Pyaar Hai Ya Sazaa (Part-2)

Hi everyone.. I know I’m being irregular from past 10-12 days.. I’m really sorry for that.. There are lot of things going on in my life & I’m quite disturbed so not able to concentrate on any of my stories.. Sorry for this.. I’ll try to give my best so bear with this for some days..

Car – on the way to Lucknow

Arnav : will you at least tell me why are we here.. You know how much I hate this city

Kushi : oh I know.. Its di’s b’day next week

Arnav : so..

Kushi : we are here to get her a gift

Arnav : gift here..? What gift?

Railway Station

A girl in simple yet classy anarkali suit get down from the train.. Holding a bag which is twice her weight…. One guy with long hair torn jeans & goggles is staring her lost in her beauty..

Girl : uff ho.. This bag… Where is madhu..

She move further & that guy come infront of her

Girl give 5 rupees to him..

Man : what are you doing..?

Girl : oh sorry I thought you’re a begger.. I’m really sorry.. You’re coolie right.. Here take my bag..

Saying that she start laughing..

Man : Fuggi..!!! ( angrily)


Arshi car halt infront of cute bungalow

Kushi : you wait here I’ll be back..

Kushi rush in but watchman stop her

Watchman : Excuse me mam.. His can I help you

Kushi : I wanted to meet Mr Aryan Kapoor

Watchman : mam you can’t meet him..

Kushi : what.? Why.. I’m here to just to him all the way from Mumbai..

Watchman : but they dont stare here anymore.. They shifted to mumb.. ( interrupt)

Man : whose it. ?

He see kushi & she greet him..

Kushi : I wanted to meet Aryan kapoor

Man : sorry mam we cannot give any info of him..

Kushi understood he’s not blurting anything.. So she smile & move out but come back & hide behind a pillar

Man : Don’t tell anyone that sir shifted to Mumbai.. Especially any girl..

Kushi : ( to herself) How mean.. But don’t worry kushi.. He don’t know who he is dealing with.. Ab toh aap humare shehar mein hai.. Aage dekhiye kya kya hota hai.. ( now you’re in my city now see what all will happen)

Arnav honk the horn & she rush back to car

Kundra mansion

Raj : madhu.. Un shaitaano ki update kya hai ( what’s the update about those devils)

Madhu : uncle Arshi are in Lucknow for some official work.. Abhi said he’s going for recording but he didn’t reach there

Raj : I’ve sent him for some work.. Where’s RK..

Madhu : RK…

Raj : where is he..

Madhu : last night he was in a party &..

Raj : I want him at dining table for lunch.. He needs some attention it seems..

Raj leave..

Madhu : ( to herself) God.. Now should I go to bring him back..

Railway station

Man : Fuggi..!!! ( angrily)

Girl : Abhi.. How many times I’ve told you not to call me that..

Abhi : & how many times I’ve told you not to tease me like this..

Girl : these fake hairs & torn jeans definitely make you look like beggar or coolie

Abhi : fake hairs are to hide my identity.. Now rockstar can’t roam everywhere you know.. Fuggi.. ( he poke her nose)

Girl : and you’re coolie..

Abhi : pleasure is all mine..

He pick her in his arms & driver take the luggage

Girl : what are you doing leave me…

Abhi : I’m coolie na.. I’m lifting luggage Dr.Pragya

Castle house

Gaayu : This week was the best in my life.. I enjoyed a lot prince Ferdinand love you she peck on his cheeks..

Sanskar : love you too princess

Swara cough..

Swara : you too always forget me not fair.. Ah.?

Sanskar just ignored her.. What the hell was wrong man he was doing this since last night..

Mumbai – Hotel room

RK was getting ready

RK : Baby.. Come out I’m waiting..

Girl (from bathroom) : 2 minutes sweetheart

RK : I’ve to leave before Hitler gets to know if you’re not out in next 10 seconds I’m off..

He puts on his head phone.. Madhu reach the hotel & start knocking the door but no response..

Madhu : God is he still sleeping or what? Shall I go in.. ? No no madhu what if he’s with someone.. Uh.. But I’ve to take him home.. Let me call him then..

RK’S phone start ringing disturbing his song he look at the screen..

” Hitler ki chamchi ” calling

He cut the call..

Madhu : how dare he.. She barge in.. & stand behind him.. & shout for about 10 mins but no response.. She place hand on his shoulder

RK : ( without turning ) how long you will shower

he pull her both hands.. it looks as if she’s hugging him from behind..

Madhu: RK.. leave..

She try withdraw something prick his hand.. When he look at her hands he notice bangles

Madhu ; uncle will kill you..

He leave her hand with a jerk & turn towards her who is by now spitting fire at him

RK : TUM..!! ( YOU..!!)

Madhu : dont act innocent now.. I’m screaming since 15 minutes ( she shout)

He couldn’t hear anything due to hear phones..

Rk : stop whispering.. Speak loudly..

She remove his head phones & throw them who h land on legs of girl who just cane out of bathroom tying just a towel.. She start jumping in pain now..

RK : Baby calm down. Madhu what have you done..

Both start their baby baby drama..

Madhu : ( at peak of her voice) SHUT UP..!!!

Rk & girl stop hearing her voice but that poor towel couldn’t take that sound & it slipped down.. Madhu closed her eyes & that girl hugged RK..


Arnav : where is the gift

Kushi : they’ve couriered it to Mumbai

Arnav : when they can courier it to Mumbai why you brought me here

Kushi : huh.. I thought if collecting it myself.. They shouldn’t get spoiled na.. So..but they’ve already couriered

Arnav : Well..

He look at her suspiciously as he could make out she’s lying

Arnav : so where is the gift ( he ask with bit anger)

Kushi could make it out from his face that he got to know she’s lying.. But kushi is kushi she can make IP another story at any instance

Kushi : I came here for my detective case wanted some info so I lied arni sorry..

Arnav : you & your stupid detective agency.. I don’t understand what’s the need of running that stupid agency

Kushi : I love it you know. Do you know how useful it has proved for us..

Arnav : you got to know the location of dawood Ibrahim ah. ?

Kushi : No..

Arnav : Found out any Swiss bank black money holders name & locker number

Kushi : No..

Arnav : then what kushi.. Don’t tell me you found out where Mr Verma go every weekend hiding from Mrs Verma..

Kushi : don’t talk to me.. ( she frown)

Arnav : ok tell me..

Kushi : Sanskar has hidden a 2 girls in Castle since a week..

Arnav : what..!! Who are they

Kushi : don’t know.. But they’re from Lucknow

Arnav : 2 girls at a time from when did sanskar become like Rishab

Kushi : what do you mean by like rishab bhaiyya

Arnav : huh.. Nothing what’s their name

Kushi : Swara & Snow white..

Arnav ; snow white..!!?

Kushi : she’s 5 year old kid

Railway station

Pragya : Abhi leave me all are seeing us

Abhi : from when did you start caring for the world fuggi..

Pragya : stop calling me that

Abhi : that what..? Fuggi..? Oh fuggi.. I should not call you fuggi.. But fuggi how can I not call you fuggi when your name is fuggi.. FUGGI..!! ( He give teasing smile)

Pragya : ( scream at peak of her voice ) ABHI…

due to her voice his fake hairs fly way & his googles fall down revealing who he is to all people


Gaayu is watching a Disney movie.. Sanskar too is fully engrossed with her ignoring swara completely..

Gaayu : prince ferdy

Sanky : yes snow white

Gaayu : don’t you think it was too silent today..

Sanky : you’re very clever ah..!!

Gaayu : now tell me what’s wrong with you two

Precap : Madhu : Kushi..! Stop running & drink it otherwise I’ll tell uncle

Kushi : He’s in pune you can only meet him tomorrow.. ( she hang her tongue out teasing madhu & run out only to collide on Arnav)

Arnav : Not Again. !

  1. Veronica

    Loved the epi hoping to see more of it soon.And I wish all gets well in your life.It’s ok yaar sab keliye bura waqt aata hai.Tumhare liye jab Aahi gaya hai toh shoo it away with a smile and for that you need courage…Writing your heart out let you be more courageous and confident.Plz dont stop writing!

  2. Superb episode yaar loved abhigya’s scenes

  3. Mica

    what happen to my swasan ? hiks

  4. Nice episodice.but little bit confussion is there but this is a really wonderfull story

  5. Arshi

    Wowowowo amazing….??

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    Thank you so much vero, sethidisha,mini,mica,ishu & arshi..

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