Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 10th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer calling Hoshiyar and saying why did Didi came with us. Hoshiyar says what should I do, she did not let me do anything. Rajveer says what to do, she wants to meet Simran’s dad. Hoshiyar says we are coming after you. Rajveer says we are at the dhaba. Hoshiyar says wait for us, we are coming. Rajveer jokes. Hoshiyar cuts the call. Rajveer thinks what he will do about Didi. Simran calls Rajveer and pretends as if she is talking to her dad infront of Didi. Rajveer talks to her. Simran says we are coming to meet you and Didi is with us. Rajveer says Hoshoyar and jaggi are coming after us, to separate us from Didi. Simran is happy. Didi talks and Rajveer cuts the call. Didi asks Simran to call again. Simran says whats the need. Didi insists. Simran calls again. Didi talks to Rajveer and Rajveer pretends he is Simran’s dad. The scene is funny.

Didi asks about hiss voice, as it looks changed. Rajveer says I had cold water with hot milk, so my voice changed. Some goons take Simran. Didi shouts. Didi fights with them and saves Simran. Rajveer comes running. Rajveer asks are you fine Simran. Didi says lets go from here. Rajveer thinks Didi did good work today. jhumri and Baldev are together and discuss about Simran and the good work she did. She says I regret that there are many difficulties in Simran’s life as Didi keeps taunting her often. Baldev says even I notice that. He says you don’t worry. I will talk to Didi about it. jhumri says yes, else I will settle the score as she taunted me too. Baldev says leave it on me. He says Didi will have his answer as we will get our baby soon. jhumri laughs.

Rajveer thinks what Hoshiyar said and stops the jeep. Didi asks why did you stop. Rajveer says it stopped, maybe the engine became hot. He says I will get the water, you wait here. Rajveer calls Hoshiyar and tells him that he reached where he reached. Rajveer says let it be, I m worried about you. Rajveer tells her how Didi saved Simran. Hoshiyar is shocked. Rajveer says don’t come here. Hoshiyar sats this is our first kidnapping, but we are ready. Rajveer says Kidnapping? Hoshiyar tells his plan to him. Rajveer says why are you becoming your enemy, you go back. Didi won’t leave you. Rajveer comes back and tells Diid that he did not get water. Hoshiyar and jaggi come dressed as kidnappers. Didi sees them. jaggi says this is our area, we won’t leave you. Simran is worried. They say Didi has beaten their goons. Rajveer acts infront of Didi. Didi takes out a knife and everyone are shocked.

Didi says i will kill you both, come on fight with me. Hoshiyar says don’t come. They run away. Didi runs after them. Hoshiyar asks Rajveer to run away as Didi went after jaggi. He says tell everyone that you ran after the goons to save Simran. Rajveer hugs his dad and thanks him. Hoshiyar says I will pray that you have a good time. Simran thanks him. Didi is following jaggi.
Didi says I will catch you today. Didi falls and faints as her head hits a stone. Hoshiyar comes and asks what happened. He says we can’t take her with us, think what to do. Hoshiyar says some plan to jaggi. Hoshiyar and jaggi hide somewhere and lie Didi on the main road so that someone can help her. A couple helps Didi and she wakes up. Hoshiyar and jaggi leave and come home. Tau ji asks him where did you go. Didi calls them and Hoshiyar talks to her. Didi tells him everything. She says some goons kidnapped Simran. Tau ji is shocked.

Hoshiyar says you had the knife too. Didi think how does he know. Tau ji says I won’t leave them. He calls Baldev and tells him. He says I will shoot them.

Didi calls Himmat and says come soon, we have to go after Simran and Rajveer.

Update Credit to: Amena

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