Doli Armaanon Ki 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Doli Armaanon Ki 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Urmi’s dance lessons and on the road.
While samrat is getting frustrated, urmi us focussed on her dance lessons, and hence is oblivious that samrat is calling. The instructor gives a five minutes break and urmi drinks water and then checks on her phone and finds 19 missed calls of samrat and is surprised, wondering why he called so many times, and what work he has from her. She dials his number. samrat picks up while travelling in the auto. Samrat starts lashing out at her, while urmi wonders if he knows about her secret dance lessons. she starts talking, while he continues reprimanding her, and then she makes an excuse that the phone was in the purse. samrat tells why he had called her. She says that she would send it rightaway, while he angrily says it isnt needed anymore.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
Asha makes wonderful food, and granny compliments her, saying that if she continues like this, she would win over gaurav easily. asha says that gaurav wont ever like her, and explains how she had difficulty matching his step, as he walks so fast. saroj explains everything, and granny and saroj wonder how she could be so dumb. she asks saroj to talk sensibly with asha. Asha starts talking nonsense again, while saroj and granny wonder how to deal with this girl.

Later in the night, devi talks to someone on the phone, and then tells saroj about some old friend having been transferred here. Granny asks why is he so happy. devi says that he has a marriage proposal for his son, and their daughter anu, who is in london and has done engineering. All are happy but anu denies to get married, saying that she doesnt want to. granny asks what would she do then. anu says that she wants to do a job. Devi asks why does she want to. Anu asks why cant she or if she has been educated just so she can bag some rich guy. Granny starts reprimanding anu for talking like this, saying that she is going beyond limits. Asha comes in asking if dinner is to be served. anu asks granny to be quiet, as she points at asha’s choice as a bride for gaurav, and that she may have ruined
Devi asks anu to shut up, and that they would come, and she would meet them nicely. anu leaves inside while saroj is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shashi finds the ad for the dancing classes in the newspapers, and decides

to show it to samrat, and reveal her secret to him, and give urmi a befitting reply. She wonders how to execute it, and decides to place the newspaper before him. She places the newspaper, with that side of the ad on top, at the end of the stairs, just when samrat is coming up, after a hectic day and herself, hides in sight. But just then, due to wind the newspaper starts blowing off. She decides to take it in her hand and thrust it in his face, by some excuse or other, but he gets all the more frustrated. Samrat asks her not to irritate her anymore, as she already is tensed and irritated to the core due to urmi. Shashi asks what did she do this time. Samrat tells her. shashi starts implying that maybe urmi wasnt where she meant to be. Samrat jerks off the idea and leaves for the bathroom, to freshen up. shashi thinks that when samrat would know what urmi is upto, he would be shocked and this time, she would make urmi something like this, that her hands wouldnt be tainted and urmi would be stained too.

At the dining table, for dinner, tauji asks about shaurya’s swimming lessons. Shaurya says that he isnt scared like mandira. samrat gloats about his bravery, citing it due to his genetic inheritance from himself. Shaurya complies. urmi is tensed but tauji asks her to stay calm. Samrat says that he is going to the room, to finish off his work and then talk to him. tauji agrees. shashi thinks that he has a surprise awaiting for him in his room. He leaves. urmi remembers that samrat didnt have sweets. she goes to go, but shashi stops her midway showing extra love, asking urmi to sit down while she goes herself, insisting that she would take care of this. kanchan and tauji are amused.

samrat is busy in the room, in his work. Shashi comes and says that there’s hueg bomb kept in frotn of him and if he sees it, then only, it would explode. But she finds that he isnt paying any attention at the open bag at all. She says that she would show it at any cost. Shashi comes in pretending to be extra caring trying to feed her sweets. But samrat asks her to keep at the desk. Shashi pretends to find a salwar suit and expresses surprise at it being in her bag, as she doesnt wear salwar suit and also she wears nightie in the night. Samrat is surprised and tensed. shashi smiles. Samrat gets irritated and asks what does she want, and why is she bothered at what urmi wears. shashi says that she just felt like asking it. She shows it to him, asking how did it come there. Samrat gets intersted and asks if this is urmi’s for sure. Shashi says yes vehemently. He starts checking it. Urmi comes and is tensed and surprised to find the suit in his hands. Samrat confronts urmi how did this salwar suit come and for what. Shashi smiles evilly. He asks urmi where does she wear suit. urmi wonderrs what to answer. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: shashi intentionally breaks shaurya’s swimming goggles, and then thinks that now his father would have to buy new ones for him and take them to shaurya in his swimming classes where he would find out urmi’s secret. Shashi makes aditi call. Aditi calls samrat to tell him about the same and asks him to get new goggles and give them to shaurya. After she cancels the call, shashi asks aditi what happened. Aditi tells shashi that he is going. shashi smiles evilly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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