Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th March 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Parvati and Mahadev in the moonlinght.Mahadev tells Parvati he had left something incomplete-now he has to finish the song he was singing for her,that left incomplete due to Narayan and Lakshmi’s problem.

Mahadev places the Veena and begins to play again(This time its a new song-purely classical,diffrent raag,but kinda nice-best part of the episode actually).Parvati listens to Mahadev singing blissfully,as Mahadev sings lovingly looking at his wife.

Meanwhile at Kailash-Ganesha is taking over Parvatis task of food,and asks Narad to stay back.

At Swarga Indradev is getting more and more aggitated as Trishina is still in deep meditation,and feels that he will ask for his throne(seriously dude!!!)

Meanwhile back at Parvati Van-Mahadev still is playing the Veena and singing,when Parvati joins in and begins to sing(pretty spontaneous,you dont quite expect her to sing moment).

Next cut to morning,Parvati has her head rested on Mahadevs shoulder when the sun rises.Mahadev wakes up Parvati and shows her all the flowers of the 6 seasons have bloomed just for her.Parvati smiles and says just like thier journey and thier various forms,the flowers too are beautiful in thier won diffrent ways of being beautiful.

Parvati asks Mahadev for a request.Mahadev says yes,Parvati demands for a Gajra made of all 6 seasons flowers.Mahadev says he will make one right now.

Parvati says no-she wants him to go and pick the flowers himself,from each plant when they are in bloom(but wont the flowers dry by then?),that is during each season.

Mahadev is stunned(so are we) and tells her at this rate he will have to stay away from her for a whole year.Parvati says she knows he will do it-if he doesnt she will forget all her memories(like brother,like sister),and then he will have to win her back just like she did.

Mahadev looks worried,Parvati asks him doesnt he know he can do it?.Mahadev smiles(poor guy doesnt have an optiuon,does he?).

Mahadev turns to leave,as he and Parvati both feel bad that they will be seperated for a year.Parvati asks him to turn around so that she can look at him one last time before they meet after a year.Mahadev tells her that nature will keep reminding them of each others presence,and tells her that the Shivapriya plant will come in bloom after a year and that will be the time he will return.

Indradev asks Trishina to open his yes,as he is still deep in Tapasya.An Agitated Indra kills Trishina.Voiceover says what punishment will Mahadev give Indra for Bramhan Hatya.

Update Credit to: shruti

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