Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 11th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with everyone in a happy mood, and avantika stand beside Harish and they signal each other with their eyes. Now Avantika goes towards Adi and says if he wants that she will go abroad and manage family business then she will do so but for that Adi will also have to keep a request, and now Harish also comes there. Avantika says she wants PaYa to resolve all their differences and embrace each other and become together once again. Harish too requests the same and now Adi accepts his follies and asks sorry from Pankuri and both went away to dance at the stage where Rubel and Latika were already dancing. PaYa too started dancing graciously and Rubel-Latika leaves the stage but both stares jealously at PaYa as they were doing some gracious steps. Avantika gets a call and goes aside. Harish too comes out of the festive atmosphere and wonders whether it will be proper to tell Avantika everything or not, and thinks of ways so as to stall Avantika’s plans of going abroad as he cannot accept that Avantika will be staying far away. Avantika ends call and comes before Harish and Harish stammers but Avantika says he did a right decision of moving on in life, and says him not to commit those mistakes for which their relations suffered and left before Harish could say anything as Sheila sent a call to her to remain present for the ritual.

In the party, everyone dances to Rock and Roll Soniye with gusto, and PaYa were dancing in a happy mood, with free-flowing steps. Suddenly Harish collapsed amidst them, PaYa were worried and panics. Adi asks Pankuri to call Dr. Shivani and she advises them to rush Harish to hospital. PaYa took Harish to hospital with Avantika also accompanying them.

Latika says to Rubel that Harish is acting so as to stall their engagement and says Nana did the same thing earlier on, and Rubel got convinced, and completes the engagement by exchanging the rings, then everyone goes to hospital in a different car.

In car, Rubel says the same to Sheila-Anuj in car which got them thinking. Sheila says she doesn’t know why every-time the festivities at Diwan Mansion gets interrupted at someone’s presence and for their ill-luck (hinting at Latika) and Latika smartly put the ball in Mami’s court, saying now there is no use blaming Mami’s own ill-luck as Rubel already completed engagement properly by exchanging rings.

Avantika kept asking what happened to Harish and at last Adi had to tell Avantika and others that Harish has a brain tumor. Everyone is shocked on hearing that

Dr Shivani comes and says Harish needs an operation immediately otherwise he will go into a coma, and Pankuri asks how is the success rate of the operation, Dr. Shivani says it is 50-50.

Update Credit to: SAIBALROUTH

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