Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone praying. Muskaan and everyone wish all the best to Naksh. Naksh is happy. Bau ji blesses him and says we wish you come first on whatever you do. A courier boy delivers flowers to Akshara, which Rajshri has sent it for Naksh. Naksh smiles. Vishwamber says its good you have sent flowers to her, she will be happy. Rajshri says it was your idea, thanks. Akshara brings Naksh to the school ground and takes his video. Ruhaan comes there and sees time. He says good they came before time.

He meets Naksh and greets them. She says I came to be with him, I took principal’s permission. She says fine you can be here, but it won’t matter. The other boys come. Ruhaan says I will be back. The kids tease Naksh and make fun of him. Akshara and Naksh hear this and feel bad. Ruhaan comes back and starts the warmup. Naksh also joins them. He asks Naksh to be quick and get ahead. Naksh gets tired. He becomes slow. Ruhaan gives everyone a water break. Aksahra looks on.

Bhabhimaa is unhappy with Chitti. He says he knows everything. Akshara feels sad seeing kids laugh on Naksh. Akshara asks Ruhaan to give Naksh some time. He asks her not to interfere in his work. She says I m sorry. She gets Naitik’s call. She says I made the coach upset, I thought he is strict with Naksh, but he is right. She says I will control myself and try to be quiet. Naitik smiles and says very good, you are becoming smart.

Bhabhimaa talks to Devyaani about Chitti and says we should not tell about him to Akshara else she will blame herself. Muskaan comes and says can she help them. Bhabhimaa jokes and laughs. Rajshri and everyone see football and Dadi says I don’t understand this game. Rajshri worries for Naksh. Ruhaan trains everyone. Akshara sits and does her work. Ruhaan looks at her. Naksh gets tired. Akshara asks him to come. Ruhaan asks Naksh to go to loo and come fast.

Akshara sends a video to Naitik about Naksh. Naitik is happy seeing it and Akshara says this video is to make you smile, and look at Naksh. Akshara cares for Naksh. Ruhaan says what. Akshara says please. Ruhaan comes to her and says Naksh go, prepare water bottles for everyone. He scolds her for being overprotective. He says we have three days for final match, will you run with Naksh with your Pallu, all the kids are feeling heat, don’t help him, make him strong. She says I know you are right, but I m a mum.

Suresh calls Devyaani and she is shocked hearing him. Suresh says why are you not giving kids money by being so rich, you wanted to keep them, so do your duty now, this is why I wanted to keep them away from you, you don’t deserve them. He says if they get hurt, then I will not top myself. He ends the call/ Devyaani gets tensed. Naksh plays well. He hits a goal and jumps happily. Akshara claps for him. Ruhaan calls Naksh and scolds him as he has to pass the ball as he is playing in a team. Naksh says sorry. Varsha says she just understood how to kick the goal. Rajshri says even our Naksh is giving water to everyone. Dadi says yes, it’s a good thing, he will play and win too. Naksh asks for a break. Ruhaan does not give him any break and talks to him. He says fine, go to loo and come back fast. The kids talk about Naksh again.

Akshara and Naksh come home. Naksh is much tired and goes to his room. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara about him. Akshara tells them what happened. Varsha talks to Shaurya. She tells about Ananya and we should show her to doctor. Shaurya says I m seeing you get worried so soon. Varsha says I felt even Ananya…… He says don’t think so, she is a kid, don’t be scared, else Ananya will also get scared. Naksh tells everything to Naitik about football.

Akshara and Naitik are happy seeing him. They smile. Naksh is excited and show them some mkoves of football. Jadoo tera chalgaya………..plays………..Naksh rests to sleep. Naitik talks to akshara and gifts her a dress. She says how can I wear this. He says everything changes with time. He hugs her.

Naksh says he is ready. Akshara comes in the dress Naitik gifted. Everyone smile seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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