Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th March 2013 Written Update

Navika-Beera Scene.
Navi gets angry on Beera… & new Na bole tum version is played. Beera is ready to leave house but Renu stops him. Renu says teda hai per mera hai… Renu convinces Beera to stay in the house… She says to Navi that how’ll I manage home… Tanu is unemployed. Beera & Navi tussle goes on & everyone interfere into the matter. Megha asks Jiji what do you think about him. Jiji says if he’s not good we can ask him to go. Beera teases her more with the name Rabdi.
Mohan-Guru-Rj Scene
Guru is angry with Mohan. Rj asks what happend… she says papu is saying sorry… sachche dill se sorry bolo toh bhagwan bhi maaf kar deta hai… & Mohan haves a FB of Nanhi. But guru hushes of RJ. Guru says sorry means you won’t commit the same mistake again… now only Nanhi has come in front of you & you are in this state… Mohan says everything will be all right once Addu comes back.
Renu & Beera scene
Both were talking… & Megha gets a call from a bank regarding money. Mohan is sending money in her account & amount is big… so the manager asks her to convert it into FD… Megha says please trace him & close the account… Beeera overhears that. He starts singing spiderman… song…
Renu similes over that. Navi gets angry. Beera things spiderman ka asar to hai aur Renuji ko ismein aur interest aata hai. Megha leaves & Navi says you are disgusting… Beera says “pleasure are all mine”.

Mohan comes to office & getting down from his car… & Munna comes & asks are you Mohan Bhatnagar… We supply gas in your office… you are doing a nice work.

In school girls are discussing about the performance & how they got gifts from their mothers. RJ feels sad. Megha comes & RJ tells her the truth. She says I lied because I thought everyone will make fun of me. Megha-RJ hug. Megha says ek sach ko chupane ke liye 100 jhut bolne padte hain… truth makes us strong & lie makes us weak. RJ tells tells the truth to everyone.

Mohan enters the office & Tommy wants show him some video… He says give me 2 minutes & send navika in… Tommy says she has not come. Mohan is sad… He says if she comes send her. He takes out Nanhi & Addu’s pic… & says I won’t let this relation break… please come. He looks at her desk.
Beera at Vyas house
Beera was keeping his clothes in cupboard & finds MM’s marriage album… & takes a pic from mobile… Jiji comes & takes it… & asks you could have found PG anywhere… what’s going on in your mind & tell the truth.

Mohan is ringing bell in Juna Mohalla. Beera confronts megha regarding Mohan… & asks why do you think he didn’t search for Addu. Munna comes with a cylinder at Mohan’s house… but Guru says we didn’t placed an order… Munna says yes you did.

Update Credit to: misty85

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