Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 10th September 2013 Written Update

Raghu’s father asks Raghu to put sindhoor on Shivani’s forehead in front of everyone and clear everyone’s doubt. Raghu asks what’s the need for all this. His father says there is need for that and forcefully puts his hand in sindoor’s box and forces him to put sindhoor. While he’s forcing, sindhoor sparkles and falls on Shivani’s forehead. Raghu’s father is happy. Sumitra, who is watching all this from her house window, feels hurt. Music starts again and they proceed to Raghu’s house.

Raghu’s family stops Raghu and Shivani at the door. Shivani is trying to look in the house to see how it is. They are stopped for house entering rituals. Raghu and Shivani both are feeling uncomfortable. Raghu’s mother comes there with arti’s thaal and does their arti. Seeing everyone’s happy faces and caring nature, Shivani says to herself that she will have to behave nicely with everyone. One family member asks them to take blessings from Raghu’s mother else she won’t let them enter. Raghu is not sure what to say. Shivani also doesn’t know what to do. Raghu tries to talk, but before that Shivani bends down to touch Raghu’s mother legs. She looks at Raghu and he also bends down and both touch Raghu’s mother legs together and take blessings from her.

Now Shivani has to kick the rice pot. She is not sure what to do. Raghu’s brother’s wife says Shivani is elder daughter-in-law, but as she came after, she will tell her what to do. She tells Shivani to take off her shoes and then kick the pot with her right leg. Shivani does this. She is walking in, but is stopped by another family member as one more ritual is left. Raghu’s brother’s wife tells Shivani to step in the red thing and then walk. Shivani does it and going in alone. Raghu’s mother tells him to enter with Shivani. Raghu comes forward and both walking in together.

Shivani is checking out the house and walking. In that she loses her balance falls in Raghu’s hands. Both have a small eyelock. One family member tells Shivani that this is not her big house and she will have to walk carefully. Raghu’s sister says, even if she falls down, Raghu will save her everytime. Raghu and Shivani look at each other and episode ends.

Parts in between –
Daaju is somewhat missing Shivani. He looks at his own photo and remembers how he had planned every small thing for Shivani, but here he couldn’t even do her kanyadaan. He asks his own photo where’s his pride now?
Mahima sees him awake that late and comes to him and shows concern, but Daaju kinda talks rudely with her and says if Jaz really cared about him, then he would have left house the same day when he lost all his money in gambling.

Jaz is tensed wondering how he will pay all his debt. Mahima tells him that she has calculated everything for him and all his debts and loans will be paid off. They just have to hope Shivani stays away. Jaz gets tensed wondering what if Shivani can’t adjust in Raghu’s house and gives up. What if she gives divorce to Raghu and then marries to Abhi. Mahima tells him not to worry as she knows Shivani would even live in hell after hurting Daaju.

Precap: Ladies bring Shivani to her room. Shivani checks how the room is decorated for her and Raghu’s first night after marriage. Raghu’s sister then asks Shivani how her and Raghu’s love story started as Raghu gave them no hint or clue about it.

Update Credit to: MistiofMistz

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