Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the CBI officer Vikram interogating Adi and asks him to confess. Adi says he didn’t do anything. He asks his officers to not let Adi sleep until he confess to his crime. Adi says my head is paining, I need to sleep. Rubel comes to Pankhudi, She asks him whether everything is fine. Rubel says he came to check whether she had dinner or not. He asks her to have food. Latika wakes up and wonders where is Rubel. Pankhudi is touched, when Rubel calls her bhabhi. Pankhudi says she will have food if he calls her bhabhi daily. Rubel asks did you talk to Adi? Pankhudi says Mom and dad didn’t meet him and wonders about Adi’s condition. Latika comes out of her room and sees the light in pankhudi’s room. She thinks why would Rubel go to her room.

Rubel comes from behind and asks Latika, what is she doing here. He says he went for a walk and starts taunting Latika sweetly. Latika stares at him, Rubel says you don’t need to act infront of me. I know you. Rubel says Pankhudi would never join hands with bad guys like them. Rubel speaks about their baby, Latika says she don’t want to talk about the baby and says she broke off after whatever had happened. Rubel says Adi and Pankhudi makes us fool all these years. Latika thinks he is in jovial mood. Rubel indirectly taunts her but she didn’t realise.

Sheela wears modern outfit and says she had decided to go on a morning walk. She praises Pankhudi and says she was inspired by her looks. She asks for her plan and thinks about Avantika words. She gives a stern reply and asks her not to worry about Adi. Sheela thinks she is behaving like Avantika.

Rubel follows Latika and sees her going to Chachaji’s room. Kaira sees him and asks what he is doing so early in the morning. Rubel says he was following Latika as she had lied to him that she was going to office but instead she went to Chachaji’s room. Kaira says we will be able to save Adi naa. Rubel assures her. Kaira thanks him for his support.
Harish asks Vikram, whether he had kids, He replies in a yes. Harish says when Kids are in problem, parents would not be able to sleep. Avantika asks Vikram,when they can meet Adi. He doesn’t reply.

Pankhudi tells Chachiji that Anuradha will decide for the breakfast menu and Revathi will decide for the lunch menu. Pankhudi asks is that fine. Chachiji says no. Pankhudi says she wants them to decide the menu. She calls Shanky kaka.

Officers informs Vikram that Adi had a high fever, Vikram asks him to confess and says you got weaken so easily. He asks Adi to have medicines. Chachiji takes Kapil for the walk. Anuradha tells Pankhudi that she can’t do. Pankhudi says you have to bring back confidence in yourself. She asks them to trust on her moves.

Pankhudi tells Latika that she will asks the driver to drop her at her mother’s place. Anuradha says please asks the driver to drop me as well, as I can’t stay in this house anymore. Chachiji and Kapil are shocked.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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