Amita Ka Amit 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 10th September 2013 Written Update

The doc says you will get to learn everything new with every passing minute so enjoy it. Do whatever you like…go for a walk, yoga, swimming you can do whatever you feel like. AA are impressed. But yes in a right limit. Eat whatever you feel like but be careful about hygiene. Enjoy your life in a normal way. And most importantly, stay happy. If you have any question then you can ask it. Amu is relaxed. You have already answered all our questions thank you a lot. Doc says sonography is yet to be done. Let us see the growth of the baby. AA are taken aback. Baby….from now? Doc replies she can hear the baby’s heartbeat in a few days.

Nani and Baa are having dinner while Fallu is sitting all lost in thoughts. AA come back home. Nani asks about the new doc. Amit happily tells them she is very polite and tells everything so nicely. Plus she dint even prescribe some list of useless abstinences. Right Amu and she nods back. Fallu doesn’t look impressed. Baa gets excited. After a few months another person will come in this house to call me Baa. Nani corrects her…badi Baa. AA smile. Baa says why I would be Baa only. You will be badi Nani…I am anyways younger than you. AA look at Fallu who is sitting all quiet. Amit sits down next to her. You wont ask anything? She declines. Amit says its weird. He signals something to Amu and she goes somewhere. He apologizes to his mom for whatever he said to her. I know you felt very bad. I promise it wont happen next time. She replies he himself will forget in next 2 hours that he apologized to me so keep your sorry to yourself. Amu comes back with the laptop. She has switched on the sonography video and keeps it in front of Fallu. See the small baby. Fallu gets emotional looking at it. Amu turns it a little so that Baa and Nani can see it too. Amit is watching his mom keenly. Fallu is looking at the screen and then at Amu. She has tears in her eyes. This is my grandchild? Amu agrees….the baby would be calling you grandmother soon. The doc called this little baby as a small grain of pulse. It will grow very soon as the time passes. She doesn’t like it that the doc called her grandchild a grain of pulse. Does someone talk like this about a little baby? Amit jokes I would ring up Dr. Saroj tomorrow to say that she dint like it so wont be coming to her from tomorrow. Amu asks her MIL if she is happy now. Fallu side hugs her happily. Amit too gets up to join them. (SUPER CUTE SCENE <3)AA are in their room. Amu says you know when I heard the doc say that we can hear the heartbeat of the baby then I got very nervous. But when I saw the sonography. Amit says I felt so relieved that thank God the baby is so small like a grain of pulse. We have 9 months think if the baby comes now then there would be so many ups and downs at home right now. She agrees with him. We can do all the preps, future planning for the baby right now. A cute newborn guest will be sleeping in between us very soon. He points out she will have to sleep well before that and have to take care of your health very well. He bids goodnight to her and then also calls the baby a grain in a sweet teasing way. He helps her in lying down. She recalls the doc’s words while Amit falls fast asleep. She switches on the laptop and watches the video once again. She smiles looking at the baby. Meanwhile, Amit dreams of being pulled on from various sides by kids. He is trying desperately to free himself but is unable to. He gets up shouting save me. He quickly looks around for Amu asking her if she is ok. She asks him if he is ok. He realises he was dreaming and tells her he saw a bad dream. She tells him to sleep.Next morning, Nani and Baa are laughing at Amit’s dream. You should have recorded it. No one gets to see these kinds of things again and again. Save me! Fallu is sitting tensed. I am worried what if he had somehow hurt Amu. They all stop laughing. She is pregnant. This is a thing to worry about. Baa too agrees with her. Amit says you all are scolding me as if I do it every day. It was the first time but it doesn't mean I will do it every time. Amu nods. Fallu says it was good we got to know this even though in jokes. We cannot take this risk. Till the time I don't trust it that you wont see these kind of dreams anymore I think you both should sleep on separate beds. Amu assures her it wont happen next time. I have full faith in him. He wont do that in dreams even. Fallu says you both do the way you want it. I am saying this so that you don't get into any problem in the future but you don't understand anything I say. Amu goes quiet and she puts her hand over Amit’s under the table reassuring him. He too feels happy. nani breaks the moment. If you both are done smiling while looking at each other then would you please go for blood reports? Fallu says you did get yourself tested at Dr. Gaitonde’s clinic. Go and get the reports form there only. Amit finds it weird as they have changed the doc now. Fallu tells him to go as she is like our family she wont mind it. You are anyways going to drop Amu to her parents place pick it midway. Amit agrees for it.AA reach Dr. Gaitonde’s place and ask for Amu’s report. She tells them she wanted to talk about something important to them. Before she can say anything the landline rings. She gets into talking useless stuff about her maid with someone. Amit is not liking it. I am getting late for office and she is busy in talking gibberish. Amu tells him to relax. Nurse turns her attention back to him but now Amit is in no mood to listen to anything. We have heard enough. You don't have time or sympathy for your patients that’s why your patients go to other doctors. She too retorts back at him. Go if you feel like. We too don't want patients like you. Amu reminds her she wanted to tell something. Nurse tells her to ask her new doc only. Amit cuts her off saying we will. Let us go Amita. she tries to stop him but in vain.Outside Amit says my sleep is getting disturbed because of these doc’s and nurses only. You know what happened to me yester night? She breaks off in to a smile. You dint tell me what you saw in your dream. He avoids the question as he recalls the dream. Can we go on a dosa date today? She is surprised. Since when did you like dosa? He replies since she got him to eat it. She agrees to go. I will pick you up while coming back from office.-Break-Varsha is lovingly feeding food she had made to Amu. She is full. I cant eat anymore. Varsha says you will have to eat that as well which Kajal has especially cooked for you. Amu wonders if they want her to make a record of world’s fattest pregnant girl. I don't want to. Varsha smiles…you think I am only feeding you? I am feeding my would be grandkid as well. Amu tells her to wait a little. You can feed the baby when it is born. Kajal brings another tray full of food. Amu cannot take it. Varsha tells her to get used to eating for 2 people from now. Kajal tries to excuse herself to get water for Amu but Amu stops her. I wont eat alone you will have to help me with it. Kajal declines. I am on a detox diet so cannot eat all this. I can only eat boiled vegetables. She goes to get water. Amu turns to her mom. I don't know what will happen to me. kajal is doing so many preps for pregnancy which I never did. I and Amit don't even talk about this. Varsha calls her lucky. Kajal is facing difficulties in pregnancy that's why she is meeting so many doctors one after the other. She is following different diets and what not only to become a mother. But we cannot even try to understand her pain. Amu touches her stomach on reflex.Amit and Batuk are having food at Amit’s office. He praises the meal cooked by Amu. Amit too praise Shilpa bhabhi’s cooking. She is the best cook I know. Batuk says only memories of that food are left. She is all about baby now. She doesn't mind if I am around or not, come back late or early from office, have eaten or not but she doesn't mind. She is busy thinking about baby’s food every morning. She doesn't have time to pack my lunch. Amit cannot believe it and gets thinking.-Break-Amit asks Batuk if he is saying the truth. Batuk nods in agreement. The day she got pregnant she dropped the bomb on me. I will have to take care of the baby now. Sometime back her world used to start and end with me and now she has her own other world with her baby. Amit doesn't think Amu would do it. She herself is so nervous over the baby. Batuk smiles. Wait and watch lover boy. Pregnant girls change every other minute. You wont have time to react even. Wait and watch how she changes in the next 9 months and you will be like this only. Amit tells him not to speak anything. She wont do anything like that. He packs the lunch box back as he has an evening date with Amu.Amu goes to the kitchen to talk to Kajal. She is crying by now. She quickly wipes her tears. Why you came here I am coming out with water for you. Amu tells her to look at her. A small baby would soon call me Fai (aunt) very soon. Your dream would be fulfilled for sure. I have full faith on my Kanha ji. Kajal calls her lucky. You dint have to ask for a baby as Kanha ji gave you one just like that. And here I am dreaming about so many kids yet I am not able to have even one. You must be thinking if I will love your baby or not. amu tells her to go to some psychiatrist instead. Kajal apologizes for talking like that. I promise I love your baby a lot whether I will have one of my own or not. I will turn out to be its best friend. They both share an emotional hug.Amit tells Amu how Batuk was all praises for her food. Amu stops to look at a small kid in the pram passing by. She watches another pregnant lady passing by from there and recalls Kajal’s words of her being lucky. She is all lost and smiling to herself when Amit turns to her asking what she wants. He sits next to her and orders a spicy one for her as she loves spicy food. She recalls doc’s words about hygiene. She turns him down. I don't feel like dosa. He wonders if she is well. She says I am fine but this isn't good for the baby. But you can. He looks at her confused and recalls batuk’s words about how girls’ mood swings every other minute.Precap: Amit is again seeing the dream where kids are after him. this time a kid is calling out to him as papa. He wakes up screaming for Amu. He notices that she is sleeping with a pillow in between them. He recalls how mom was concerned what if Amit had hit her by accident. He tries pulling the pillow out of her grip but she doesn’t let go. Frustrated he puts another pillow on top of it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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