Maharana Pratap 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with phool says to ajab, i thought you my best friend but you double cross with me. Can you say this wrong that pratap is like you and you like him. You cannot accept it and for that reason you get out from there. i realize me that you are giving me pratap. I can live without you. Ajab says, calm down phool, i am going. ajab goes from phool’s room.
Haji khan reaches at ajmer fort and inform to soldier that pathan is trying to meet with him.
Pratap’s horse is stopping him and pratap friend’s came there. pratap friend’s pulling his leg on ajab’s name. Pratap tells that his marriage is going with phool. Lets come with me, we are going to invite rana kheta ji.
Here uma devi bring out ajab’s things and ram singh ji says, i will organise palki and soldiers for you but maldev ji came there and says, she will go only with few soldiers. ajab says, ok, i will go with them.
JB didnt open her gate then sajja says to dassi, try at another time. Ajab reaches there and says, can i meet with JB mosi.JB thinks about ajab. ajab calls JB, she moves towards gate but she didnt open the gate due to uday singh ji’s oath. Ajab says, i will always respect you, i know now i will not meet you.
Ajab goes from there. Sajja says, you are really brave jee ja.
Jalal reaches at ajmer fort with haji khan and bahram khan. Ratan singh ji reaches there and haji khan says, i came with pathan for marble trading then he introduces jalal with him.
Guru ji says, i will definitely come with you. rana kheta ji reaches there and pratap also invites him. Guru tells to kheta ji that can you trained our soldiers.
Ajab takes permission from uday singh ji and sees phool. ajab goes from fort. DB gets happy.
Pratap friend says to pratap that he is lucky because phool is really brave. Ajab sees pratap and tells soldier that lets go fast.

Precap:- jalal takes win over ajmer and then tries to attack on mewar and maldev ji says that he will come for helping mewar and pratap gets angry on maldev ji.

Update Credit to: Tushar

  1. soniya marghani

    who is JB and DB????


      i think jb is jaiwantabai and db is dheerbai

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