Love birds (part-13)

this part is starting from vasu going to thapki room.she sees bihaan and thapki together.she smiles at them.vasu coughs.bihaan sees vasu.bihaan says to her,maa you… you need any help.vasu says to him,beta tomorrow is there special puja in our can you do arrangement.he says to her,yes maa.vasu and bihaan goes from there.

next day morning bihaan comes to thapki room
she wears very short frok.he admires her.she asks to bihaan what are you looking at me.he goes close to her.he says to her you are looking very s*xy and hot.he touches her thighs.he pulls her on bed.she gets shy.she closes her eyes.then he holds her hands tightly.they looks at each other.they have an eyelock(ranjhanaa plays….)he tries to kiss her.but suddenly he got call in his mobile.he says to her,gajab who is calling me now to spoil my mood.then he goes from there.

vasu says to thapki to take aarthi.but thapki refuses to takes aarthi.she says to vasu,Sankara is badi bahu for this she has to take this.then vasu gives aarthi to Sankara.she tooks aarthi.vasu keeps kumkum in thapki forehead.vasu hugs thapki.she blesses her.Sankara gets jealous.

Sankara goes to dhruv room.she says to him I know you are feeling so are really nice person.she holds His face in her hands.they looks at each other.dhruv suddenly goes from there.he thinks oh no…what happend for me.I love thapki only.there is no place to anyone in my heart.he goes from there.Sankara recalls about the incident about dhruv.

bihaan comes to vasu.vasu says to bihaan beta I made halwa for you.bihaan says to her,thank you maa,its my favourite.he hugs vasundhara.vasu goes to kitchen for bring sweet for bihaan.she sees cat is eating halwa.that utensils are falls down.she goes there in very sad.bihaan says,maa what happend to you…why are you very sad.vasu says to him that cat eats halwa.he laughs.he says to her,it not a problem maa,so what you can do this any other time.thapki comes and says to her,aunty I will make halwa for him.don’t worry.vasu smiles at her.

thapki goes to kitchen.she makes halwa for bihaan.bihaan comes to kitchen.he slowly comes to her.he hugs her suddenly.thapki says to him,bihaan leave me if maa comes here then…..bihaan says to her,so what maa won’t thing wrong anything about are my wife know.she says to him,yeah..but we are not married.he says to her,no problem.but you are my wife.I can do anything.he hugs her tightly.he smiles at her(ranjhanaa plays…..)Sankara comes there.she sees them.she gets angry.

bihaan goes from kitchen.he doesnt see Sankara.thapki gets call from someone.she went from kitchen.Sankara thinks,yes its right time to impress my bihaan.she goes to kitchen.she adds salt in halwa.she thinks now bihaan will hate thapki.

Sankara goes to dhruv.she says to dhruv,she adds salt in bihaan surely will hate thapki.let’s come with me to see bihaan hatred on thapki.dhruv smiles at her.they goes downstairs. thapki comes to bihaan.she feeds halwa to bihaan.dhruv and Sankara laughs.bihaan says to thapki,gajab its very sweet like you.I love it.he kisses her.he saya to her,i want to give anything for this wonderful sweet.he takes necklace from his jacket.he gifts necklace for thapki .dhruv and Sankara gets shocked.dhruv gets angry on Sankara.he shouts Sankara.he says to her,day by day they are becoming very close in their relationship. you are useless.he goes from there.

bihaan comes to Sankara.he says to her,I know you adds something.fb shows bihaan sees Sankara adds salt in halwa fb ends.bihaan says to her,I trust thapki.I love her so much.and I can eat anything if thapki gives by her can’t seperate her from me.he goes from there.


thapki gets accident.bihaan hugs her and cries.he sees blood in his hands.he screams….thapki…..

  1. Nice episode…..

  2. ????? Accident ? Promo scared me … Apart from it … The episode is like always fab … Plz continue writing ?? Waiting for the next episode

  3. Nice episode.

  4. Nice episode but aftr seeing precap am v.tnsd… cnt wait… update soon dear… tc…

  5. A happy wala episode but precap is maybe turned into a shocking twist.I mean any memory loss drama.iamn’t sure about its only my guess.everything upto you dear VINO.

  6. Thenkani.M

    Its so amazing epi n nw i cn feel u make sanskara n dhruv to b close…n im happy for tat..and atleast in the ff bihaam trust thapki im so glad for tat…n so tq for tat.?? keep writing dear as u got a great talent ??

  7. all scenes were awsome….precap shocking ….waiting for next….finger crossed….keep writting…

  8. Nice episode vinolin. . Bihaan’s trust on Thapki awsome… shocking precap.. hope it should be dream.. waiting for next episode vinolin

  9. Manish ki deewani

    Hello vino episode is awsm dear but precap is shocking now eagerly wait 4 next part

  10. Alia919

    Nice episode…
    At least in off Bihaan trusts thapki ..
    Recap is shocking….
    But story is going in a very good way…
    Waiting for next update

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