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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 14th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha thinking sorry Adi, I have to go from here with my mum, may Allah give you strength to be without Pankhudi and may Allah forgive me to give me false hope. Adi talks to her and asks her to sit close. She says now happy. He says I know you don’t like me to stick to you, and hold your hand, but I feel scared if you go far from me again, I don’t want anything from you, but I wish to give away my everything to you, even my life. As my Pankhudi used to say people don’t expect anything in love and give away everything. They hear inspector talking. She says I will go and see, you be here. Adi says fine.

The inspector tells everyone that we are shocked to that Harish is behind this accident, he gave this order to the truck to be there on that road that day. Harish and Nani get tensed. Rubel says how can you question Harish. The inspector says its our duty to ask, I want to know from Harish. Harish says then you will know we were doing shootin there. The inspector asks why were you doing the production work. Adi comes with Shanky’s support and says you can’t talk to my dad like this, the accident happened because of me, I saw Ayesha’s car tyre coming out and I saw the truck coming, so I brought my car in between, please harass my dad and that truck driver.

He says it was my mistake, you can leave the truck owner. The inspector says fine, but please cooperate with us, I will send someone to take your statement. Rubel tells Harish not to worry as he will talk to senior officials. Adi leaves. Mama asks Harish to end this matter soon, this truth should not come infront of Adi. Rubel gets Nafisa’s call. She asks him to come to meet her. He says fine, come to Diwaan Mansion. She says no, meet me anywhere out. He says fine, at a restaurant, is everything ok, what is the matter. She says I will tell you when we meet, don’t tell anyone, Payal won’t like this. He says don’t worry. Payal comes to him and he leaves.

Sheela asks Rubel is he going somewhere. He says yes, for meeting my friend Manish. Sheela taunts Payal and leaves. Ayesha says she knows playing drums. Adi is happy and asks her to play. She plays it very bad. He gets a headache. He praises her. She says I will play again. He says no, no. She throws a drum stick to beat him saying this is for making fun of me. Adi acts like hurt. She goes to him caring for him. She falls on him and Adi smiles. He holds her.

He says move from over me, else I will need to go to hospital again. Rubel meets Nafisa at the restaurant. Rubel says Nafisa……….She hugs him shocking him. She says I m sorry, I was somewhat emotional. Thanks for coming here. He says its ok, please have a seat. They sit to talk. He says now tell me what is the matter. She says mum wants to take us to Dubai. He says what, how can she take Ayesha. She says not Ayesha, me and Ruksaar. He says tell her you don’t want to go if you wish, I m sure she will listen to you. She says nom she won’t, I want to stay in Mumbai and make my career. She holds his hand and asks him to do something, as he is her only friend.

Rubel says I will try my level best, but I think your mum won’t listen to me. She says maybe you are right, I was excited as my birthday is day after tomorrow. He says that’s greats, we will celebrate it no matter what. She gets glad. He thanks him holding his hand again. She says you are really special for me. Harish tells Nani that Mama is right, we have to shut this matter before it gets complicated. Ayesha comes and tells them that we have to end this soon, as Adi brings love in between always.

Harish asks what happened. Ayesha says Adi feels I love him, but I m doing this as he saved me. Harish says you are Pankhudi for him, so he is bound to reach that way, the solution is you should go from his life. Ayesha says he is not well, how can I go, no, I won’t go. She leaves. Arif thinks about Ayesha. His mum comes to meet him. He says I forgot you are coming from Bangalore. She says I know you might be busy. He says no, I m not busy, but something happened that never happened before. She asks what. He says Ayesha, I m biased about her, I don’t know whats wrong with me. She says fine, so this is it.

She says come with me, maybe I can solve this. Payal gets Rubel’s friend Manish’s call. Manish asks about Rubel. He says Rubel does not have time to meet me. She says he is not at home, I will ask him to call you. She says why did Rubel lie. Rubel comes home and she asks did you meet Manish. He says yes I met him, he is fine. Payal is shocked. Ayesha tells Ruksaar that Adi is feeling I love him, but I m caring for him as he saved my life, how to get out of this.

Nilofer comes to her and says I told you not to mess up the place. Nafisa comes and says I will pick my things. Ayesha gets Rubel’s pic in Nafisa’s belongings. Nafisa looks on tensed. Nilofer sees it too and gets angry on Nafisa. She slaps Nafisa. Ayesha and Ruksaar get shocked. Nilofer asks whats going on, tell me. Nafisa says nothing, why are you asking this. Ruksaar says Nafisa finds reasons to meet Rubel. Naifa asks Ruksaar to shut up. Nilofer asks Nafisa to tell the truth. Nafisa says yes, its true. She says yes, Rubel is my good friend and I like meeting him.

Nilofer is about to slap her again and Ayesha stops her. Ayesha asks Nafisa why are you doing this. Nafisa counter questions her. Ayesha says you asked me to do Pankhudi’s act. Nafisa asks why are you not going now when Harish wants you to go. Nilofer says Ayesha is doing this as we have out her in this, and you, if you do this again, I will never forgive you. Nafisa says I did not do anything wrong, Rubel is my good friend so I meet him. She says about photo, he gave me that to stick on some form, but you won’t believe me, as I m always wrong for you. She leaves.

Its morning, Bau ji asks Ayesha to be happy always. Adi greets and hugs him thanking him. Mama says be happy Ayesha. Bau ji and Mama leave. Ruksaar comes to Ayesha and says come fast, mum is calling you. Adi thinks why all of a sudden. Ayesha comes to outhouse and sees Arif and his mum. Nilofer says this is Arif’s mum who came from Bangalore. Arif’s mum praises Ayesha. Nilofer says Ayesha talks about Arif all day. Arif’s mum says it means what we thought is right, I was thinking to make Arif and Ayesha married. Ayesha is shocked. Adi comes and hears this.

Arif says I love you Ayesha. Adi is shocked hearing this. Ayesha says fine. Adi gets mistaken. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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