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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman giving the keys to Sarika. Raman says so this is the real story, see her acting, she can win an Oscar, such a big lie. Sarika thanks him and leaves. Raman says I will make Ishita’s night good, Madrasan……… He comes to Ishita and says I will hear the truth from her. He acts like talking to someone and says no this can’t happen, my car can’t hit your car, it was in my building. Ishita hears this and says nothing happened to anyone, he is fooling you. Raman says he is calling police, how do you know. Ishita says I know, I was driving your car, his car did not get any scratch, your car got the scratch. Raman says you hit the car, I told you not to take it.

Ishita says it was an emergency and Papa ji asked me to take your car. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein……..plays…… He says I caught your lie. She says you scared me. He says if you can’t lie, then you should not lie. She says how could I tell the truth, you scolds me. She says its good I went to the mechanic and Gaffur gave me the number of that man, so its said that everything happens for the good. He says if you use my car again……. She says so? He says use it. He says that man is responsible for Amma’s accident, we will find him.

Bala is upset thinking about Raman paying Shravan’s fees. He says I m highly educated and my relatives thinks I m a beggar, they think I m useless. He calls someone and asks for a job. The guy says I have a private feature. Bala says I need it. The guy says the boy is of school, will you do it. Bala is stunned and agrees. He says give me the name and address. The guy says come to office, we will talk there. Bala thanks him. Vandu hears this and asks him what are you doing, you are at home since two days and you are compromising, you were against tuition. He says I lost being on my ideals.

He says I m going to teach a boy whose parents are not giving him time, I want to make everything fine. He leaves. Bala comes to Ashok’s house. Bala says I m from Bakshi’s coaching classes. Bala is shocked to see Shagun and Adi. Shagun says you? Mr. Bhalla asks Romi how was the first day at office. Romi says I did all the work, thanks Raman, I m feeling good. Raman says really? Mrs. Bhalla asks him to work hard. Raman says hear what she said, stop eating and lets go to office. Ishita opens the door. The inspector comes and asks are you sure sir that this number is of that man who did the accident. Raman says yes we are sure.

Ishita asks why, do we know him. The inspector asks them to check the number again. Ishita says we got the number from the mechanic, we tried calling him. Raman asks whats the problem, tell us who is it. Mr. Bhalla says we will get him even if we know him. The inspector says then we will have to arrest Raman. Everyone is shocked. Ishita asks how can you do this. The inspector says this number is registered on Raman’s name and gives him the document. Ishita says this is nonsense, I think someone has framed him.

The inspector says is there anyone who will frame him, even I think the same. Raman says there can be someone who knows me very well, its someone from family. The inspector says tell us if you have a doubt on anyone. He leaves. Ishita says who can this be, who can frame you. Raman says I don’t understand, Only I and Mihir have such papers. Ishita asks do you gave your documents to anyone. Raman says who will take such papers from home. Ishita says I think anyone took prepaid sim. Raman says I will find from customer care, Romi go office, I will come. Romi asks shall I come with you. Raman says do as I say, go office. He leaves.

Shagun asks did you come to teach Adi, Bala says yes. Adi greets him. Shagun says Adi is intelligent, but needs right guidance so I thought to hire a private tutor, Bala thinks Shagun did not identify me, should I stay, no, its better if I leave. He says I will leave. Shagun says I will mail you his details, what timings will you prefer. Bala says I will let you know checking my time table. Adi says I think we saw him somewhere. Shagun says even I think so, it does not matter, study well.

Raman sees Bala and waves him hi. Bala goes to him. Raman says come sit. Bala sits in his car. Raman asks what were you doing here. Bala says I came to meet Aditya. Raman asks is there any problem. Bala tells him everything. Raman says I m sure she taunted you. Bala says no, she did not identify me. Raman says good. Shagun recollects that Bala is Ishita’s Jija, I will not leave Bakshi, will Bala teach my Adi. She calls Bakshi and scolds him. He says Adi will not pass, only Bala can help him. He says it’s a matter of studies, let him come and teach Adi. Shagun says fine, for Adi’s future, send him tomorrow.

Bala says how can I teach where Shagun is there. Raman says but Adi is also there, I want you to teach him. Shagun and Ashok does not have time for him, I m worried about his future. Bala says I don’t have any problem to teach Adi, but I m thinking about Ishita. Raman says whats Adi’s mistake in this, please teach him. Bala agrees. He says I m going to see Amma, I will tell Ishita. Raman says she won’t say yes. Bala says don’t worry, leave it on me, I will talk to her. Raman thanks her.
Bala comes to Iyer house. He talks to Ishita and tells her about teaching Adi. She asks him not to think much and take this offer. He says I m not feeling comfortable with this. She says you are taking it personal, we are talking about Adi, he has nothing to do with our conflicts. He needs a good teacher and you are best for him. He says but I will have to face Raman’s ex wife Shagun daily. She says she is ex wife, but Adi is not his ex son, think about him, if Adi gets a teacher like you, maybe he will become good. Bala says I m scared.

She says for me right, do this to settle scores. He asks what. She says Raman sent Shravan to camp, return his favor. He says you become smart. She smiles and says Raman loves Adi a lot, Adi needs right guidance, you can make him a good boy. Bala says I know Raman loves a a lot, he was tensed for Adi, he asked me to teach Adi, he thought you won’t say yes because of Shagun. Ishita says he thinks I m selfish, Raman really……….

Ishita asks Raman can you do anything for me. Raman says yes. She says fine, then become Ishita for next 24 hours. Raman looks on feeling this is impossible.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. fabulous epi……Monday epi will be great……so happy

  2. I think it can be Pathak.. he is the only one no1 is doubting who can be present in a meeting with Tandon!

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