Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Adi saying to Avantika to go to house and have some rest as the doctors won’t allow her to meet Harish anyway and also asks Pankuri to go along with Avantika.

Meanwhile Preeti was doing puja in Diwan Mansion, and Adi comes and gives her the good news that Harish’s condition is stable, and Preeti breathes a sigh of relief.

Doctor Shivani comes and says Harish has already regained consciousness and is fine, and the big relief is that he hasn’t had any side effects and could recognize her easily, and everyone is elated on hearing that.

Avantika asks whether she can meet her and Dr Shivani says yes.

Avantika asks PaYa to accompany her as well, but Adi says her to go alone first and do all the talking which she didn’t do for all these years and pleads her to go soon.

Sheila Mami says to Rubel that she is worried that either Avantlka or Preeti will surely ask her about jewellery, Rubel says no one will ask, everyone will forget about the jewellery with all this running around here and there, but Sheila says that Rubel is still a child and a lady never forgets jewellery that easily.

Avantika enters the surgery room, and cries on holding Harish’s hand, says she has lot of talking to do with him.
Others too enter after some time, PaYa, Preeti Maasi and all
Harish talks with Adi, says his acting was really superb, and Adi says after all he is son of an actor only, and says Pankuri is also a very good actress, even Harish failed to catch him, says he has many things to talk to but first wishes for his speedy recovery and says he will do the talking later.

Nana came back and was saying he couldn’t stay here for this crucial moment, and expresses his desire to visit Harish once, Preeti says now it isn’t visiting hours also, and says in engagement there was so much dancing which took a toll on Harish’s health.

Nana suddenly interrupted Preeti and says what engagement and later is shocked to hear that Rubel got engaged with Latika.

Nana tells Sheila how dare she waste Rubel’s life and got him engaged with that Latika and says whether she didn’t get any other girl for Rubel or what, and says gruffly & angrily that why wasn’t he even informed of the matter, Sheila just mumbles that Anuj said her that he has informed Nana.
Nana is furious and hoarsely calls Anuj, says how dare he take decision without even informing him about it, Anuj says his phone was out of reach, Nana says Anuj is lying. Further Nana says earlier he use to think that he was wrong in taking away rights of MD of Diwan Group from his son, but now he thinks he was absolutely right at that time and whatever decision he took at that time was best.

Anuj says Rubel wanted to marry Latika and so he couldn’t say No to him.

Nana says he couldn’t even control his own son.
Rubal says he does not need anybody’s permission to take his own decision. Nana, unstoppable today, says, take your decision outside DM. He sees Latika approaching from outside, tells don’t enter, you are not welcome here.

Precap: Adi informs Nana that his mom has invited everybody in their house and she herself will cook the food. Nana was happy and told, he will go. Sheila told, she will also go

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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