Saraswatichandra 14th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 14th November 2013 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 14th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone speaking nicely to the guy’s family. They talk about Yash’s marriage done in a hurry. Kumud brings Kusum and Kusum greets everyone and sits in between them. The guy smiles seeing Kusum. The guy’s mum likes Kusum and says she will suit my son. Danny is upset seeing all this. Kumari tells Danny see how pretty Kusum is looking. Kalika waits for Pramad. The guy’s mum talks about Kumud, and asks how are you hurt. Kumud tells them about the accident. Saras is at the terrace with the earthen pot. Saras thinks how should I tell her the truth behind Pramad. Kumud says what truth.

The guy talks to Kusum while she serves him tea. The guy says I don’t like lies, if you have anything in your heart, tell me, I expect truth from my wife and understanding me and my family and taking care of us. He says I will support you and it won’t be tough for you. Danny is looking at them from the door. Kumud asks Saras what are you hiding from me. Saras changes the topic. She asks why did you not come down. He says I did not want anyone to tell against us, we should not become a problem for Kusum, so I did not come down.

Kalika talks to the guy’s mum and fills her ears speaking about Saras. The lady thinks who is this Saras, is he Saraswatichandra. Kumud says don’t insult our relation by hiding yourself, everyone should know you are a part of our family, I think this relation of Kusum will be made. The guy is still talking to Kusum. Danny is hearing them. The guy asks Kusum to smile. Kalika sees Danny standing and looking at Kusum. Kusum smiles and the guy says lets go. Kusum is about to fall and the guy holds her. Danny is more upset. Kalika says Saras loves Kumud, Kusum loves Saras and now Danny is in love with Kusum. She says it will be fun when Pramad comes.

Pramad comes to the Desai house to apologize to Kumud. Kusum and the guy come out in the hall. The guy’s mum asks them shall we take the talk forward. Before they could tell something, Pramad enters the house shouting Kumud. Kalika is happy and says this game is now picking up. Pramad is unable to walk. The guests are shocked. Pramad talks to the guests saying you came for Kusum, tell yes to her as she is like a pearl. He says I got a pearl and I did not value it, so I m regretting today, you say yes to Kusum. He apologizes to Vidyachatur and everyone. He says I want to meet Kumud. Vidyachatur says no need, you are not related to her now. Pramad says I just want to see Kumud fine.

Kumud is talking to Saras on the terrace. She says look at me, what are you hiding. Saras says if I do any mistake, then… She says then you should talk to me about it. He says if you become annoyed. She says even then you should say it. She asks him what happened. Saras is about to say and they hear Pramad’s voice shouting Kumud. Everyone ask Pramad to leave. Pramad says Kumud, see I came, your husband. Kumud comes and says I told you not to come close to my house, else I will call the police. Pramad says ok call them, but tell me how are you. Kumud says we have guests, leave from here. Danny tries to take Pramad. Pramad says I want to apologize to you, this is the first time I m angry on my drinking habit. He says if I left it on your saying, I would have not done this accident, you came under my car. Everyone are shocked.

Pramad says forgive me once, I did not do it purposely, I was drunk. Kumud says what are you regretting that I got saved. She says we are not related as you don’t deserve that I forgive you. Danny asks Pramad to leave. Pramad says Kumud you trust Saras, we met today, he knows how helpless I m, I want you to forgive me. Kumud says I don’t know you Pramad, go from here. She says it will be good for you that you go from here. Pramad leaves. Kalika and Pramad look at each other. Kalika says I love Pramad for this thing, he always make an issue no matter what he does, love or cheat. Saras comes to meet Pramad. Saras holds his neck. Pramad says how much will you beat me.

Saras says you have fallen a lot, what do you want, let her live, you are dying, think about someone’s feelings. Pramad says you know what I m, why did you not tell the truth to Kumud. Why did you not tell her that the accident was planned and I m going to die and she is going to become a widow. The guy’s family leaves saying we saw a lot of things today. Yash’s mum says this guy also left, Kumud is a eclipse for this house and she won’t spare us. Vidyachatur gets chest pain and falls. Vidyachatur says I will never forgive Pramad. Kalika smiles seeing everyone worry.

Pramad tells Saras that you fear that I will take my Kumud back, that you will lose her again. Saras gets angry and beats Pramad saying go. Pramad leaves saying see your face before warning me the next time.

Kusum is in her room crying. Danny comes to her and she wipes her tears. Danny asks are you fine. He says uncle is fine now. He says its not your mistake. She says no, its my big mistake. He says oh, you thinks its your bad luck. He says everything happens for the good, maybe its good for me. She asks what. He gives her chocolates and leaves. Kalika says Kusum won’t understand but i understood your gain Danny.

Saras comes inside the house. Badimaa asks Saras where were you and where is Kumud. Saras says she is at home. Badimaa says no, she is not. Kumud is in the police station filing the complaint against Pramad for the murder attempt.

Saras and Kumud talk. Kumud says why did you leave Pramad so easily. Saras says he was apologizing. She says you have hidden a big thing from me, is this right.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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