Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harish signing the declaration form. He cries and tells Nani what did he do, he wanted to bring Adi’s life on the right track and he ruined his life. He says what will I say Avantika. Nani says no, don’t tell her, she will be worried, you have to sign the form. Ayesha also cries. Rubel comes and says I will sign. He signs the form and asks how did this happen, and how did you three reach there. The inspector comes and says this is my question. Arif comes to know Ayesha came to meet him. He calls Ayesha and her number is busy. The inspector asks Harish how did you three reach there, where was Adi going in speed.

Nani says we can’t answer to you now. The inspector says fine, we will come later, we have arrested the truck driver. Rubel says it was an accident. The inspector says no, it was a planned move to kill Aditya Kumar. Rubel says why will anyone do this with Adi. The inspector that the truck was waiting there for Adi one hour before he reached there. Harish and Nani get tensed. Ayesha gets Arif’s call and she rejects it. Everyone come to the hospital.

Sheela says Anuj I think we should keep a puja for Adi. Anuj asks her to stop it. She says I m worried for Adi. Harish cries and says do anything, but I want my Adi back. Anuj consoles him. Anuj asks did you inform Avantika. Harish says no. Ayesha talks to Nilofer and cries. She says Adi’s life is in danger. Nilofer says I m coming tomorrow. Ayesha says come back soon I m scared. Nilofer says everything will be fine. Nafisa taunts Ayesha and says you are responsible for Adi’s state.

Ayesha says I did not any mistake this time. Nafisa says if anything happens to Adi, you are responsible. Ayesha cries. Mama scolds Ghalib and says why will we believe him, he is blackmailing us to take money. Ghalib says I don’t want your money, I want Ayesha to be free. Bau ji requests him to leave. Ghalib says I know she is Ayesha. Bauji says she is Pankhudi. Ghalib scolds him and pushes Bau ji. Mama says how dare you push my dad, come, let me take you to Kullu police station.

The doctor tells Adi is critical. Dr. Rustam comes late and Ayesha asks him to save Adi. The truck driver says it was an accident. The inspector questions him and says you were waiting there for one hour, how did you hit Adi’s car. The doctor tells everyone that Adi needs blood. She asks do anyone is O positive. Anuj says yes, Pankhudi’s blood group is O+. Harish and Nani is shocked. Ayesha gets tensed. Anuj asks Ayesha to go. Nafisa thinks now the game is over. Ayesha says I can’t donate blood to Adi as I m on medication. Mr. Rustam says she is right, if she is taking any medicines, we can’t use her blood. Rubel goes to arrange blood.

Rustam starts Adi’s operation. Arif calls Ayesha and asks why did you meet me when you came in morning. She says I m busy now and ends the call. Ayesha prays for Adi. The inspector questions the man and notes down the details. Everyone is tensed. Anuj tells Harish that now we should tell Avantika. Harish says no, we will tell her when Adi is out of danger. Anuj says how can you hide this from a mum, it won’t be good. Harish says she may get worried and she may get unwell.

The operation ends. Ayesha asks how is Adi. Rustam says Adi is fine, operation is successful. Ayesha hugs him thanking him. Everyone get happy. Rustam says but we have to wait till Adi becomes conscious, next 12 hours are critical. Ayesha asks why. Rustam says he is hurt at head, he can slip into coma if he does not get conscious. Harish says can I see my son from far. Rustam says you can go to see him closer too, but no crowd. Ayesha goes somewhere.

Shanky brings Gabbar and says Gabbar realized that Adi is in problem, so he was restless. Ayesha acta friendly to Gabbar and says lets become friends, and we will trouble Adi when he gets fine. Ghalib thanks his friend for freeing him fro jail. He says I will not leave Mama now. I will go back to Lucknow and bring Ayesha’s identity proof. Arziyaan saari chehre pe likhke laya hun…………….. Maula Maula……… plays…………… Ayesha comes to a dargah to pray for Adi. She prays to Allah to make Adi fine. She cries. She gets a taweez for Adi.

The inspector comes to ask about accident. Ayesha says it happened because of me. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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