Tere Bin 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Abhaya scolds Ratan for provoking Nandini to gamble. Ratan says it happens during diwali and thinks Nandini helped her win some money, else Abhaya’s family was giving him only laddoo.

Akshay gets romantic with Vijaya. Vijaya reminisces Nandini’s words that Akshay has already consummated wtih Nandini during college days. She says Akshay that she is too tired. Akshay says it really was and asks her to rest. She leans and he pampers her. On the other side, Nandini also reminisces Vijaya’s words and fumes.

In the morning, Shabana and Irfan go for jogging. Shabana asks Irfan why he is looking tensed. Irfan says Vijaya and Akshay think I willl really marry Nandini. Shabana asks what is the issue then. Irfan says Nandini is unable to digest that Akshay has moved on with Vijaya. He has to not let Vijaya and Akshay dissappoint.

Nandini’s neighbor greets her and invites for diwali party at her home. Nandini says she is busy and will try. She asks neighbor who called and badmouthed about her. Neighbor says a lady.

Ratan goes to Akshay’s cabin and shows him diwali pics. Akshay says he should take it as profession and clicks people’s pics in park. Ratan says the pic he clicked of Akshay and Nandini was most good one, though he took some money from Akshay and did not inform Vijaya. Vijaya enters and asks is it and warns him to stop pestering Akshay again. Ratan acts and says where is he, he had to go to cafeteria and leaves. Vijaya asks Irfan not to be soft with these kind of people.

Ratan goes to Irfan’s cabin and pesters him. Irfan gives him a witty reply. Ratan runs from there. Nandini comes and complains him about Akshay and Vijaya. Irfan asks him to chilax.

Nandini then goes to Akshay’s cabin and tells him that Vijaya is the one who spready wrong news about her to her society members. Vijaya enters and asks why will she. Nandini says to spoil her and Akhay’s self-respect. Akshay fumes from when she is worried about his dignity and asks Vijaya to show the video she showed in the morning. Vijaya shows and Nandini is shocked to see her bedroom CCTV footage which she captured and shabana sent to Vijaya. Akshay continues fuming. Vijaya says they will not inform Irfan about her heinous act and she should also move on in life. Nandini goes out. Irfan asks shows her patient’s report and asks opinion. Nandini says Irfan and Vijaya think she is trying to create rift between them, why will she. Irfan senses her changing expression.

Precap: Nandini tries to get romantic with Irfan and asks him not to go, she loves him.

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    What was that cctv drama??? Totally confused… and i think update has something that is called missing little details…

    1. Hi Shraddha,

      Nandini set up a hidden camera in hope to capture intimate moments and send to Vijaya, but her plan back fired. Shabanna was behind the idea, she wanted Nandini to lose challenge so that Nandini can be together with her brother Irfan.

      I think Nandini has lost the plot! She is a confused soul…how can you jump from loving one person to another? She is very insecure with a possessive nature. The moment of threat that she may lose Irfan , suddenly she realises she loves him.


      Thanks summer for info…

    3. No probs 🙂


      I think nandini is not ready to accept but her heart is accepting for irfan

    5. I don’t think Nandini realises her feelings for Irfan. She is so obsessed with Akshay that it consumes her. More so because of the challenge, i think it is more about defeating Vijaya. However, when Nandini realises that there is a possiblity that she may lose Irfan, she will wake up and realise her feelings for him. Or perhaps not, it may be her obsession gets diverted?

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