Meri Bhabhi 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 14th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Purshottam and Kamini arguing. Kunal hears them and does not know whats going on. He asks him what happened. Purshottam says we are going to Kittu’s house. Kamini says they don’t want us to come. Purshottam says yes for the reason you made. Purshottam calls Papa to ask him when should they come to their house. Kittu sees her dad calling Papa. Papa talks to him well. Purshottam wishes him happy diwali and Papa also wishes him. Purshottam asks when should we come in the evening. Papa is silent, then says 7pm like always. We will be waiting for you. Purshottam says fine. Everyone smile seeing Kittu. Kittu smiles and leaves.

Kamini says this is bad, we have invited ourselves there. Purshottam says I m a dad, I don’t know you are a mum or not. Everyone are doing the diwali arrangements at home. Ishaan sees Anand upset and asks what happened. Anand says nothing. jaya talks to him. Anand gives her a rude reply. jaya thinks they are not calling Kittu’s family. Shraddha gets Kunal’s call and she rejects. He calls again and she scolds him. Kunal jokes with her. She says don’t call me. He says I have to call you else my problem will increase. He says I called you to complete my talk.

Shraddha says I m not going in the college reunion, and I won’t tell you the reason. She says don’t call me and ends the call. Kunal says I will make you agree for it today. Kittu asks Anand to get ready. Anand is upset. He says Kittu, Mummy said that Papa invited your family as Shraddha said, but I don’t know whether I will be able to talk to them or not. He says I hope you understand me, I m sorry. Shraddha comes and sees Kittu crying.

Shraddha says you are looking beautiful, Kittu says you always look good. Shraddha says lying. Kittu says no, really. Shraddha says I want your diamond necklace. Kittu says really, do you want it. Shraddha asks for it. Shraddha says I don’t care, I will always wear your necklaces. Shraddha says you have always supported me and wanted me to be happy, if you become weak today, how will I live, don’t take tension and bring the necklace for me. Kittu smiles. Kittu makes Shraddha wear the necklace happily.

Kittu’s family comes and greets everyone happy diwali. jaya says its great you came, I thought we are not celebrating it together. Kittu hugs her dad. Kunal looks at Shraddha and smiles. Mummy welcomes everyone. Purshottam brings gifts for everyone and asks Kunal to take out the gifts. Mummy asks Papa to control. Papa says if Kamini is in her limits. They gift everyone. Kunal says I m missing Dhruv. jaya is happy to get her gift and asks from where have you bought it. Kunal looks at Shraddha and gives her the gift. Kamini sees Shraddha dresses up and taunts her. She taunts her for wearing Kittu’s necklace. Kittu answers her mum.

Everyone notices it and Papa says what are you saying. Everyone look at Papa. Papa supports Shraddha and says say it again, I m listening. Kamini says I was simply saying. Papa says my daughter does not need pity and she does not need a husband. Shraddha cries seeing Papa’s love for her. Kamini tries to talk to Kittu but Kittu leaves.

Everyone does the puja. jaya asks Ishaan to take her photos. Kunal does the puja with Shraddha. Ishaan comes and speaks to Kunal for letting Shraddha do the puja alone. Everyone are shown burning the crackers. Kittu asks Anand how is this decoration but finds him upset. She talks to him and he gets hurt. She cares for him. Kamini comes and Kittu taunts her. Kamini asks what happened. Anand leaves. Kittu talks to Kamini rudely and says ask yourself what happened to you. Kamini says don’t misunderstand me. Kittu says don’t talk to me, else I can hurt you by saying something. Kamini is shocked. jaya comes to Kamini and says what happened, no one wants to talk to you. jaya warns her saying where is Kunal, even Shraddha is not here. jaya laughs.

Kunal talks to Shraddha and says I like your smile, I want your support, I think I love you. Shraddha looks on.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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