer looks at Preeti. Pankhudi steps ahead of Adi from the fourth round. Preeti and Sameer reads the fifth vow. Avantika and Harish reads the sixth vow. Pankhudi and Adi takes the last vow. Pankhudi says she will fulfilled all the vows and prays to God to give this relation in her 7 births. Adi says I promised you that my happiness is yours and yours sadness is mine. Everyone claps and smiles.

Panditji asks Adi to fill Pankhudi’s maang with Sindoor while he recites the mantras. He says now you are husband and wife and asks them to take their elder’s blessings. Rubel says Adi couldn’t get up as his sister in law hided his shoes. Anuj says we will bring another shoes for him. Rubel asks them to bring the shoes. Govardhan mama negotiates with the girls and says they will take Rs.10001 in cash. Anuj mama asks them to get Adi’s shoes first. Payal 1 says she didn’t have shoes and asks Neha and Anuradha to get them busy and she will enquire about the shoes. Adi and Pankhudi takes elder’s blessings. Rubel sings on the song Dulhe ki saaliyon oh hare dupatta waliyon….Payal 1 sings Dulhan de dewar yuh dikhlawo na tum tewar…. They dances on the song in filmy style while everyone are rejoicing it. Payal 1 finds Rubel wearing Adi shoes and very cleverly takes it from his feet. Rubel smiles on losing to Payal.

Kapil tells Anuradha that I know you are upset with me. Anuradha cries and says you will be punish by the law but I am convinced that I will get my husband after facing the punishment. She says I will write down everything and will read it after you returns. She asks him not to cry. Adi wins the coin searching ritual. Kaira says we have won. Chachiji asks them to do the next ritual. Sheela says Pankhudi is the bahu and responsibility of this house. She asks Rubel to filled Pankhudi’s aanchal with coins. Rubel says bhabhi, you have to take care of everything. Sheela says you are laxmi of Deewan Mansion. Pankhudi and Adi smiles.

Avantika is massaging Harish and says she was thinking something about Payal (2). She says she is good,cultured and educated and says we shall think about Rubel and Payal’s alliance.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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